February Art Night 2014

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Over the AM is a multi-media exhibit that attempts to illustrate how particular words can have vari-ous interpretations depending upon the context in which the listener hears them. “AM” could refer to radio broadcast (amplitude modulation), a suffix referring to the morning hours (ante meridiem), the verb “am” (to be), or perhaps even a name (Am). “Over” could illustrate something occurring during a given time (over the course of an hour), a person’s discontent (I am over that project), or the end of a passage of time. When mixed together, the three words of the show’s title could have profoundly different meanings, although they remain the same set of letters. The pieces in the show are subject to the same state of chance and interpretation. By virtue of our ability to communicate, humans can discuss the various perspectives and perhaps come to agree-ments. In the end, however, two questions remain. Does language trump art, or does art trump language?