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Wednesday, August 21, 2013 | Page C13

Daily Kent Stater


Bar 145 100 E. Erie St., Suite 130

Bar 145 opened in Kent just this year — a product of the downtown revitalization project — but it’s already proved to be a local favorite. The restaurant’s name comes from the “perfect temperature” at which to cook a burger. One of the more interesting menu items is the Apple Pie Burger, which is topped with spiced apples and cream cheese. The bar has a roundabout patio and outdoor bar areas where patrons can enjoy an array of drinks, including more than 30 different bourbons.

Mike’s Place 1700 S. Water St.

This restaurant is not near campus. It’s not downtown, either. But if you get lost, don’t worry — just look for the giant X-wing fighter (think “Star Wars”) parked out front. Inside, Mike’s Place is packed with memorabilia, knickknacks and movie props. If the Elvis Presley mannequin isn’t enough to draw you in, maybe the gigantic — and we do mean gigantic — menu selection will do the trick. From burgers to breakfast to old-style Italian cuisine, Mike’s has something for even the most-finicky eater.

The Brewhouse Pub and JB’s Concert Club 244 N. Water St.

Want to go out with your friends? Too young to drink? The Brewhouse Pub and its basement counterpart, JB’s, is open to anyone 18 and up and frequently hosts live DJs and bands. Brewhouse is known for its cheap drink options, such as the $1.99 McLovin’ Light beer pitcher. Weekends are the best time to go, but Thursday karaoke night is also a must-have college experience.

The Stone Tavern 157 Lounge

157 Lounge 157 S. Water St.

Kent’s 157 Lounge is an eye-catcher to many college students looking for a slice of nightlife. The bar, as the day forages on, transforms into a dance hall. If you’re hungry, 157 also serves sushi and desserts, like chocolate torte.

110 E. Main St.

A step up from the Zephyr Pub, its hipster neighbor, the term “hippie bar” doesn’t do The Stone Tavern justice. Eccentric, abstract paintings dress the walls and hang above red, worn, leather seating. The Tavern’s customers are just as colorful. On any given night, you can see an old dog laying by the bar while its owner drinks a $1 Stroh’s, a dreadlocked 20-something playing sitar onstage or a painted woman swaying along in waves of thick incense. The bar features a rotating art show, live music, live comedy and DJs spinning vinyl.

EuroGyro 107 S. Depeyster St.

EuroGyro has a lot more to offer than its namesake. Yeah, there are gyros, but the friedfood joint is better known as a late-night bar with an array of cheap mixed drinks and pitchers. On “Wacky” Wednesday, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper, better-tasting pizza. (It’s just $5.50 for a large, onetopping pie.) If you have a taste for adventure, try the fried ravioli ($2.75 — a steal) with gyro sauce on the side. Trust us on this one.

Water Street Tavern 132 S. Water St.

Water Street opened its doors about a decade ago, but the downtown bar is easily one of Kent’s most popular drinking locales. Every Tuesday is “Ladies’ Night,” which includes $1 drink specials, and Friday nights feature $2 beverages until 9 p.m. If the weather’s fine, step out on the rooftop patio, or you could stay in and grab a bite at Cajun Dave’s. There’s even a basement level if you’re so inclined.

Zephyr Pub 106 W. Main St.

Commonly known as Kent’s “hipster” bar, the Zephyr Pub is more than the sum of its plaid parts. In reality, no one type of crowd can be found in the Zephyr — think of it as Kent’s melting pot. What sets this bar apart is its three-story patio. Most important, however, is its late-night access to Taco Tonto’s. No need to leave the patio to land some chips and guac — just drop by the carry-out window.