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A bullet from the May 4, 1970 shootings pierced a steel sculpture by Akron-based artist Don Drumm outside Taylor Hall. A new, untitled sculpture by artist James Clover sits near Bowman Hall. This black bollard with a torch light stands in the Prentice Hall parking lot. Water flows from fountain on Risman Plaza near the Student Center. “The Witnesses” by Giancarlo Calicchia stand on the hill near Kent Hall.

6. “The Limits of Spoken Language: Congeries,” by Jarrett Hawkins, is outside the University Library in Risman Plaza. 7. This iron post featuring a bird in the center is located outside Moulton Hall. 8. A wall of Rockwell Hall features various engraved historical names. 9. “Walk Together,” a sculpture located outside the Art Building. 10. The Student Center is partially reflected in an outside mirror. 11. “StarSphere 2010”is located outside Franklin Hall. Three-dimensional letters on the outer edges repeat the words of the First Amendment.

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Granite slabs make up part of the May 4 memorial near Taylor Hall. This granite sculpture, representing “hands,” is part of the display titled “The Witnesses,” located between Terrace Drive and Kent Hall. “Eye to Eye,” by Barry Gunderson is located by Kent Hall. The Victory Bell, rung during the annual May 4 commemoration, is located on the Kent State University Commons below Taylor Hall.



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It’s easy to miss campus’ intricate details during your rush to class everyday. So the Daily Kent Stater put together this scavenger hunt to help you notice some little extras that help make Kent State’s main campus special. Answers are below; no peeking. Page B8 | Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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