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From the editor

CHEERS TO: • Downtown Kent; new stuff means happy students.

• Late-night library hours. You might as well bring a pillow and blanket during finals week. You’re going to need it.

• The river walk — just head down the staircase off the Main Street bridge.

• Eastway breakfast. Those chocolate chip waffles and breakfast potatoes make Saturday mornings.

• Canoe and kayak trips down the Cuyahoga River.

• Being independent. It’s great to have your mommy do stuff for you, but being in college will show you how to survive on your own.

• The size of the city. Kent’s not big, not small. Just right, as Goldilocks would say. (No bears will attack you here, either.) • The Kent Stage, which is an intimate venue to discover new music. The stage is a few blocks from campus, and tickets are cheap for most shows. • Local eateries. We love you, Ray’s Place, Taco Tonto’s and Wild Goats Cafe. • Student discounts. There are businesses all over the city that look out for us broke college students.

• The weather in northeast Ohio. Snow, snow and more snow. Wind, wind and more wind. Need we say more? • The potholes. If you drive on Summit Street, you know your axel is in danger. • Being the “Tree City.” Do we really have that many trees? • The traffic lights. You hit one red light, you hit them all. • Fire alarms, which insist on going off at 3 a.m. In the dead of winter.

• Late-night business hours. Kent knows we’re up late. Kudos, Kent.

• The sculptures. Some are OK, most are terrifying.

• The Student Recreation and Wellness Center, better known as “The Rec.” Even if you’re too lazy to work out, they’ve got a great smoothie bar. • The black squirrels, Kent’s unofficial and adorable mascot. Clearly cuter than other squirrels. • Student organizations — all 292 of ‘em. • Bringing laptops to class — for taking notes, of course. • Choosing never to have class on Fridays. Seriously, nobody does that. • Meal plan money. Because who doesn’t need a 24-inch Hershey bar to complement five cases of Gatorade? • Rosie’s delivery service until 2 a.m. Nothing helps latenight studying like a rack of ribs. • Making new friends. It’s true what they say — these are the people who will stick with you forever.

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• Freshman guys who fill the dorm hallways with the smell of Axe, sweat and dirty clothes. • Food prices on campus. There is nothing like paying $6 for a box of cereal. • Parking tickets. Everywhere. • The long line at Subway in The Hub as if no one has ever eaten there before. • Rising tuition costs and the new credit-hour fee.

Daily Kent Stater

I remember the first time I walked into the newsroom in Franklin Hall; I was petrified. The editor of the Daily Kent Stater at the time had invited me to training week in late August to be one of three incoming freshmen on the news team. When I received her phone call a few weeks before classes began, I felt on top of the world. But after stepping into the newsroom, I quickly realized I was at the bottom of the food chain. Not only was I shy, but journalism was something I had chosen on a whim during the last few weeks of high school. I was clueless. I imagine that’s part of what you’re feeling. Don’t fret. As cheesy as it sounds, there is something for you here, and I want to help you find it. That’s why we’ve put together this survival guide — to give you everything you need and want to know about Kent State, the city of Kent and overall university-dom. First, we’ll introduce you to some of the logistics of the university. You’ll get to see who the important people are, where your tuition is going and what some of Kent State’s coolest classes are. Look for the A10 article on how you can prepare now to study abroad in the future. During my time at Kent State, I’ve traveled to six countries in Europe and South America — paid for almost entirely by people who wanted to help through scholarships. Check out financial aid FAQs on A4. Our second section will help you navigate campus life. We’ve got everything — from finding late-night food options to dealing with a crazy roommate. If you weren’t drafted into an organization right off the bat like me, skim through more than 290 Kent State student groups you can join on B4. I met some of my best friends and future roommates — not to mention dozens of references — through getting involved. In our third section, we’ll take you through the city, featuring its extreme makeover: downtown edition. You’re all coming at a special time in Kent’s history. A boom in downtown renovation and construction is almost complete. Check out C6 to learn about what’s coming this fall. For the rundown on the city’s best shopping, food and bars, go to C10, 12 and 13. Our final section will break down Kent State sports and show you what to expect from our football team following its best season in 40 years. We’ll also tell you about the Student Recreation and Wellness Center on D6, a favorite place for fun classes, rock climbing or dive-in movie nights. So please, flip, read, discover, explore. Welcome to Kent State, to college, to your new freedom and new beginning. You can do anything and everything you want, and I hope this issue will help you get started. Best wishes, Jess

• The ancient residence halls without air conditioning. • The construction making it difficult to get around campus. • PARTA. C’mon, guys. Where’s the bus? • Textbooks. Prepare to sell your blood plasma to afford these breadths of knowledge.


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