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KENTS HILL TODAY Winter 2018–2019

Tradition and Innovation

Vision Statement Committed to the individual and the potential that lies within, Kents Hill School challenges students to grow into engaged, creative learners, global stewards, and compassionate leaders. Statement of Mission At Kents Hill School we educate our students in mind, body, and character to: Prepare for the challenges and opportunities of higher education; Accept and respect themselves and others, and work together for the common good; Be responsible stewards of our natural environment and Kents Hill School’s community heritage; Embody the ideal that one person of principle can always make a difference. Editor Lori Putnam 207-685-1657 lputnam@kentshill.org Assistant Editor Lara M. Cole ’09 207-685-1684 lcole@kentshill.org P.O. Box 257 Kents Hill, ME 04349-0257 www.kentshill.org

Kents Hill School Board of Trustees 2018-2019


Edward Lane, III P’10, President Theodore B. Alfond ’64, Vice President Mark S. Alcaide, 2nd Vice President Parker J. Beverage P’98/’00 Taylor Bodman P’08 William J. Brennan ’70/P’02 Nancy Colhoun Catherine Eaton Coakley P’18 Gordon H. Fay P’87 Debra Gesimondo James R. Hansen ’81 Patricia R. Hatler P’08 Josette Huntress Holland Jawad Issa ’01 Steven Madison P’16 Kyle McNulty ’11 Alane B. O’Connor ’92 Richard O’Connor ’64/P’92/GP’19 Temiloluwa Odimayo ’11 Doug Phillips David Rhodes ’69 Janet E. Roche ’84 Douglas W. Stinson ’84 Karen Temkin P’15


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Honorary Trustee Frank A. Blethen*

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Honorary Life Trustees

Steven P. Akin P’03 Neil R. Austrian P’04 George H. Bass II P’64/GP’92* Abigail Bowers P’10/’13* John C. Bridge P’87 Richard M. Burston ’42* Kerry R. Courtice P’92 William G. Lindquist GP’01 Joanne Bass O’Connor ’64/P’92/GP’19 Helen Shedd Reed ’70 Nancy Russell ’57 James S. Stanley ’34* Alexander J. Wall III P’90/’95

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Cover Photograph: Babs Wheelden, Dean of Faculty and Visual Arts Chair


Dear Kents Hill School Community, As Kents Hill School proceeds toward its bicentennial in 2024, I often reflect on the importance of tradition and innovation in our rapidly changing world. Our students face an uncertain future where artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and an accelerated rate of technological change will drastically impact their personal and professional lives. Ten years ago, Babson College was one of the few educational institutions teaching entrepreneurship. Today, not only has there been a dramatic increase in universities offering entrepreneurial programs and classes, but secondary schools around the world are increasingly trying to determine how best to develop entrepreneurial skills in young people to ensure that they are resilient, have flexibility of mind, and are adaptable to change. Kents Hill has always been a school that guides young people to reach their potential and develops their values using our own school values as a framework. During my first year, I heard countless stories about how Headmasters Dunn, Jacobs, and Bonnefond put character at the fore of everything they did. I have also heard countless stories about the faculty of Kents Hill School and how they believed in their students and helped them to


reach their potential. This is our DNA - a belief in teenagers to fulfill their potential and make a difference in the world. One of our earliest entrepreneurs was Alden Blethen. Blethen came to Kents Hill School as an orphan. After graduating, he set off and founded newspapers in Kansas City and Seattle, including The Seattle Times which is still owned by the Blethen family to this day. In the late 1800s when Headmaster Torsey was set to join the Kents Hill community he, his wife, and young child were set to move into Sampson dormitory (this would have been a dealbreaker for me!). Blethen pledged $2,000 as part of a matching gift that would allow for the construction of a “proper home” for the Head of School. This home, Blethen House, still houses the Head of School and their family. Another member of the Kents Hill family, Harold Alfond (arguably Maine’s greatest entrepreneur) has been a tremendous supporter of our school over the years. Harold, his son Ted Alfond ‘64, and the Harold Alfond Foundation are models for our community in demonstrating the power of leadership and altruism. Geoff and Michael Howe, twin brothers who graduated in 1992, have also

demonstrated both an entrepreneurial spirit and sense of altruism. Howe and Howe Technologies is a world leader in extreme vehicle development and manufacturing, including unmanned tanks, extreme firefighting vehicles, and an off-road tracked chair that can be used by those confined to a wheelchair. Sarah Horton Pike ’94 is another entrepreneur who is working to revolutionize the frozen food industry. Her company, Buen Sabor, delivers high-quality, “crave-worthy food that just happens to come from the freezer.” Buen Sabor has been designated as a Public Benefit Company - an organization that has social and environmental commitments at the fore. More recently, Katie Sprague ’17, an outstanding artist during her time at Kents Hill School, started a photography business which she continues to grow while attending Wake Forest University. In Katie’s words, “Photography to me is so much more than making images, it is connecting, sharing, and capturing fleeting moments in a way that secures memories for a lifetime or more.” Christopher Cheney

This is the Kents Hill tradition: values, character, leadership, and an entrepreneurial spirit. How do we innovate while maintaining this tradition? First, and foremost, we become more intentional in how we prepare our students to meet the challenges of the 21st century. For example, we have introduced a Four-Dimensional (4D) Curriculum framework that shifts the traditional content-heavy paradigm to one that emphasizes knowledge, skills, character, and reflection. On future pages, you’ll read about how this framework delivers a student experience that is relevant and meaningful. We have also begun to develop a new values-based leadership curriculum, DIRIGO (“I lead”), that helps young people develop skills necessary for future success. While many schools say that they develop leaders, very few dedicate time during the academic day to give students the chance to develop in the ways our program allows. Freshman are focused on finding their people and place at Kents Hill, sophomores are focused on finding

John McKeith Photography

their purpose through the Project Wayfinder curriculum, juniors are focused on developing their entrepreneurial skills and values, and seniors and postgraduates are focused on not only finding the next step in the journey beyond Kents Hill, but preparing to be successful there. It is a truly exciting time to be at Kents Hill School as we double down on many wonderful traditions while innovating to ensure that a Kents Hill education is relevant in an ever-changing world. I hope you enjoy reading about some of the happenings on the Hill and how alumni are making a difference across the United States and around the world. Best,



Academic Transformation Team

This team of experienced educators worked collaboratively to develop and implement the school’s Four-Dimensional Curriculum. They established a framework which will foster a student experience that is balanced, impactful, and relevant.

Babs Wheelden

Erica Chute

As Dean of Faculty, Chair of the Academic Transformation Team, and Chair of the Visual Arts Department, Babs works to frame Kents Hill School’s academic program to reflect the intersection of knowledge, skills, character, and reflection. She currently serves on the Educator Advisory Board for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and was the recipient of the Byron Smith Capstone Fellowship for Graduate Studies at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Barat College and a Master of Education from Plymouth State University.

Erica has dedicated her professional life to providing innovative learning experiences that build self-awareness, self-advocacy, and selfdetermination. As Director of Student Learning and Director of the Learning Skills Program, Erica ensures that Kents Hill School’s teaching practices reflect how young people best learn based on leading industry research. She currently serves on the Executive Board of the New England Association of Learning Specialists (NEALS). She received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Saint Michael’s College and a Master of Education from the University of Southern Maine.

Ben Priest

Lisa DiIorio

Dean of Faculty

Director of Curriculum

As Director of Curriculum and Chair of the English Department, Ben ensures that Kents Hill School begins its third century with a balanced, purposeful, and impactful curriculum. Ben is a graduate of the University of Maine, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and the University at Buffalo (SUNY), where he earned a Master of Arts and Ph.D. in English. Prior to joining Kents Hill, Ben served as Academic Dean and History Department Chair at Buffalo Seminary.


Director of Student Learning

Coordinator of Teaching and Learning

Drawing from over 20 years of experience working to develop the potential of young people, Lisa collaborates with teachers and departments to implement Kents Hill School’s Four-Dimensional (4D) Curriculum that brings knowledge, skills, character, and reflection together. Prior, she was Curriculum Coordinator at LEAF Academy in Slovakia and Head of the Writing and Rhetoric Department at African Leadership Academy in South Africa. Lisa earned her undergraduate degree in English from Bates College and her graduate degree from Dartmouth College.

Exciting New Hires

These dedicated professionals work closely with the Head of School to lead us and our students into the future.

Meadow Davis

currently serves as an Audit and Review Committee Member for the Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (ACCIS).

Meadow joins Kents Hill School after 12 years at Bowdoin College, most recently serving as the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Residential and Student Life. While at Bowdoin, Meadow directed the Women’s Resource Center, implemented the Title IX program, created a comprehensive student leadership curricula, and was responsible for the oversight of all departments comprising Student Life at Bowdoin. Meadow advised a range of student groups and worked closely with students, faculty, and staff on many important projects such as the creation of a robust health education program. She has a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from Trinity College and a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management from Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Nan Hambrose

Gretchen Bergill

Director of Music Program

Assistant Head of School for Student Life

Director of Athletics

Nan most recently served as Director of Athletics at Chatham Hall, an all-girls college-preparatory boarding school in Virginia. She spent 15 years as an NCAA women’s basketball coach at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Seton Hall University, Loyola University Chicago, and Wagner College. Prior leadership positions include Director of Athletics at Glenelg Country School in Maryland and Executive Director of Baltimore Board for Officials for Women’s Sports. She holds a B.A. from Rowan University and M.S. from Northeastern University in Sports Leadership.

Christian Giddings

Director of College Counseling

Gretchen joins Kents Hill School from Phillips Exeter Academy where she served as Associate Director of College Counseling since 2005. Prior, she held positions of Director of College Counseling, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, and Registrar at Sage Ridge College Preparatory School in Reno, Nevada. She began her career at Colby College as Assistant Dean of Admissions, where she graduated with degrees in French and American Studies. She

Christian is a conductor, composer, arranger, and music educator from Unity, Maine. He holds a B.M. and M.M. in Music Education from the University of Maine at Orono. Christian has taught in schools and universities across the country, and has presented leading research in several states. He is a doctoral candidate in choral conducting at the University of Arizona studying with Dr. Bruce Chamberlain and Dr. Elizabeth Schauer.


Sebastian (Seb) Falck Stigsby ’15

From Football to Photography Sebastian (Seb) Falck Stigsby ’15 entered Kents Hill School as a senior in September of 2014 from Copenhagen, Denmark intent on pursuing his passion for American football. Beginning with pre-season, Seb established himself as a leader on Kents Hill’s football team, earning his way to captain. While the team struggled that year, Seb put up some impressive numbers, earning him a football scholarship to attend Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa. Having attained what he had worked so hard for, Seb quickly realized that college football didn’t quite align with who he truly was or wanted to be. Being a self-described “nerd,” with varied interests in music, photography, and the arts – all of which were nurtured at Kents Hill – Seb had a hard decision to make at Grand View. Ultimately, he gave up the scholarship and headed home to Denmark without a plan. Besides football, the one constant in Seb’s life was a camera. He had a natural talent for and interest in photography, a hidden talent that he showed to very few. Returning to Denmark, Seb connected with a fellow music lover who asked if he would attend the show of a local progressive rock band and take photos. His images garnered favor with the band’s record label, earning him a regular gig following other bands with his camera. Seb covered opening bands and major American acts including Metallica and Slayer as they toured Europe and Asia. While the opportunity barely paid the bills, the exposure, experience, and portfolio-building became key to his future success. Sebastian (Seb) Falck Stigsby


At his mother’s urging to return to college, Seb applied to The Danish School of Media and Journalism, submitting his portfolio along with 600 other talented artists vying for one of the 15-20 coveted spots for new students. He was accepted, tuition-free. Through support from the school and access to a full media studio, Seb began his freelance career. Launching sebastianstigsby.com, he has worked hard, further developing his style and a deep list of clients, including the Crown Prince of Denmark. He began shooting, directing, and producing commercials and advertising spots, as well as shooting portraits and architecture. He has traveled to Japan, London, Iceland, and across Europe.

respond, “Kents Hill and the football program taught me a work ethic. The only way I have found success in photography is through hard work. People in the United States are accustomed to hard work; they have dreams and fully believe in the idea that hard work can make their dreams a reality. I learned this at Kents Hill.” He continued by focusing on the lessons off the football field. “I may never use calculus again in my life; I hated wearing a tie; I wasn’t keen on the strict set of rules we had to live by or trying so hard to get along with a roommate; but all those things gave me purpose, toughness and in the end, set me up to succeed doing what I love.”

When asked about his decision to come to Kents Hill for football and how that experience has shaped the circuitous path of the past four years, Seb was quick to

Joshua Reynolds Director of Leadership Giving

Sebastian Stigsby photographing Metallica


Danik Roy

Danik Roy ’16

Young Entrepreneurship Born at Kents Hill La Terrasse Du Roi is having its best year in over a decade. What has changed at this little ice cream boutique in Waterloo, Quebec? The shop’s new owner is 22-year-old entrepreneur, Danik Roy ’16. The King’s Terrace (English translation) was started by Danik’s grandfather in 1982 and operated by various family members over the years. Recent changes opened the door for Danik to take a big financial risk in purchasing the shop from his father, renovating the space, and running the business as his very own.


Originally recruited to play hockey, Danik enthusiastically crossed the border to attend Kents Hill School. Growing up in a small Canadian town, hockey was everything for Danik. As a top recruit for Kents Hill, he was a confident and creative force on the ice. In the classroom, Danik was shy and self-conscious about his English skills. During his senior year on the ice, injuries and concussions mounted and limited his playing. Back in the classroom, his English was improving dramatically. In Pete Hodgin’s “Economics and Entrepreneurship” classes, Danik

developed a love of all things business. Through a close friendship with fellow classmate Atsushi Ogata ’16, one of Kents Hill’s most fashion-forward students, Danik found something more than hockey. He became interested in men’s clothing design. Upon graduation from Kents Hill, Danik entered Concordia University in Montreal. Accustomed to providing for himself financially, he began searching for a local job to subsidize his summer earnings. While working at the Gap, Danik was noticed and recruited by a manager at Ogilvy Montreal, an upscale clothing boutique featuring clothes from top international designers. He excelled at Ogilvy, learning the finer points of the high-end clothing business including upscale customer service, measuring for and fitting custom-made suits, and supply chain management. While the Ogilvy job earned him the money he needed for college, it also further developed his love of fashion and fine clothes that began at Kents Hill. As his courses at Concordia began to focus more on business, Danik learned all he could about accounting, economics, business statistics, and entrepreneurship. According to Danik, “I loved what I was learning in my classes, but I was torn by the need to earn money as the amount of college loan debt I had was accruing. I also had a desire

Danik Roy with his father

to take my work ethic and my ideas and make something of them.” It was in the fall of 2017, with the ice cream shop in disarray, when Danik’s father started to look for a buyer. “I knew this was my chance to delve into the business world. I worked out a deal with my father and the bank, securing what I needed to transform the shop and make it my own.” Danik is unequivocal when he states, “The decision to come to Kents Hill is still the best decision I ever made. The experience was much more important than my time at Concordia. The connections I made at Kents Hill have become extremely important to me. The relationships I developed with friends from around the world have given me a global network of people that I can work with to build my clothing company.” Danik freely admits that the ice cream shop is only the beginning as it serves as a way to own and run his own business while he develops his true calling. “I have a business plan and have started work on my own clothing line. I am going to build it from the ground up, sourcing sustainable materials and designing and manufacturing right here in Canada. I know the niche in fashion that I can fill. I want to be successful in this business ultimately to give back to my family, community, environmental causes, and Kents Hill. I want to give other students the opportunity that I had to study at Kents Hill, a place that means so much to me.” Joshua Reynolds

Danik Roy with his step-father and mother


Nelkas Kwemo ’14

From Huard Field to the Canadian Football League Nelkas Kwemo ’14 just completed his rookie season with the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts. His journey from a 17-year-old Kents Hill quarterback to a 235 lb linebacker playing professional football is a story of perseverance and courage.

Nelkas was born in France, to a Cameroonian family who emigrated to Canada when he was four. Growing up in Montreal, Nelkas played soccer and worked hard in school at College Sainte-Anne, one of the top private high schools in Quebec. Nelkas played soccer there until his senior year when he decided to switch to something new, football. That decision and a chance meeting with then Kents Hill School’s former Head Football Coach, Steve Gritty, would forever change his future. Nelkas explains, “I came to Kents Hill to play quarterback having only played one year in high school. By the end of the first week of pre-season, I think that the coaches thought they had made a big mistake. I was not good at QB.” Though leading the Husky offense was not in the cards for Nelkas, Defensive Coach Brian Smith immediately saw in Nelkas a fast, strong, and smart athlete that could lead the defense as a linebacker.

Nelkas Kwemo and his mother


Entering Kents Hill as a repeat junior, Nelkas excelled in the classroom, achieving high honors every semester while serving as Student Body Vice-President his senior year. Initially, Nelkas had dreams of staying in the U.S. to attend college and play football. “During my senior year at Kents Hill, I injured my MCL which sidelined me for some critical games. At that point, U.S. coaches lost interest in me.” Undeterred, Nelkas looked toward home and applied to the highly selective Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. On the strength of his academic

resume, Nelkas was accepted into their college of engineering. “My first year was rough,” he said. “Juggling the demands of football and a tough engineering curriculum wouldn’t have been possible without the help and friendship of my Queen’s roommate and former Kents Hill School ice hockey player Colin Di Giacomo ‘14 who became a very close friend.” While Colin and Nelkas were only acquaintances at Kents Hill, their friendship grew when they learned they would both be attending Queen’s with the same major and decided to share a room. Nelkas Kwemo #12

Nelkas improved academically and athletically throughout his career at Queens. He persevered through numerous injuries including a torn ACL in his junior year. “The torn ACL was tough, but it gave me time get bigger. I gained 25 lbs during the recovery and entered my senior year at 245 lbs. I had a great final season, switching linebacker positions due to my bigger size,” he said. That final season gained him attention from Canadian Football League (CFL) scouts which earned him an invitation to attend the National Combine - a skills test and audition for the CFL. “The combine didn’t go well for me but the coaches recognized something in me greater than my performance in the combine.” When asked what it is like being a rookie in the CFL, Nelkas replied, “I was drafted on May 3, the only player from Queens University to be drafted into the CFL since 2015. The first day of training camp, I’m surrounded by former NFL players, coaches, and my CFL heroes. It was surreal. I didn’t speak unless spoken to, knowing that I needed to put my head down, mind my own business, and earn my place on the field.” Nelkas separated his shoulder in the first game of the season, sidelining him for the next six weeks. “I got back on the playing field in week 10. It was then that I really felt like I was part of the team. I started making plays against talented professionals and realized that I can compete as a professional.” The final game of the season had him playing linebacker, the position he first learned from Kents Hill’s Defensive Coach, Brian Smith, and Head Coach Steve Shukie.

“For me, the road to the CFL began at Kents Hill. It was there that I began to learn the game and learned how to be a leader. The coaches saw what I could become and nurtured my abilities,” he said. “While I didn’t get to play college football in the United States, returning to Canada and playing at Queens turned out to be the best thing that could have happened, giving me a shot at the dream of playing as a professional.” Joshua Reynolds

Nelkas Kwemo #10


Laurel Leyden ’10

Leading and Living a Balanced Life “Kents Hill School has had a significant impact on both my personal and professional life. My story is a bit different than most, as I grew up living on the Kents Hill campus because my parents worked at the school. I knew I loved the friendly and familial atmosphere even before being a student,” Laurel explained. She and her brother Luke grew up on the Kents Hill campus from a young age. Her mother Melinda Leyden worked most recently as the Registrar and her father Jeff Leyden worked in the Advancement Office as the Senior Development Officer. In reflection Laurel said, “Kents Hill taught me important life lessons, while also providing me with lifelong friends and mentors.” As a student Laurel learned to balance academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, and a social life. She was a three-sport varsity athlete, and team captain for all three sports her senior year. She was also Student Body President her senior year and is currently a Class Agent for the Class of 2010. The leadership opportunities and lessons learned growing up on the Kents Hill campus prepared Laurel for balancing all of the priorities in her adult life. After graduating in 2010, Laurel attended Colby College her freshman year. She then transferred to Cornell University, graduating in 2014 with a BS in Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR). Cornell’s ILR curriculum focuses on Labor Law, Union Relations, Human Resources, and Economics. After graduating Laurel accepted a job at Saint-Gobain, a large French manufacturing company. It was there that she gained experience in Human Resources Leadership Development and Talent Management. Laurel Leyden


After four years at Saint-Gobain, Laurel recently began working as a consultant at Deloitte Company, a human capital consulting practice in Philadelphia, PA. As a Human Capital Consultant Laurel works with the Organizational Transformation team, a group that helps large companies prepare and manage their workforce in the midst of significant business changes. Laurel explained, “This might include developing training plans that provide new skills and competencies, or preparing communications regarding the change in order to keep employees informed and involved.” Although she has only been in this position for eight months, Laurel noted that every project and client is different and exposure to different industries and the impact that the team makes on those organizations and its employees is what is most rewarding. She explains “Human Capital consulting is unique in the sense that we are not only helping the organization achieve their goals, but we are also thinking about how the changes will affect employees and we try to do what is best for them as well.” Laurel mused, “If you asked me seven years ago what I thought I would be doing, I definitely would not have said Human Resources or Human Capital consulting – I didn’t even know what those were!” My exposure to Industrial and Labor Relations has been a great launching pad into this focus area. Laurel has always enjoyed working on teams and was looking for a position within an organization that fosters a collaborative work environment. Laurel remarked, “I still feel like I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I think the skills I have learned along my path so far will be transferable to whatever comes next.” Laurel explained that Kents Hill provided a safe place where she was not afraid to fail. She was able to be involved with multiple groups and took some risks (like being in a school play) that perhaps would not have happened in a less supportive community. She also said she learned teamwork and leadership on the athletic field, in student government, and how to prioritize, experiences she takes into the workplace every day. Laurel has learned to work with people from a variety of backgrounds, whose diverse experiences and different

Laurel, Melinda, and Luke Leyden

ways of thinking create a more successful and dynamic team, much as they did in her classes and on the fields at Kents Hill. Despite a demanding career, Laurel has traveled to Brazil, London, Madrid, and Zurich. She works out regularly with a particular interest in high intensity spinning. She has joined a ping-pong and kick ball league, and volunteers to work with Philadelphia youth through her company. Drawing on what she learned from her busy days at Kents Hill, Laurel makes time to lead a balanced life by enjoying friends, family, and those things that add value every day. Nancy Feeney P’07, ’10 Director of Alumni Outreach & Giving


The Art of Teaching Civil and Thoughtful Communication On a warm day in mid-August, the two of us met in Kents Hill School’s Akin Learning Center to begin designing a course called College Writing Seminar, one of three Early College courses at Kents Hill where students can receive transferable college credit from the University of Maine at Farmington. Our goals were twofold. First, we wanted to provide seniors and postgraduates with a year-long academic challenge that equaled the rigors of an Advanced Placement course, while allowing for greater autonomy and a more flexible pace. Second, in keeping with our community’s ongoing effort to create a more intentional 21st Century curriculum, we wanted to pilot a class that reflected the four-dimensional education framework developed by Charles Fadel at the Center for Curriculum Redesign. Fadel’s model (often called 4D for short) emphasizes a balanced combination of knowledge, skills, character attributes, and reflective practices. The basic idea is that schools develop learners who are adaptable problem-solvers and caring, thoughtful citizens as they face a world of exponential change and uncertainty. In mapping out our course, we followed Fadel’s framework by crafting a learning experience that achieved a sense of balance; that centered on topics relevant to our students’ lives; and that encouraged active, engaged citizenship. Our summer planning sessions coincided with the first anniversary of the now-infamous “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, an event that made national headlines after clashes between ultra conservative marchers and liberal counter protesters left the Virginia community reeling. Our conversations repeatedly strayed to the questions Charlottesville posed, both about the relationship between political polarization and the


state of our public discourse, and about the kinds of systemic changes that would lead to more meaningful conversations. Eventually, we glimpsed a possibility in these dilemmas: what if we used our College Writing classes to investigate examples of contentious discourse and explore productive alternatives? Given our current political and social divisions and the complex civic world that our students will inherit, we designed a series of units that seek to explain why so many of our public discussions are counter-productive and lacking civility. Our topics of investigation include the debates about public memory and disagreements about historical representation that have given rise to contentious, occasionally violent, exchanges across the country and the important examples of youth discourse in the United States. Importantly, in addition to framing relevant historical contexts and unpacking each side’s arguments and rhetorical strategies, we are encouraging our students to contribute to these discussions by producing more informed, expansive, and civil arguments in both their written work and verbal conversations. Using Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein’s book They Say/I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing, we point students not only to models of exemplary argumentative writing and ask them to emulate each author’s rhetorical moves, but more importantly, our intent is to equip them with the tools of democratic discourse: listening to another’s perspective, seeking to understand this perspective, and then responding with reasoned disagreement or agreement. And by tackling our above objectives, we hope to give students an appreciation of what it means to live in a complex, pluralistic society, and also to participate in that society’s public life.

As we approach the halfway mark in the school year, we checked in with our students, and each other, to evaluate our progress. In keeping with the 4D framework’s emphasis on reflection, we asked several students to think about the growth they have experienced and were encouraged by their responses. According to Rebecca Penczer ’19: “College Writing is a class where we learn about current events and public conversations, but it’s more than that. We learn about different perspectives on each topic and learn how to talk and write about them intelligently and convincingly, taking into account all perspectives. One major thing I have taken from the class is how to wait before passing judgment and forming my own opinion until I have listened to what others have to say. Sometimes they have experiences or ideas that I never thought of before.” Rebecca’s classmate Rohan Duvvuru ’19 agrees: “Just in the short time taking this class, I feel like I’ve immensely improved in not just my writing but in character. I’ve learned to look at other perspectives while reserving my own judgment.” Interestingly, both

assessments were confirmed by a professional film crew that visited campus in October. After listening to the students discuss recent debates over American Indian mascots in Maine high schools, the observers were impressed at the thoughtful, respectful, and engaged discussion they observed. As one commented, “this is what we need more of in the world today.” Taken together, these reflections suggest that the goals we set for ourselves in August are coming to fruition. The student voices in particular underscore that balanced, purposeful courses can provide Kents Hill’s next generation with a fresh approach to writing, thinking, and dialoguing with others. Lisa DiIorio Coordinator of Teaching and Learning, English Teacher Ben Priest Director of Curriculum, English Department Chair

Bicentennial Planned Giving

Your Legacy Transformed Into a Third Century of Promise for Young People The next six years will be a critical period of growth for Kents Hill School. We will increase enrollment, expand facilities, and continue to build our student programming. Essential to all of these is growing our endowment, which helps Kents Hill be affordable for families who cannot pay the full tuition. However, the landscape for schools like Kents Hill is changing rapidly as the cost of education increases, particularly in an all-inclusive boarding school; tuition continues to rise to offset expenses; and parental preferences in education evolve. Competitive schools like Kents Hill experience a more challenging marketplace as competition for students continually increases. All of these factors require various funding sources. One way all of us can support the students at Kents Hill is through Planned Giving. A deferred gift such as a bequest, revocable or irrevocable trust, gift of land or real estate, or one of several other vehicles can directly help students who need

financial support and also provide you significant tax advantages now or for your family at a later date. In celebration of the Bicentennial, our goal is to raise $10 million over the course of the next six years in bequests and pledges for inclusion in trusts and other giving vehicles. The addition of $10 million to the endowment over time will provide the financial aid budget with $500,000 of funding on an annual basis. That can support up to 15 students paying half of the tuition each year based on current tuition rates. Currently, there are commitments totaling $1 million or 10% of our goal. All bequests, trusts, and pledges will count toward this goal regardless of size. Your name will also be added to the 1824 Legacy Society plaque in Bearce Hall. You may visit www.kentshill.myplannedgift.org or contact Matthew Crane at mcrane@kentshill.org or 207-685-1649 for more information.


Fall Family Weekend 2018


A Sense of Place At the end of her junior year, Lauren Murray from Augusta, Maine, was selected by her peers to become Kents Hill School’s next Student Body President. This is both an honor and a commitment, serving her classmates and representing the school as a leader and spokesperson to the administration, faculty, and parents. We had the opportunity to hear from Lauren during the Fall Family Weekend Dinner in October. Her remarks were followed by Head of School Christopher Cheney who, smiling, admitted that it was not easy following her. Below is an excerpt of her remarks.

on the school and how each individual is a piece of Kents Hill history. That tour was very eye-opening. After a couple of years of going through the motions at my former school, I suddenly felt revitalized. Not only would I be challenged academically and athletically, but I would be free to share my story and make my mark in the company of accepting peers. This possibility was so great that I transferred in my junior year and I have not looked back. Collectively, Kents Hill has reignited my passion for all things school.” Lauren Murray ’19 Student Body President 2018-2019

“What is it that drew me and my classmates to the Hill? It could be the rigorous academics, the supportive teachers and staff, the competitive athletics, or the beautiful, rural location. For me, all of these were critical reasons, but what most impacted my decision was its sense of place and history. Let me clarify, by sense of place I mean my sense of place at the school. As I toured campus and met with students, faculty, and staff, I was struck by how friendly and genuine everyone was. Their enthusiasm and positivity were palpable and contagious. The more I saw and heard, the more I felt I belonged. As I continued my tour down the Alumni Path toward the Dining Commons, I noticed students’ names etched on bricks. It was kind of like a walk of fame which I thought was really cool. Then I thought a little more about it. Those bricks are actually a lasting reminder of each student’s impact

The Kents Hill Fund Making the Kents Hill Experience Accessible Thank you to the 567 alumni, parents, faculty, trustees, and friends who made last year’s Kents Hill Fund our best year ever, raising $676,000! These gifts support the nearly 50 percent of our students who receive financial aid each year.

Please help us continue this commitment to our current and future students. Your generosity secures Kents Hill’s future and our passion for helping every student flourish, regardless of means. TO MAKE A GIFT 1. Visit www.kentshill.org/support 2. Call 207-685-1660 3. Mail your gift to: Kents Hill School Advancement, P.O. Box 257, Kents Hill, ME 04349


Photos by Mike Laberge P’21


Class of 2018 Commencement Headmaster Emeritus, Rist Bonnefond was invited to be the 2018 Commencement Speaker. Here is an excerpt from his speech. “There are many people today who are worried about the state of our nation and the future of our country. There is no question that we have entered a period of unprecedented disrespect and dishonesty in our political landscape and there is rampant violence in our cities and our schools. I share their concerns. But despite all of the negativity that exists, I remain optimistic about the future. The reason I feel that way is you, the graduating class and the classes that come behind you. I believe you have the collective courage and wisdom to tackle these issues in a humane and respectful way. Because you have attended Kents Hill School and benefited from the love and dedication that the faculty and staff have given you, and because of the warmth of the friendships you have developed with fellow students from around the world, you can make a difference. I would ask as you depart campus to take a final look at the gold dome sitting atop Bearce Hall. It was renovated in 1999. Not an easy task as the top had to be sawed off the cupola, lifted by a crane and moved to behind the dining hall for repairs. It may appear that it was simply repainted with gold paint when, in fact, the color is achieved by tiny tiles. Each tile was hand sanded and imprinted with gold leaf then carefully attached to the dome. When you look at the dome, you see its overwhelming beauty, yet perhaps now you can appreciate what each tile brings to the overall appearance. It is much like Kents Hill School. Each tile represents one of the many students who have passed through this school. One is that girl who was a top scholar and athlete who is now a doctor in a small town in Maine after rejecting higher paying jobs from out of state. Another is for that boy who struggled mightily to write a paper but is now on his way to becoming a

great chef. Yet another is for that kid who could never finish his homework because he would rather play video games, who just graduated from college with a degree in computer game design. And then there is a tile for the boy who was a refugee from war torn Sudan who, because of his time at Kents Hill, was able to attend a highly competitive university and is now a lawyer focusing on immigration issues.

Rist Bonnefond and Pete Hodgin

These few are representative of the wide range of students who for nearly two hundred years have made the school the wonderfully diverse and caring place that it is. May it always be so.� Rist Bonnefond, Headmaster Emeritus, 1990-2011


Dr. Alexander J. Wall III named Honorary Life Trustee Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee; The 2002 Long Range Planning Committee; and Chair of Kents Hill’s Accreditation process in 2007. In that time, he and Kathi supported Kents Hill School generously. They were involved in the completion of several initiatives including the Alfond Athletics Center; an EE Ford Foundation matching grant; a technology project that included the launch of a new website; the Kents Hill Fund; exploration of clean energy alternatives on campus; donations of equipment to the Visual Arts Department; and Science Department initiatives and budget.

Dr. Alexander J. Wall III featured in the 2013 Kents Hill Today

Few individuals have given their time, resources, and talents to Kents Hill as Alex Wall has. Alex joined the Board of Trustees in 1995 and served 21 years. His dedication to the School, its Science Department and, with his wife Kathi, many fundraising projects, has had a lasting impact on our community and we are forever grateful. Alex joined the Board of Trustees in 2005 after his and Kathi’s son Alex (AJ) ’95 graduated from Kents Hill School. Alex held several leadership positions on the Board including Chair of the Governance Committee;


Perhaps his most significant gift to Kents Hill was the decade he donated his time and expertise as a teacher of Human Anatomy & Physiology. Alex was a well-known, top general surgeon in the Augusta area. Along with his enthusiasm, he brought real-world experience to the classroom. Widely regarded as one of the best classes at Kents Hill during this time, his students received a college-level academic experience. The students’ work and ability to share through projects and presentations rivaled their peers at top local colleges. Many of these students have continued on in the health and medical fields. At the Board of Trustees meeting on September 22, 2018, Alex Wall was named an Honorary Life Trustee. All of us at Kents Hill are grateful for his commitment, enthusiasm, and professionalism in helping to lead our school for the last two decades. Matthew Crane ’90 Assistant Head of School for Advancement

Kents Hill Welcomes Kyle McNulty ’11 as the Young Alumni on the Board of Trustees Twelve years ago Kents Hill established the Young Alumni Trustee program which benefits the School by exposing the Board to recent graduates and their experiences. This position also helps to cultivate future alumni talent for the Board. The Kents Hill School Board of Trustees is pleased to welcome Kyle McNulty as the newest Young Alumni member. Kyle joins Temi Odimayo, the Young Alumna Trustee, whose term began in 2017. These positions are two-year terms.

position that supports clients in managing their advertising with data and analytics as a driver for where they will invest. Kyle began with the company in 2014 as an intern while still at Denison.

Kyle, Class of 2011, was at Kents Hill for three years. Hailing from Chicago, Kyle quickly became a wellknown, friendly face, and a natural leader on campus. He was involved in many activities and his loyalty and love for Kents Hill resulted in him being chosen by his classmates to speak at their graduation. Of his Kents Hill experience Kyle said, “Kents Hill was easily one of the most impactful periods of my life and ultimately changed the trajectory of my education and career for the better.” By the time he graduated he said, “I was a completely different person and walked away with many lifelong friends as well as a sense of independence, confidence, and curiosity.”

Being engaged with the Board of Trustees provides a special glimpse into the inner workings of the school. Kyle McNulty ’11 The management and oversight of Kents Hill is complex and unique to many other small businesses. “It has been incredibly eye-opening and surreal to come back and serve on the Kents Hill Board, particularly as a former student. It’s hard to imagine and appreciate all of the thought and planning that goes into keeping a school up and running until you’re part of the group that volunteers their time to oversee the fiscal health of the school.”

A graduate of Denison University in Ohio, Kyle is now involved in the advertising, marketing, and analytics industry. Currently employed with Cramer-Krasselt in Chicago, his official title is Programmatic Trader, a

We welcome Kyle to the Board of Trustees and look forward to the contributions he will make to this impactful group.


Dunn Plaza

Kents Hill Pays Tribute to Katharine and William Dunn

Plaza given by Christy Dunn Condon and Tom Condon As alumni gathered during Reunion in June, Head of School Christopher Cheney dedicated the Dunn Plaza, named for Katharine and William Dunn, who served Kents Hill from 1942-1965. Bill Dunn was Headmaster during those years, leading a school


that thrived during his tenure. Both skiing and ice hockey began during his time and they remain popular activities today. Kents Hill’s campus also began to expand and modernize, increasing both dormitory and academic space.

However, it was the students who were most impacted by the Dunn family. Known for asking students,”Did you star today?”, Bill was committed to knowing every student individually and developing within each one character and leadership. This hallmark of a Kents Hill School education continues today. The Dunn’s legacy is important to all of us and continues through their daughter Caroline Dunn, graduate of the class of 1958. Her enthusiasm, love and unwavering commitment to Kents Hill preserves the Dunn impact. The Dunn Plaza is a beautiful, circular stone patio flanked by two stone and granite sitting walls. It serves as a gathering point for students near the new Bibby and Harold Alfond Dining Commons. Its location

amidst the pine grove established by Bill Dunn as a memorial to those who served in World War II provides a fitting location for students, faculty, and alumni to spend time together. Support for this project was made possible by Christy Dunn Condon and her husband, Tom Condon. Christy’s father is William W. Dunn, Jr. ‘55, son of Bill and Katharine. Christy and Tom have been generous supporters of Kents Hill for many years and are committed to ensuring the Dunn legacy thrives well into the future. Kents Hill is grateful for everything they have done to promote community and the gathering of our students and alumni.

Dunn Plaza


Varsity Soccer win

Boys Cross Country

Johnathan Edwards ’19

Alanna Bachelder ’22, Naeema O’Rourke ’22

Winning Season For KHS Sports

Talia Nussinow ’22

This fall began with a single request of our coaches and our athletes, be “ALL IN”!   Varsity Field Hockey showed tremendous improvement throughout the season. Golf won the MAISAD on our home course, Belgrade Lakes. Girls Varsity Soccer finished with a record of 3-4-1. Boys Varsity Soccer finished with a record of 6-4-2 and beat Hebron to bring home the MAISAD Championship. Football had their best record in over ten years, finishing with a solid 5-3 record. Their season ended with a lopsided defeat of Hebron on their home turf to reclaim The Chair. Girls Cross Country runners won their 5th straight MAISAD Championship. Boys fell by one point to a tough Hyde team in the championship meet. Both Mountain Biking and Boys Soccer had a great season. Our athletes’ performance and the coaches’ hard work certainly indicated an “ALL IN” effort. And now, let the winter games begin! Nan Hambrose, Director of Athletics


Sophia Gomez Pedreira ’19, Nevin Sabatini ’19, Kathleen Nealon ’19, Megan Czerwinski ’19 Madeline MacDonald ’22, Naeema O’Rourke ’22, Emma Knowles ’22, Alanna Bachelder ’22, Dakota Gregory ’22

Jillian Jackson ’21, Erin Emirli ’20, Constantin Hans Schultheiss ’21

Girls Varsity Soccer

Freshman Girls

Cast of Lucky Stiff

Karina Laxon ’20, Sunny Yan ’20

Jatan Desai ’19

Jacob Behnke ’22

Dakota Gregory ’22, Rita Mercer ’22

Melanie Volpe ’21 Gillian Comer ’19, Gordon Beckwith ’19, Lauren Murray ’19

Jillian Jackson ’21, Ashley Cowley ’20, Megan Czerwinski ’19, Cody Chute ’21, Jordan Bell ’21

Girls Cross Country

Anna Laberge ’21 Freshman Orientation - Bell Tower Football Victory

Tanner Klasson ’22, Noah Koch ’22

Landon Nichols ’20

Freshman Class Projects


Mystery Dinner Train Save the Date

Plan to join us aboard the Seminole Gulf Railway Mystery Dinner Train hosted by Gordon, Susan and Bruce Fay ’87. Enjoy a fun and lively “who done it” performance while the chef prepares a five-course dinner during the 3.5 hour journey. Kents Hill School alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, trustees, and friends are invited. We hope to see you on Thursday, March 14, 2019, 5:45 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. in Fort Myers, FL for a great evening. Reserve now by calling Nancy Feeney at 207-685-1635 or email nfeeney@kentshill.org.

Mystery Dinner Train 2018


Class Notes

Roger S. Walters ’50 says, “My wife Marilyn, died suddenly in her sleep June 16, 2017. We had almost 60 years of marriage that was everything I wanted with an intelligent, warm and talented lady and mother to our children.”

Terry Greco Paquette ’38 writes, “Time spent at Kents Hill Junior College was a very happy time.”

Annette Dodge Peabody ’52 “A year ago, I sold my home in Manchester, Maine where I had lived for 53 years and moved to a condo in Augusta - only four miles from Manchester! I love the location near my volunteer “jobs” at Maine General Medical Center and the Augusta Food Bank. Also close to my church in Manchester and classes at the Y!”

The Class of 1944 will celebrate their 75th reunion this June.

The Class of 1954 will celebrate their 65th reunion this June.

Carol Brodie Auriema ’44 writes, “I’ll never forget my three years at KH and memories of Bearce Hall as it was in 1942-1944 - a million years ago! The school sure looks different now than it did then. Wish I could come visit but I’m stuck in a Retirement Home in Florida – Yuck!”

Dr. Norman “Jim” Gould ’56 writes, “I’m enjoying retirement on Cape Cod. Hope all my classmates are as well!”

Eva Scott Gatcliffe ’48 says, “This letter is to express what Kents Hill did for me in the four years I was a student. I thought a little piece of Heaven had dropped from the sky and I sat in the middle of this beautiful place. The friends I had made - a few of them - Franny Hill ’48, Pat Baily ’48 and Rosie Feltugel ’48 - we still try and get together in Florida. Most of all - the teachers made learning fun. You had to do your best and that was fun and hard. Mr. Dunn and his family were so kind and took care of us like we were part of their family. Every day at Kents Hill was special and the memories I hold close to my heart as the Class ode of 1948 said: “Come take this step thou sacred glorious youth!” Herbert A. Young ’48 shares, “Some of my days are good and some so-so. I guess that’s to be expected when you’re 88 years old! Best of luck to KH students and teachers.”

Joan Robinson, Dick Jordan ’57, Judy and Bob Orcutt ’54, with Lori Putnam, Associate Director of Advancement, met for lunch in Deland, FL. 1 Ann Farrar Budway ’58 writes, “Hi all....Ed and I moved to Bangor in February and are very happy to be ‘back home’ where we both grew up. Would love to hear from everyone. Love, Ann” George Chomas ’58 writes, “Wish you all a great time at reunion, sorry I will not be able to be with you all, my health stops me from going. The Class of 1959 will celebrate their 60th reunion this June. Bill Dunham ’59 “My wife Deborah, daughter Lisa and best buddy Dick Clark ’60 rafted by themselves down the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam for

The Class of 1949 will celebrate their 70th reunion this June. Carollyn Flagg Anderson ’49 writes, “Some of the best years of my life were spent at Kents Hill. We were the last graduating Jr. College class.”



six days in mid-September. Dick was on the oars in the wind and rapids and handled the laden raft with strength and skill. Afterwards Deb and I tent camped and fished at 6,000-7,000 feet for three more weeks in Western, WY. Glorious trip!” Barbara Hutchins Kelley ’60 writes, “David and I are managing our lives well. In January 2018, we will be moving to a senior living facility. We have seven grown grandchildren and the oldest is a Marine Biologist in Maine.”


Dick Rhoda ’61 saw an article in the last edition of Kents Hill Today about entrepreneur Wale Aduayi ’14 and reached out to the Advancement Office to inquire about connecting with Wale. Wale was happy to chat with Dick who asked if he could send him a Kente Bow Tie, made of Kente cloth in African art form presenting visual representation of history, philosophy, and ethics as a gift. Dick is a member of the Grand Lodge of Maine Masonic Beau Tie Society and Topsy which was started in honor of Past Grand Master A. James Ross who wrote “By our ties they will know we are Brethren in our thoughts.” 2 Patricia Perkins ’62 writes, “Living strong - travel, sports and family are top of my agenda.” Richard S. Riccio ’62 writes, “Still enjoy getting communication from Kents Hill School and reading about updates and improvements to campus. Also enjoy knowing about old classmates and friends from the Hill. I’m still chugging along but with normal old age aches and pains. Occasionally I run into Kent Haskins ’63 who lives about a mile away.”


Stella D. Lydon ’63 says, “A quick summary of my activities include gardening, walking, quilting and exercising but most of all enjoying our family including six granddaughters and one new grandson!” The Class of 1964 will celebrate their 55th reunion this June.


Giff Ewing ’66 was back on campus for the installation of his photograph in Bearce Hall, Little Calf Island, Frenchman Bay, Maine. More about Giff’s installation will be featured in the next edition of the Kents Hill Today. Giff also stopped to visit with classmates while in Maine. From the left with Giff, Abby Chandler ’65 and Winkie (John Charles) Andresen ’66. 3 Margaret “Ellen” Mahoney ’68 writes, “I am still happily living in Maine. I have been blessed with three young grandchildren. My son Michael, and daughter Lydia both live in Maine so their families are not far from me. Lydia and her husband Jason opened a candy shoppe in downtown Oakland a year ago. If you are in the area please stop by Candy Hollow and say “hello”. Please let her know that you attended Kents Hill...she will welcome you with warmth and kindness.” The Class of 1969 will celebrate their 50th reunion this June. Peter Elmer ’69 writes, “2018 is so far an incredible year for the Elmer family. Two weddings; Daughter Kayly married Doug Gerowski May 26th over Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago and younger son Duncan married Mary Kate Olson (not that Olson) July 7th, a day before my wife Kathy and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. A very special time for all of us.” Jeffrey R. McGuire ’69 writes, “Can’t wait for our 50th next year.” Rev. Susan Roberts ’69 writes, “I have written a book, Sustainable Health: Simple Habits to Transform Your Life, which came out in October 2018, published by W.W. Norton. I’ve been working on it for the past two years and I’m very excited about it.” Katrina Courtney Randall ’70 says, “My husband Bob and I are contently living in Lyman. I’m working as a Day Surgery RN. Always grateful for our quiet life.” The Class of 1974 will celebrate their 45th reunion this June.

Josh with Baileys Sidekick at the Jr. Reining Finals

Josh Tishman ’10

Passion, Patience, and Hard Work Makes a Champion As a four-year boarding student at Kents Hill School, Josh went home to his family’s farm in Jefferson, Maine, on the weekends to care for his horses. He took full advantage of opportunities at Kents Hill that would prepare him for what would later become his vocation. When Josh had the chance to intern with the Annabessacook Large Veterinary Clinic in Monmouth, Maine he did not hesitate. Josh shadowed the doctor working on large animals for his final Senior Project. Josh later attended Rocky Mountain College located in Billings, Montana, earning his degree in Equine Science in 2014. After graduation, Josh moved to Weatherford, Texas, where he shadowed Casey Deary at Deary Performance Horses, despite being told there were no openings. Deary observed Josh’s skills, work ethic, perseverance, and passion and offered him a permanent position. Josh has worked hard to become an assistant trainer at Deary Performance Horses whose mission is to breed, train, show, and sell quality reining horses. This is evident in Josh’s recent accomplishments at the Jr. Reigning Finals which resulted in Baileys Sidekick achieving a Level 2 Reserve World Championship and a Level 3 8th place finish under Josh’s guidance.


Jon and Meg Rand ’74 came to campus for a visit and to talk about reaching out to their classmates to get everyone back together again for their 45th Reunion this June! They may not have everyone’s up to date contact information so please spread the news to classmates you are in contact with. Carolee Tibbetts Higbee ’75 writes, “I married Mark Eisener in 2014. We have both just retired, he from a career in computer programming and I after a career in municipal government as Town Clerk and Tax Collector. We plan to split our time between Ossipee and Enfield, NH.” 4

The Gruss-Bard Gallery at the Bibby and Harold Alfond Dining Commons featured select works from the Martha Pellegrino ’75 family collection! The show ran last December with self-guided viewing. The Class of 1979 will celebrate their 40th reunion this June.


Daniel M. Sugarman ’80 had a very special reunion with former faculty member Heidi Schneider. Dan says Heidi, who taught English at KH from the late 70’s to early 80’s, was his favorite teacher and friend, as she was to many students. Dan had kept in touch with Heidi through college, but lost touch until a few years ago when they reconnected through Facebook. Dan was able to host Heidi and her son Isaac (pictured here) at his historic brownstone in Boston for nearly a week. 4 Dan said although they had not seen one another for almost 38 years, they were able to pick up as if it had just been a short time. Dan is pictured with Heidi holding his yearbook from ’80. 5 Bob Stone ’82 (left) and Gideon Zhaler ’82 were excited to see their friend and classmate Rob Longstreet Wheeler ’82 in the movie “Sorry to Bother You” at Angelika Film Center in New York. Rob lives in LA and while they’ve been in touch over the years, they’ve not seen each other since graduation! Bob says “Rob is great and people should definitely get to the theatre on time because he kills it in the movie’s very first scene.” 6



The Class of 1984 will celebrate their 35th reunion this June.

Greg Galeota ’85 of Townsend, MA was chosen as Townsend’s firefighter of the year for 2017. Greg began his firefighter/EMT service while a student at Kents Hill School receiving his first EMT license volunteering with the Readfield, Maine fire department. In 2015 he was chosen as EMT of the year from Townsend. 7 Kristine Galeota ’85 and Greg Galeota ’85 met up over the summer with Tanya Morgan ’85 and enjoyed lunch at Mainely Lobster Cafe in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. 8 Gregory Wendell Fawcett ’87 is co-founder of a film release company in Silicon Valley called Cinespots. They just had their first release and have a bigger plan with the company which involves technology and film releasing in theaters. Greg also executive produced and co-starred in the movie Street. Greg said they are doing the sequel in 2019. Steve Orestis ’87 In January 2018, Steve relocated to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil together with his wife and three daughters. Steve has worked as an ethics and anti-corruption lawyer with Norway’s Statoil since 2008 and was recently named its Corporate Compliance Officer for South America. Steve is tasked with ensuring that Statoil and its suppliers and business partners engage in ethical business practices in their operations in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and Suriname. This includes human and labor rights, protection of indigenous peoples, environmental protection, anti-corruption, and community engagement initiatives. Pictured here are Steve’s daughters; Selma (14), Sophia (12) and Eleanor (8). 9



Erica R. Delfrate ’88 Erica’s mother writes, “Erica is living in Great Britain with her wonderful husband John Harkness and their three daughters. In the summer they live in Crete, Greece.” The Class of 1989 will celebrate their 30th reunion this June.



Ellen Mahoney ’68

Alumna of the Year The Alumni of the Year Award is presented at Reunion each year. It is one if the highlights of the Saturday luncheon that takes place during Reunion Weekend. The Award recognizes that individual who has been an active participant in the school for many years and has contributed to its continuing success. This year’s award went to Ellen Mahoney who works tirelessly every year to stay in touch with her classmates, keeping them connected to each other, and to Kents Hill. She spends countless hours sending personal, hand-written notes, making phone calls, and keeping all of her classmates well informed about happenings on the Hill, particularly upcoming reunions. Ellen loves Kents Hill School and even more so the classmates who have made an indelible impression on her life. She is being recognized with a legacy granite tile inscribed with her name, which will be set in the Bearce Hall walkway. We are very pleased to announce Ellen Mahoney, Class of 1968 as the Alumna of the Year for 2018. Congratulations and thank you, Ellen!

Ellen Mahoney ’68


“I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our 50th Reunion last summer. I want to thank all of my wonderful classmates who made the effort to attend. It meant a great deal to me. I know that not everyone was available for Reunion and many folks wished that they could have been with us. Classmates came from as far away as Florida, Tennessee, and Connecticut, while many of us live in Maine. It is always lovely to see familiar faces and make new friends at Reunions. As usual, the staff treated us with such kindness and grace. I want to extend my gratitude to all who made the 2018 Reunion a success and a pleasure. I was humbled and appreciative to be the recipient of the Alumna of the Year Award. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to those who granted me this honor.” Ellen Mahoney

Brooke J. Thomas ’89 Her mother writes: “Brooke lives at home in NYC with her parents. She is a victim of a disease called CTX and has difficulty walking. She volunteers at a local hospital.” Matt Crane ’90 was traveling throughout Asia and met up with Victor Ho ’02, Spencer Rasgon ’10, Zitao ’14, and Ziyu Zhou ’19 in Shanghai, China and had a great visit. 10 Geoff Howe ’92 and Mike Howe ’92 founders of Howe and Howe Technologies, Inc. hosted a field trip with faculty member Jeff Munson’s Robotics class. It was a field trip to check out their fleet of high tech vehicles including the Ripsaw EV3 Luxury Super Tank. The Ripsaw is the world’s fastest twin tracked vehicle. Originally designed for military use, the Ripsaw gained worldwide recognition after being featured in multiple blockbuster films including G.I. Joe Retaliation, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Fast and Furious 8. 11


The Class of 1994 will celebrate their 25th reunion this June. Andy Rose ’96 makes the trip to campus every couple of years. This time Andy brought his girlfriend Denver Grover with him to show her the place that means so much to him. Andy played varsity hockey at KH and was happy to be able to take in a game while visiting! He was also able to catch up with a few faculty members he had while a student. Andy is a professional Chef in Pennsylvania and said he is currently working on a new idea. 12


The Class of 1999 will celebrate their 20th reunion this June. This amazing group had the opportunity to reconnect and reminisce about skiing on the Hill with classmates and coaches at the Joanne & Dick O’Connor Alpine Training Center. Some had not been back or seen each other in over 20 years. It was a fun time of catching up! In the first picture from the left is Matt Ferguson ’99, Steve Bell, faculty, Mat Yeaton ’99, Nicole Doucette Toomey ’98, Hannah Joseph Gawrych ’99, Lydia Joseph Aloisio ’02, Jack Bailey, former faculty and ski coach, Joanne Bass O’Connor ’64, former ski coach and Lindsay Bilodeau ’99. 13 14




Kent Hill skiers reunite at the Joanne & Dick O’Connor Alpine Training Center



Emily Beverage von Klemperer ’00 and her husband Michael have a baby girl named Ella. 15 Sarah M. Duplessis ’02 connected with her Kents Hill roommates while home for the holidays! Pictured from the left is Jennifer (Macomber) Moses ’02, Megan Smart ’03, Sarah Duplessis ’02, and Tarsha (White) Cote ’02. They and their families enjoyed brunch at Jen’s home in Winthrop, Maine. Sarah says, “I love these girls!! I have maintained more friendships from my KH days than from my college days!” 16 Alfred Sundqvist ’02 writes, “I received my Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic last February and am currently practicing in Austin, Texas with Airrosti Rehab Centers. My wife and I have a 2-year-old son, Yorek, and the newest addition pictured here is Torin Sundqvist born June 18, 2018.” 17 Mike Wing ’02 and Jennifer Arno Wing (former faculty) with their son, three-year old Grady, welcomed baby Michael to their family in September. 18



The Class of 2004 will celebrate their 15th reunion this June. Portia Bayer ’04 and James McInnis were married at Parker Mountain Lodge in Strafford, NH on September 22, 2018. It was a beautiful fall day for their outside wedding. 19 Liz “Mehr” Kerr ’04 was matron of honor and is pictured here on the right holding a KHS banner made by Portia with Emily Webb ’06 on the left. 20






Sam Duplessis ’04 and CJ Hueber were married at York Beach in Maine on September 29, 2018 with a reception following at the Regatta Banquet & Conference Center in Elliot, Maine. Sam is the daughter of staff members Pat and Tina Duplessis. Joey Duplessis ’08 was groomsman and Sarah Duplessis ’02 was maid of honor. Pictured here with Sam and CJ in the front row is Jen Moses ’02 and in the back are Chris Cronin ’02, Tarsha White Cote ’02, Adam Clancy ’02, and Ian Harger ’02. 21 22





Brano Srnka ’04 and his wife Michaela and their son David recently came to campus for a visit. 23 Brano and his family are from Slovakia and are in the U.S. for an extended visit staying with many KH connections. Brano was a member of the Boys’ Varsity Hockey team and hosted the team in Slovakia for a hockey tournament in ’04. He was also a key player on the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team. After college Brano played professional hockey with the HC Detva Team retiring after 9 years and was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. They are pictured here with faculty member Pete Hodgin. 24


Nyssa Robinson Halford ’05 met her husband Chris when they were both stationed in Bahrain. They were married on March 14, 2017 in Pensacola, Florida where they currently live. It was a very intimate ceremony with no guests. They honeymooned in Costa Rica. 25


Jon Retelle ’05 and wife Nicole had an addition to their family. Their daughter Addison was born Saturday, April 14 weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces, 22 inches long. Jon and his family live in Nashua, New Hampshire. Former KH Boys Ice Hockey Coach Mike Retelle and his wife Julie are the proud grandparents. 26 A wonderful night was had in Boston at the Holiday Reception last November with over fifty alumni, faculty, trustees, and friends in attendance hosted by Tim Pilczak ’06 at his workplace O’Brien Wealth Partners. 27 28




Esther Buchwald ’07 and her boyfriend Danice Helbig stopped in for a visit while in the States. Esther wanted to show Danice where she graduated from high school. They also visited the college she attended at Elizabethtown College in PA. Esther is a Psychology Major with a Minor in Religion and Studio Art from Elizabethtown. She also received her Masters Degree at University of the Netherlands in Health and Social Psychology. Esther works as a Psychologist with children with disabilities in Germany. 29 Marc Cormier ’07 married Hannah Dahn on October 7, 2018 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Following their wedding the couple spent their honeymoon traveling throughout France. Pictured here with Marc and Hannah is Shawn Feeney ’07 on the left and Harrison Wolfington ’07 on the right. 30 Jackie Goldberg ’07 had no idea she’d meet Cory Rubin ’88 when she went to a bar mitzvah in Connecticut. Jackie’s boyfriend’s dad met Cory at the bar mitzvah and learned he went to a school in Maine...Kents Hill School and he introduced them! Jackie said she is amazed at how many people she has recently met who have KH connections. 31 Jackie Goldberg ’07 and Summer Blatt were engaged on June 29 in Pittsburgh, PA. Emily Goff ’07 and Stephanie Sprecker ’07 will be bridesmaids in their upcoming wedding on June 7, 2019. In addition Jackie has recently learned that she was chosen by the American Public Health Association Division of Maternal and Child Health to be a fellow for the 2018-2019 academic year. She will be joining a cohort of 20 other public health masters and doctoral students from across the country. 32 Katherine Sawicz Walsh ’07 made a trip to campus! While visiting family in Boston, Kate included a stop at Kents Hill, a place that is very special to her. She met with several of her teachers, coaches, and classmates who now work at Kents Hill! Kate lives in Texas with her husband David and daughter Sophie. They are expecting their second child soon. 33









Max Newton ’08 stopped by campus for a visit! Max currently lives and works as a paramedic/firefighter in Ohio. It was great to catch up with Max and take him around to see all the changes since 2008. Max had an opportunity to see several faculty members as well. He returned to campus in June for his 10th class reunion. 34 The Class of 2009 will celebrate their 10th reunion this June. Nancy Feeney, Director of Alumni Outreach met up with Bianca Bogda ’09 while in Rhode Island. Bianca came to KH as a PG. She said that one year provided her with memories for a lifetime. Bianca is a Pharmaceutical Business Development Manager at TherapeuticsMD in Providence, Rhode Island. 35 Rake Moreau ’09 served on the “Alumni Engagement” panel at the ISANNE Advancement Conference in Meredith, NH last fall. Rake was asked questions about her experience as an alumna of Kents Hill. Rake’s feedback was helpful not only to our office but to all schools represented! Rake is now teaching Physics and coaching field hockey at Kents Hill. She is pictured with Matt Crane ’90 and Amy Smucker former faculty. 36


Casey “Feeney” Vizzini ’10 and Mike Vizzini were married on May 26, 2018, at St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Monroeville, PA. 37 The reception was held at The Oakmont in Harmarville, PA. Tracy Stevenson ’10 was matron of honor and Shawn Feeney ’07, brother of the bride, was a groomsman. Following their wedding the couple spent their honeymoon in Jamaica. Casey and Mike live in Pittsburgh, PA. 38



Nancy Feeney had a great night out with these girls in Pittsburgh. Pictured here from the left are Casey Feeney ’10, Amy Hilton ’10 and Jackie Goldberg ’07. 39




Jesse Henkels ’10 Nancy Feeney met up with Jesse for dinner at Devivo’s Brothers in Keller, Texas. Jesse graduated from St. Paul College and now lives in Keller with her boyfriend Brian. 40

Austin Keiser ’10 was named Goalie Director for the Milwaukee Jr. Admirals and SEH. Benjamin M. Kohan ’10 came back to campus for a visit for nostalgia reasons. Ben said although he did not graduate from KH, he has great memories of the friends he made here. Ben recently finished his undergraduate degree in social work and will continue his studies to become a school counselor. Ben married Hannah Limov last summer and they are now living in Asheville, NC. Ben said he hopes to get back to New England permanently. Ryan Lenfest ’10 learned that Rosie Guimaraes ’11 and Sarah Dufour ’12 were in Dublin and she reached out to them, and the three were able to connect. Ryan works for the Government of Ireland, Rosie is attending school for the summer as part of her graduate program at USM, and Sarah, who works in Boston was vacationing with Rosie at the time. They had a great time catching up! Pictured here from the left are Rosie Guimaraes ’11, Ryan Lenfest ’10 and Sarah Dufour ’12. 41


Alex Carlbom ’11 accepted a position with Daniel Wellington Inc, New York Office last spring, as Brand Protection and Sales Analyst. Rosemarie C. Guimaraes ’11 is in her second year of law school at the University of Southern Maine. 42

Brandon Bourgeois ’12 was recently hired by the American Hockey League as a referee. Brandon played on the varsity hockey team all four years he was in attendance at KH and during his senior year was President of the Student Body. When he’s not refereeing, Brandon is studying. Brandon received his Master’s in Entrepreneurship from Carleton University in Ottawa last spring. 42 Ryan Caswell ’12 and Logan Day ’13 were roommates while at Kents Hill and teammates of the men’s hockey team. Ryan, on the left, is living in Calgary, Alberta and Logan was attending the Edmonton Oilers Rookie Camp in Calgary. The Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames were playing nearby so Ryan went to the game and met up with



Logan. Ryan said, “It was good to catch up with the old roommate here in Calgary. It’s been 6 years since our Kents Hill days.” 43 Nick Devine ’12 and Jess’ story started in D.C. almost three years ago. Fast forward and Nick recently found himself back in D.C. with Jess, her family, and his family at the same spot in DC. It was there that Nick asked Jess to grab his hand for their next step together. She said yes! 44



Andrew Kebalka ’13 recently moved from Hartford, CT to Boston joining Astrocyte Research, a Fintech startup company. “The opportunity to learn and work alongside the company’s founder, an MIT graduate, as the company’s first full-time employee has been amazing. My love of learning and work ethic were formed at Kents Hill.” Elizabeth Canon ’13 Nancy Feeney, Director of Alumni Outreach met up with Elizabeth at the Flying Fish in Dallas, Texas for lunch. They had a great time catching up. Elizabeth graduated from High Point and is now a Medical Assistant in Dallas where she lives. 45 Jacob Crane ’13 writes, “I always look back on my time at KH as a happy one. I believe that the friends I made there I will have forever. Good luck with the future generations of students!”


Lauren Lessard ’13 is pictured here with Logan Day ’13. She learned that Logan, who plays ice hockey at Endicott, would be playing against Western New England College in Springfield, minutes from where she studies at Springfield College. Lauren was able to catch the game and after spent some time reminiscing about KH! 46



Nick Richardson ’13 graduated from St. Michael’s College last May. Nick received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Caroline Dunn ’58 and Bill Dunham ’57 attended Nick’s graduation. Pictured here with Nick are parents and former faculty members Randy Richardson on the left and Anne Richardson on the right with Nick’s sister Meg Richardson ’10. 47

The Class of 2014 will celebrate their 5th reunion this June. Harry Adams ’14 writes, “After graduating from Dickinson in May, I moved to Berkeley California with my girlfriend, Nora and my puppy, Goose where I work at the local synagogue, Congregation Beth El, as a marketing and communications team administrator. I really feel at home in The Bay. I’m continuing to record music and make artwork.” 48 Matt Carson ’14 recently came back to campus for a visit. Matt is from Winthrop, Maine and was home visiting family. He now lives in Pensacola, FL and attends Pensacola State College in their Veterinary Technician Program. It was great seeing and catching up with Matt! 49


Jared Cockrell ’14 attends Colgate University and plays on the men’s hockey team. Jared was featured in the December 2017 issue of the New England Hockey Journal. Check out the article at http://www.hockeyjournal.com/nehockeyjournal/ december_2017.


Karrisha Gillespie ’14 will soon move to NYC to start her career with JPMorgan Chase Company as an Investment Banking Analyst. Karrisha writes “I welcome the opportunity to be connected with alumni, Trustees, or supporters of the school who have worked in the financial service industry.” 50 Sarah Grenier ’14 was recognized by Florida Tech as the first lacrosse player in the school’s history to reach the 200 goal milestone in a 4-year career. Sarah was a senior attacker who achieved the mark in the Panther’s victory over Colorado State University-Pueblo on March 30, 2018. Sarah was a 2017 All-American was also the Crimson & Gray’s all-time leader in points, more than 250 for her career. 51 Meghan Kebalka ’14 made a temporary move to Sweden after being asked to go and help develop an ice hockey team. Meghan plays for Karlskrona HKH at the NKT Arena in Karlskrona, Sweden. She will be in Sweden for 6 months returning in April 2019. 52





Nelkas Kwemo ’14 made his professional football debut in the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts Football Club in their come-from-behind win over the BC Lions! 53 Molly McAleer ’14 graduated from the United States Naval Academy on Friday, May 25 at the NavyMarine Corps Memorial Stadium. Molly is pictured here with President Trump. 54


Francesco Tolfa ’14 contacted the Advancement office inquiring about reaching out to his classmates for their 5-year reunion to get as many back to campus as possible. “Spread the word Class of 2014 - this reunion is on us!” Xuran Zhang ’14 was excited to come back to campus and show his wife Alyssa the place that he called home for nearly four years. The one thing Xuran misses about KH is the great views. Xuran had a chance to see several faculty members while visiting and was happy to be back on such a beautiful day on the hill. Xuran and Alyssa met at Bryant University and were recently married in Boston. Xuran is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Boston University. 55



Nick Chimpoulis ’15 and John Chimpoulis ’17 met up with their former teacher Brian Smith who was vacationing with his family in Florida and enjoyed catching up over dinner. 56 Kevin Rodgers ’15 a defensemen hockey player with his junior team, Valley Jr Warriors, commits to Western New England College to play ice hockey. 57





Walter Washington II ’15 is always willing to give back to KH and came back to campus last spring for Accepted Student Day to share his experience with prospective families. He is seen here with Head of School Chris Cheney and his partner Lisa DiIorio. 58

Atsushi’ Ogata ’16 pictured here with Leanne Burnham, former Director of Admissions. He recently met with Leanne and prospective families in Tokyo, Japan to share his KH experience. 59 Danik Roy ’16 recently purchased the family ice cream business and renovated it completely. The new restaurant, La Terrasse Du Roi is located in Waterloo, Quebec. In 1983 Danik’s grandfather purchased what used to be a taxi hut and started the ice cream business. After 5 years Danik’s father purchased the business, which he ran for 30 years and now it is Danik’s turn. 60







Sarah Williamson ’16 pictured here on the left with McKensi Matula ’17 and Brynne Matula ’18 made a surprise visit to campus! They were able to see a few faculty members and enjoyed a walk around campus. 61 While former Director of Admissions Leanne Burnham was traveling in Vietnam for Admissions, she also had the opportunity to meet up with Tra Do ’17 who attended Kents Hill for one year with the ASSIST Program. The two had a great time reminiscing about Tra’s time at Kents Hill. Tra said she misses the Hill. She loved seeing snow for the first time and learning to snowboard. She misses the winter season particularly. She is a Freshman at Dickinson College. 62 Kerri McKinnon ’17, a freshman at Gordon College tried out and made the Women’s Lacrosse team. She is doing well at Gordon and enjoyed a great season last spring. 63 Mike McCarthy ’17 was back on campus during his holiday break and met up with Doug Friedman, former Director of Athletics. Mike is in his second year at Merrimack College and is a member of the Varsity Football Team. 64 Katie Sprague ’17, a sophomore at Wake Forest University was featured in her school’s newspaper the Old Gold and Black as a photographer and 65


business owner. She was a visiting artist in faculty member Babs Wheelden’s AP Photo and Environmental Photo Class where students had the opportunity to view and ask questions about Katie’s work and Katie had the opportunity to critique their work as well. 65


Chandler Ballard-Pepper ’18 developed a passion for mountain biking while at Kents Hill and is now experiencing great success at Marian University as a member of the Knight’s Mountain Biking Team. The team won the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference title and then headed to the Collegiate MTB Nationals in Missoula, Montana! We wish Chandler and his team continued success. 66 67


Adam Chabot’s Senior English students were working on a writing project requiring them to reflect on their time at Kents Hill. “When I come back to Kents Hill, I’m coming home. This place is yours. This place is ours.” Caroline Dunn ’58 had these words as they conducted two days’ worth of in-class Kents Hill alumni interviews in preparation for their final writing project which answers this question: What does the Kents Hill experience mean to you? Students interviewed six alumni including Caroline Dunn ’58, Will Bridgeo ’04, Jake Mitchell ’06, Jake Cockrell ’10, Shaelie Dumont ’10, and Cody Stockford ’17. Pictured from left to right is Jake Mitchell ’06, Jake Cockrell ’10, Caroline Dunn ’58, Stuart Vine ’18, and Lily McCutcheon ’18. 68


Join Your Friends on the Hill for Reunion 2019 from June 21-23!


In Memoriam Alumni Rolfe M. Hight ’35, 99, a longtime resident of Easton, MA, formerly of Carver, passed away June 1 2018. He was the husband of the late Lillian C. (Cloudman) Hight and would have celebrated his 100th Birthday on June 7th. He was born and raised in Mt. Vernon, Maine and was a graduate of Kents Hill High School in the class of 1935 and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Boston University. A veteran of WWII, he served in the US Army as a 1st Sgt. and was awarded both the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for heroic service. Rolfe is survived by two sons, Alan S. Hight and his wife Christine of Wellfleet and Gary L. Hight of Easton; six grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Courtesy Bowdoin College. Copyright Randy Ury

Richard “Dick” M. Burston ’42 died peacefully on July 17, 2018 surrounded by his loving family. Dick was born in Brookline, MA on October 31, 1924. He graduated from Boston High School at age 16 with the goal of attending a prep school. In the fall of 1941, Dick was granted a sports scholarship to Kents Hill Richard “Dick” M. Burston ’42 Prep School where he played his favorite sports while attending with his lifelong best friend, the late Bill Daugherty, who was there on a sports scholarship as well. After graduating from Kents Hill in the class of 1942, Dick enrolled in the Maine Maritime Academy earning the title of Naval Reserve Officer and serving in the South Pacific aboard the USS Alhena. He is survived by his wife, Phoebe, his five children Abby, Seth, Joshua, Mark and Amanda. (and their spouses) and 14 grandchildren.

Faith Wills Rourke ’43 passed away peacefully on March 30, 2018. She was born in Kents Hill on Sept. 24, 1924 and graduated from Kents Hill School in the class of 1943. She married Merrill R. Rourke in June of 1946. Faith was a lifelong resident of Readfield at Beaver Brook Farm on the South Road where they worked the farm, raised a lot of potatoes and three boys, Richard, William and Edward. Edna E. (Giffin) Hulslander ’48 a longtime resident of Nashua, NH, died peacefully at home December 31, 2017. She was the wife of the late Dr. Frank R. Hulslander. Edna was born September 18, 1928 and was part of the class at Kents Hill School of 1948. The last seven years were blessed with time spent with her great grandchildren. Edna is survived by her children; Dr. Bruce A. Hulslander and his wife Elizabeth of Merrimack, NH, Douglas L. Hulslander and his wife Madeleine of Lawrence and Deborah L. Hulslander of Saugus and four grandchildren. Norman R. Higgins ’48 passed away on November 17, 2017. He was born in Rochester, N.H., on Nov. 12, 1929 and attended Kents Hill in the class of 1948. Norman went on to further his education at Worcester Junior College and Clark University in Massachusetts. He served his country in the Air Force. He is survived by his wife, Lea; his children Keith Higgins and his wife Marion, of Virginia; Sharon Stafford, of California; Keir Beamon and her husband Patrick, of Texas; and Mark Higgins and his wife Kim, of Texas. He is also survived by his sister, Eleanor Higgins, of Ohio.


Edward “Ed” Williams ’50 passed away on April 13, 2018. Ed was born in Union, Maine and was a member of the Kents Hill class of 1950. He moved to Brevard county in 1967 from Orlando. He was a retired Engineer with Radiation/Harris Corp and a US Navy Veteran. Ed is survived by his wife of 70 years, Marion.

the next 10 years filled with the joy of holidays, summer afternoons in the backyard and countless evenings by the fire reveling in laughter with her family. She was preceded by her beloved husband of 57 years, Paul R. Golden; sisters, Leah MacDonald and Millie Strout. Ellie is survived by sister, Connie (Al) Arness of Tenants Harbor; children, Catherine Golden (Cliff Dayton) of New Windsor, N.Y.; Jim (Shannon) Golden of Tipp City, Ohio; Anne Golden (Nathan Neorr) of Cincinnati, Ohio and Beth (Marc) McCaffery of Fenton, Mich.

Edward “Ed” Williams ’50

Eleanor (Ellie) Hebert Golden ’58, of Fenton, Mich. and Augusta, Maine, passed away peacefully with family present on Oct. 27, 2018. Ellie was born in Portland, Maine, to Richard and Etta Hebert. She was a longtime employee of the State of Maine and was a devoted mother, active in her Eleanor (Ellie) Hebert Golden ’58 children’s school and extracurricular activities. In 1996, Ellie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. With treatment, love, determined will and against all odds, she miraculously survived another 22 years. Ellie loved to see the sites and she traveled to Europe, San Francisco and crisscrossed the country on train trips to see the National Parks. In 2008, Ellie and Paul move to Fenton, Mich. to be closer to their children and grandchildren. Ellie spent


Elizabeth Phinney Barber ’59 Lenoir, N.C., passed away November 2, 2017. She was born July 30, 1941, in Westchester County, New York. Elizabeth was a member of the Kents Hill class of 1959. Survivors include her husband, Colan A. Barber; a son, Robert D. Barber of Elizabeth Phinney Barber ’59 Florida; her daughters Debra O’Keefe and husband Sean of Troy, NY; Donna Geiselhart and husband, Michael of St. Louis, MS and Dianne Exum and husband Sean of Mint Hill.

Richard H. Boulet, ’59 of Lewiston passed away June 2, 2018 at Androscoggin Hospice House in Auburn. He was born in Lewiston in 1939. He grew up playing hockey and was a goalie for Lewiston High School and Kents Hill School. He was a graduate of Kents Hill School in the class of 1959. Richard H. Boulet, ’59 He continued and played as goalie for the Bates Mill Hockey Team, where he was later sent to play for the Boston Bruins farm team. He remarried Celene Brooke-Boulet after his first wife’s death and they returned to Kents Hill, where they served as dorm parents for Sampson Hall. Richard worked with Kents Hill to open up a den area, known as the Husky Den, that would serve food and have activities for the students after hours. He and Celene were very involved and the school honored them both upon their retirement several years ago by dedicating the new football field as the Brooke-Boulet football field. He is predeceased by both his parents; his first wife, Mariette Boulet and his brother, Robert C. Boulet of Lewiston. He is survived by his second wife, Celene BrookeBoulet; his daughter, Dr. Kathy Boulet, of Lewiston; his daughter and son-in-law, Debbie and John Bosse of Lewiston; his son, Mark Boulet, of Greene; his grandsons Colt Steele and Hunter Steele of Lewiston; his stepson and his wife Scott and Carol Brooke of Augusta; and his stepson and wife Danny and Tanya Brooke of Augusta and their son, Jordan.

Andrew James Tomer ’69 of Dammeron Valley, Utah and a graduate of Kents Hill School in the Class of ’69 died at home after a battle with cancer on November 20, 2017. He was born in Brunswick, Maine on November 22, 1950. Andrew was a retired mechanical engineer with a lifelong Andrew James Tomer ’69 passion of astronomy; with everything from instrument building to eclipse expeditions for observing and recording shadow band diffractions. His last was the August 2017 total solar eclipse where he was joined by a few of his friends and their wives. John Miller ’71 passed away after a brave battle with pneumonia November, 3, 2017. He was a member of the Kents Hill School class of 1971.

John Miller ’71


Mark Joseph Gilmore ’82, of Melbourne Fla., formerly of Amherst, NH, passed away on May 3, 2017. He was a loving son to the late John T. Gilmore Jr. and Arlene A. (Dionne) Gilmore. Mark was a devoted husband for 14 years to Margo Gilmore of Spring Lake, North Carolina. Beloved brother to Susan L. Gilmore and her Mark Joseph Gilmore ’82 husband John W. Race of Wareham, MA, John T. Gilmore III and his wife Corinne Gilmore of Harpswell, Maine, Jennifer M. Thayer of Centennial CO. Peter Keller ’84 passed away on July 7, 2015, by accidental drowning in Hackensack, Minnesota. He was born to JoAnn Olson Keller and Dr. Richard Keller in Salt Lake City on Aug. 16, 1965. Peter graduated from Skyline High School in Salt Lake in 1983 and went on to Kents Hill School for one year, graduating Peter Keller ’84 in 1984. He later attended the University of Montana, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Education degree and a Bachelor of Arts in history. In 1995 Peter began his career teaching sixth grade in Columbia Falls, where he remained for 20 years. Peter is survived by his wife, Debbie Forman Keller; sons, Dalton Hubbard and Weston Peter of Creston; father, Richard Keller and Sallee; sister, Christena Ensign and Mike, sister-in-law, Anina Merrill, all of Salt Lake City; stepchildren Michael Jones, Bobby Jones and


Ashley, Tara Billsborough and Rich; grandson, Brody, all of Kalispell; mother-in-law, Elva Forman; brother-in-law Ben Forman, and Joelle, Peter was preceded in death by his cherished mother JoAnn in 2004 and beloved brother David in 2013. Samantha MantylaMietla ’91 passed away June 24, 2018. Her life was fueled by her endless love for her five amazing children who gave her all she ever wanted. Samantha graduated from Kents Hill School in the class of 1991 and went on to earn her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education Samantha Mantyla-Mietla ’91 from Quinsigamond Community College. She worked as an Assistant Teacher for the Head Start Program in Worcester. Living an alternative and unconventional lifestyle was something she thrived upon and never cared what anyone else thought, she was always true to herself and her beliefs. She was an intelligent and strong woman who valued love, family, friendship, learning, and growing. During the last three and half years of her life she battled a rare form of cancer and defeated it a number of times and was able to live life to the fullest in between the battles. During her last battle there was nothing that the doctors or treatment could do to save her. She accepted death gracefully and embraced it completely - being fearless and ready to take the journey on life’s greatest adventure. Samantha will be missed and lovingly remembered by her husband of six years, Sean Fleming; her father, Robert I. Mantyla and his wife, Kate Gavora; her mother, Margery J.(Talbert) Aurell and her husband, Stan; her children, Sarah C., Samuel E., Rachel S., Noah S. and Ethan T. Mietla; her brothers, Benjamin L. Mantyla and his wife, Emily, Nathan T. and Joshua R. Mantyla; her aunt, Donna Mantyla; her uncle, Richard Talbert; her first husband Michael Mietla.

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Reunion 2019 June 21-23 Members of Classes ending in 4 or 9 will be celebrating milestone anniversaries!

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