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The Charger Chronicles Volume III, Issue VI

Kentridge Key Club Division 32 of the PNW District

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Goodbye, Senior Officers! Michelle Lai, graduating Vice President How has Key Club/being an officer prepared you for the real world?

The real world can be unforgiving, deep, and complex. In many ways, people find themselves withholding trust and compassion in fear of being exploited for their generosity. However one may perceive the harshness of the world, Key Club has allowed me to not only see the brightest side of everyday but to be the light for others. I think Key Club harbors a perspective that encourages civic engagement and activism-- The sense of service and community allows every member to get excited to be a part of something bigger and for the better. My time in Key Club has allowed me to become aware of the issues in our everyday life—how we can contribute our endeavors to aiding a community. Moreover, sparking the self initiative that resides in everyone to openly trust and give. To add an extra dollar in the donation box in front of the cash register, participating in something you believe in, choosing to donate instead of selling old articles of clothing. While these are all examples of something small, they mean something to someone at the end of the day. More importantly, understanding that everyday is an opportunity to do something good. This perspective has not only allowed me to speak louder and reach further, but also to connect with like-minded individuals. Like many DCMs and bondings, the common interest of serving is one that is inherently spirited and open-hearted. It’s an attitude that has allowed me to empathize with others, so much so that my deepest connections are those through service. It goes without saying, Key Club has many lessons to enable an individual to mature in their social capabilities and work ethic. As an officer, I have found a passion for helping the ones around me. Seeing the smiling faces from a day of hard work is more rewarding than any job could offer through a paycheck. Isn’t it funny how the rewards that are the most intangible are also the ones that give me the most joy? But I digress... To those reading this, I hope that you, and the many Key Clubbers before me, not only find the activism Key Club has inspired me, but to stand on the shoulders of giants and reach to even greater heights. To inspire our youth to be a leader, inspirer, volunteer, Key Clubber, is the most important lesson Key Club really has to offer.

Kristin Mannschreck, graduating Secretary What has been your favorite part about being an officer? My favorite part about being an officer has been having the opportunity to meet so many incredible Key Clubbers! I feel like being an officer has given me a sense of responsibility to reach out to other members and I’ve built so many amazing relationships because of it! Along with getting to know awesome members I’ve also made some of my best friends with the last two officer boards. I am so thankful for the endless support Erin, Cynthia, Kristy, Jacqueline, Michelle, Ammara, Brielle, and Danika have all given me over the last few years both as an officer and a friend.

What advice do you have for members who seek leadership positions? BE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF. It sounds generic and obvious, but I wish more people would have told me that when I was younger. It’s so nerve racking running for higher positions but if you want to go for it, you absolutely should. It’s easy to tell yourself that you just aren’t cut out to be a leader, that you’re not “cool” enough, or you don’t have enough experience to be running. But as long as you are working diligently and treating people kindly, YOU WILL MAKE A GOOD OFFICER. I can’t emphasize how much you learn and grow as a person from being an officer; you’ll find your leadership style as you work on things throughout the term. You have nothing to lose from applying. If you don’t receive a position, then you try for something else the next time. But if you never try, then you will never know what you could’ve been capable of. What advice do you have for the upcoming board? You guys need each other! Be a reliable team player and don’t ever be afraid to ask one another for help. Things will inevitably get stressful at some point in the year, so make sure you have one another’s backs no matter what. Even if you’re annoyed with someone on your board, you will serve yourself and your club better if you choose to be kind and communicative with your fellow officers. Stay humble and empathetic. Never, ever hold a grudge, and avoid drama at any cost (save your drama for your llama). You are six of the most fabulous people I know and I know you will make the best offices, so have faith in yourselves and in one another. I am so excited to see all that you accomplish next year!!!!

Jacqueline Wong, graduating President Hey Key Clubbers, This may be one of the last times I address you guys like this, but I want you guys to know that up till now I have loved every moment of serving as your 2017-2018 Key Club President. Getting to meet, talk to, and volunteer alongside each of you has helped me grow so much in leadership, communication skills, and most of all.…my passion for service. Knowing that you, the members, are so dedicated in bettering your community was really the inspiration and motivation that pushed me to work my hardest and do my best this year. To those of you who are seeking leadership positions, I want you to know that you are all more than capable to do it. As Key Club members you guys are already leaders in our community. Go for what you want, and don’t be afraid. You all have something great that you can bring to the table. You all have the ability to leave an even larger impact on our community. Thank you all for giving me the great opportunity to serve as your president and I hope you will have many more amazing “Key Club moments” the rest of your time in this club, just like the ones you gave me this year! In love and service, Jacqueline Wong

Hello, 2018-2019 Officer Board! Kevin Tran, Bulletin Editor What is a personal goal you have for the upcoming term?

A personal goal I have for this upcoming year is to reach out to new people and create stronger relationships in our Key Club family. What would you like to work on improving within our club?

I would want to improve member interactions through bondings or events that help new members get more accustomed to reaching out and meeting new people. What’s your favorite part about being in Key Club? My favorite thing about being in Key Club is spreading as much positivity as I can and helping others.

Would you rather never use social media sites / apps again or never watch another movie or TV show? I'd rather not watch movies or TV shows because I don't anyways, and social media has memes.

Kevin Srey, Webmaster What is a personal goal you have for the upcoming term? (ex: stepping outside of your comfort zone, reaching out to new people, etc.) A personal goal I have for the upcoming term is to get more members involved within our service events and bondings. I want to be able to feel more connected as family within Key Club. In the long run we build more trust amongst one another and build greater friendships. The way to do that is to keep encouraging members to stay active. What would you like to work on improving within our club?

I want to improve the social outreach we have within key club. Having multiple sources of social media is a great start to stay connected. However, I want to take it a step forward by encouraging more contact between all members. What’s your favorite part about being in Key Club? My favorite part about Key Club would be all the different service events! Not only are they fun, they provide different ways to give back to our community. I’ve also matured greatly throughout my involvement in Key Club, because of the service events. I’m definitely more outgoing and positive compared to my previous years. Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside? I’m a hopeless romantic still trying to find the one, but I still want to be able to provide for myself. When it truly comes down to it, I’d choose to find a suitcase with five million dollars inside. I have friends and family which I hold dear to my heart already. I need money to help me live stress free.

Brandon Nguyen, Treasurer What is a personal goal you have for the upcoming term? A personal goal I have for the upcoming term is to increase interactions with members. I want to build a strong relationship with each individual member and get to know them a little bit better. By creating tighter bonds, our club is more united! What would you like to work on improving within our club? At “that time of year,” our club gradually dies out. My goal for this upcoming term is to prevent this from ever happening. To do this, I will encourage members to get their five hours completed by the end of the first semester. If I must, I might even sneak in some cookies for every member at each meeting. What’s your favorite part about being in Key Club? My favorite part about being in Key Club is the relationships we build throughout the year. We constantly meet new people and in the long run, it just feels like a second family. Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read minds? I would rather have the ability to teleport anywhere than the ability to read minds. If I had to choose one place to go, it would be Vietnam, where the remainder of my family resides. It’s shocking to realize that it has been a whopping twelve years since we’ve seen each other! Besides, I would not want to know the useless, random nonsense people are thinking about!

Cynthia Mak, Secretary What is a personal goal you have for the upcoming term? (ex: stepping outside of your comfort zone, reaching out to new people, etc.) A personal goal I have for the upcoming term I to develop closer personal connections with you. I’d like to be here for all of you as a friend and someone you can approach at any time with your questions and concerns or just to talk. I want to help ignite your passion for service and encourage you all to make the most out of your experience and ensure that each of you ends your journey feeling inspired, motivated, and confident.

What would you like to work on improving within our club? I have many steps I plan on taking to grow our membership and strengthen our connections—our member officer connections, our connection to service, our connection to other schools in our division, and our connection to our district. I plan many interclub collaborations such as fundraisers, service events, projects, and bondings with other schools in our division to expand our reach and provide opportunities for you guys to connect with and serve alongside local Key Clubbers in our area. It’s important to collaborate with other schools because we can create bonds and make a bigger difference with a broader audience. What’s your favorite part about being in Key Club? My favorite part about being in Key Club is the family-like environment our members create. I’m always surrounded by a kind, welcoming, and loving community that embodies leadership and character growth. Key Club and its positive atmosphere has given me a place to fit in and belong to. I’ve been encouraged to put myself out there and step outside my boundaries to achieve new heights. Key Club has unlocked new doors in my life to opportunities I never thought I would have. I’m so thankful for my Key Club journey and I never want it to end, it has truly changed my life.

Kristy Nhan, Vice President What is a personal goal you have for the upcoming term?

I plan on personally reaching out to freshmen and students who are not already in Key Club. By doing so, we can elaborate on the purpose of our club and how our support in certain causes is important.

What would you like to work on improving within our club? I would like to work on improving club communications. One idea I have is to put an actual calendar into the newsletter so it's easier to see all our meetings, service ops, and due dates. A written timeline is kind of hard to visualize, and I think this will help members be more informed. Publicizing the newsletter should also be emphasized because there's a lot of important information Erin (and soon, Kevin) puts on pages about events and opportunities. What’s your favorite part about being in Key Club? My favorite part about being in Key Club is knowing that I'm a part of such an amazing organization that has the passion to change the world. We support so many great charities, and raising awareness for what we do helps so many people. I love being surrounded by people who have the same drive as I do for service. Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or always be surrounded by annoying people?

I would rather be alone for the rest of my life! I have a lot of fun chilling by myself hehe

Erin Mannschreck, President What is a personal goal you have for the upcoming term? The most important thing to me as an officer is making sure that everyone feels welcome and included! Throughout the upcoming term, I will continue reaching out to build new relationships with members. What would you like to work on improving within our club? I’d like to improve the organization of handbook collection and distribution, which can sometimes get very messy and confusing! I’d also like to work on our relationships with other service-related clubs at Kentridge, such as Unified and Girl’s Honor. What’s your favorite part about being in Key Club? The feeling of purpose I carry with me, knowing that I am constantly making a positive impact on the world. It’s comforting to know that, even in my constant whirlwind of sports and homework assignments, a portion of my time and effort is truly making a difference in my community. Would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or in the real world?

I would rather live in the real world, even with it’s many imperfections, because it’s not really living if you don’t have ups and downs, struggles and successes. When I’m on my deathbed I don’t want to know that everything went perfectly: I want to know that I learned lessons about the world and myself, and lived life to it’s fullest.

Member of the Month: Emma Koenigs

Why did you join Key Club? I joined key club because a friend told me about it, and it sounded really fun when i researched it. I though of it as a fun way to help others and meet new people! What have you enjoyed most about being in Key Club since you joined?

What I have enjoyed the most is going to service ops and doing them with my friends. What’s your favorite service opportunity and why? My favorite service opportunity is Aegis because the residents there are so much fun to work with and really happy people in general. Describe your favorite Key Club moment.

My favorite key club moment was when we sang songs at Aegis. I love singing and I personally think music does help people to come together and think of each other.

Past Events and

Service Ops

Tie-Dye Bonding

Members had a lot of fun tie-dyeing their brand new club t-shirts during this club bonding! They ate cookies, chatted, and made colorful tie-dye masterpieces. The results were fabulous—green and gold for KR!


No-Sew Blanket Making

Key Clubbers got together to make some no-sew fleece blankets to donate to the children’s hospital! The crowd was small, but the fun wasn’t—the event was filled with snacks, bonding, and productivity. There was even enough time to make some cute finger puppets with fabric scraps.

Clothes for the Cause

Kentridge hosted a fundraiser to lower costs for DCON! Volunteers collected, counted, and loaded bags of clothes to be transported to the Clothes for the Cause warehouse. The clothes were weighed, and our club profited per pound collected. Overall, over 1800 lbs of clothes were donated!

Northwest Harvest

Northwest Harvest is one of our club’s most frequent service events! Every month, members sign up to go package food at the warehouse in Kent. Thousands of families in Washington struggle to meet their basic nutrition needs, and Northwest Harvest and it’s volunteers are making a huge difference to those people in our community.

Hot Chocolate Run

Upcoming Events 3/12: Pre-Con DCM 3/13: Kent Station Easter 3/16—3/18: District Convention

3/22: Emerald Park Multicultural Night 3/24: Fairwood Elementary PTSA Dinner and Auction

3/31: Kent Station Easter 5/3: WE Day 2018 6/1—6/2: Relay for Life

Reminders ~ Start collecting change for our WE Day Global Project! ~ See’s Candy forms are due March 13th (you must raise at least $50 to be on our Relay for Life team) ~ Pre-Con is mandatory for all attendees! ~ DCON attendees MUST be at the KR bus loop by 7:40 on Friday. The bus isn’t waiting for you if you’re late!

March newsletter  
March newsletter