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Louisville Slugger TPX Exogrid 2 Comp/Alloy Baseball Bats TPX Exogrid 2 Bats...Larger Performing Sweetspot! Louisville Slugger TPX Exogrid 2 Comp/Alloy Baseball Bats feature: AC21 Scandium alloy combined with composite ensures thin walls, outstanding durability and unmatched performance Metal is trimmed in a grid pattern, then replaced with carbon composite inserts that are several times stronger and lighter than the metal they replace Carbon composite sleeve provides greater handle stiffness than aluminum Heat and extreme pressure bonds sleeve, inserts and metal wall to function as a single solid unit Power Disc Technology allows for peak performance around the sweetspot Patented Pro Cup end cap Comfortable synthetic grip 7/8" standard handle 1 Year Warranty SL12EX25 (Senior) Model: 2 5/8" barrel SL12EX2 (Senior) Model: 2 5/8" barrel YB12EX2 (Youth) Model: 21/4" barrel Senior Length/Weight (-5): 30"-25 oz 31"-26 oz 32"-27 oz Senior Length/Weight (-9): 28"-19 oz 29"-20 oz 30"-21 oz 31"-22 oz 32"-23 oz Youth Length/Weight (-12): 28"-16 oz 29"-17 oz 30"-18 oz 31"-19 oz 32-20 oz *Note: MINUS (-) DROP: Refers to the differential between the length and weight of a bat. As an example a (-)10 bat would be a 29" length 19 oz weight bat. Exogrid...A New Dimension In Performance Technology! Department: Sporting Goods > Team Sports > Soccer > Soccer Shin Guards Brand: Louisville Slugger Price: $229.94