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In a lot of ways, high school is what you make of it. If you’re ambitious, curious, disciplined, and hardworking, you can make the most out of any school. But high school is also what it makes of you. If it pushes you a little harder than you’d push yourself, if it opens your eyes to ideas and opportunities you didn’t know were there, if it creates a safe place for you to try new things, to explore all that you can become, well just think of what you could do.

KENT is just that kind of place. Our curriculum is designed with exploration in mind, with more than 27 AP exams and multiple levels of science, math, languages and history. And our arts and athletic opportunities are just as varied. We want you to pursue your interests as far as you can take them and discover new ones along the way. You’ll be guided by teachers—accomplished scholars all— who will set high goals for you and then do everything in their power to help you meet them. And you’ll be surrounded by classmates from over 40 countries and more than 35 states. Their interests will be as diverse as their backgrounds, and they’ll make the best—and most interesting—friends you’ll ever have. Together you’ll find that life really is an exploration, and the discovery you keep making is yourself.

Really examining things is the essence of academics at Kent. That’s because what’s interesting, what’s meaningful—and yes, what’s fun—is always below the surface, just waiting for the bold and the curious to dig a little deeper. That’s the way we study here. It’s about using history to better understand current events. Using calculus to solve real problems instead of just math problems. Using literature to understand human psychology (and vice versa). And using all of it to better understand yourself and your role in the world. How do we encourage you to look more closely? By challenging you with courses more typically offered at the college level—like Greek, Middle Eastern Studies, post-calculus, ecology, and four levels of Chinese. The opportunity to do so much creates an enthusiasm for doing a lot. More than 90 percent of our students take course loads well beyond Kent’s requirements and some 80 percent take at least one Advanced Placement course. Many students take several. And Kent encourages independent study projects in almost any subject that interests you—Sanskrit, artificial intelligence, the history of soccer. To ensure you make the most of Kent’s challenges and opportunities, we also provide you with plenty of guidance and support. Kent’s faculty are exceptional teachers, coaches, and mentors—and even more impressive human beings. They’ll push you, inspire you and invigorate you. And they won’t disappear at three o’clock. They understand that an important part of their job is being there when a student needs help, has a question, or is simply excited about an idea. They like looking closely. And they like showing you how to do the same.

Full course list:


AP e xa ms AP Art History AP Biology AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC AP Chemistry AP Computer Science AP Economics Macro and Micro AP English Language AP English Literature AP Environmental Science AP French Language AP Latin Virgil AP Modern European History AP Music Theory AP Psychology AP Physics B AP Physics C Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism AP Spanish Language AP Spanish Literature AP Statistics AP Studio Art 2-D AP Studio Art 3-D AP Studio Art Drawing AP United States

Government and Politics

AP United States History

challenging curriculum Challenging. Inspiring. Fascinating. Kent’s academic program gives you the breadth you need to explore almost anything that interests you and the depth to let you dig into the subjects that hold your passion, all with the support and guidance of exceptional teachers who will always be there when you need them.

i n te r e s t i n g cou rs es Italian Language & Culture Roman Comedy Astronomy Irish Drama Genetics Micro Fiction Biotechnology 20th Century Capitalism Ancient Greek Playwriting Soviet Communism Theology and Science Architecture Middle Eastern Studies Engineering Design

NorA Kent, connecticut Chamber Choir, Kentettes, Spring Musical, Winter One-Acts, tour guide

At Kent, I learned how important it is to give that extra 10% in order to truly learn and retain material. In so doing, I gained the skills that allowed me to feel independent and self-confident in college. My studies in modern languages at Kent prepared me to become a language major in college taking upper level film, literature and conversational language classes. I also learned how to balance an incredibly full schedule at Kent, consisting of classes, music groups, clubs, theater and my social life. The time management skills I acquired have allowed me to continue my extracurricular interests at college while being able to handle a heavy workload.

Pu bl i s h i n g, p e rfo r mi n g, a n d p r e s e n ting o pp o r t u n i t i es

Dixieland Band

Spring musical

The Kentones and

The Cauldron

Kent News

Kentettes, a cappella

literary magazine

Jazz Band

singing groups

Winter one-acts

Dance recitals

Two fall drama

Chapel Choir

Chamber Choir

Student art exhibitions


productions Concert Band

ACT BOLDLY Your academic triumphs at Kent will be many. You might read Virgil in Latin, discover a new asteroid or comet in astronomy, or design your own robot in our new pre-engineering program. But your opportunities to set and attain bold goals for yourself will extend well beyond the classroom.

Maybe you’ll write, direct and produce your own one-act play or sing the lead in our annual musical. Maybe you’ll publish your poetry or short stories in the Cauldron, Kent’s arts magazine. Maybe you’ll perform a solo piano recital or take first chair in one of Kent’s many music ensembles. Or maybe you’ll create a sculpture installation or a photography portfolio. No matter what you do, you’ll have access to some of the best studio, rehearsal and performance spaces in New England and be mentored by some of the most talented and accomplished faculty anywhere.

B o y s S P ORTS















Cross Country



Cross Country


Field Hockey




Ice Hockey


Ice Hockey


Athlete of the week:

Of course, Kent is as competitive as it is creative. Kent

championship. Almost 100 years of rowing on the

fields 56 varsity, JV and 3rds teams and is a member

scenic Housatonic River has given our storied crew

of the Founders League, one of the most competitive

teams undefeated seasons and national championships.

independent school leagues in the country and one

Boys crew completed the 2010 season with a finals

well-known to college coaches. And what those college

appearance in the Princess Elizabeth Cup at Henley,

coaches know is that Kent teams are successful. Boys

in England. Kent’s coed equestrian team is coached by

soccer has gone to the Class A New England playoffs

a former Olympic athlete and ride “professor horses”

two years in a row, and girls basketball has won the

from the professional dressage and hunter-jumper

Founders League championship five years in a row.

circuits. Commitment to coaching and performance is

In 2010, boys swimming and girls squash both went

common to all our teams, which is why so many Kent

undefeated, and boys basketball won the division

student go on to compete on Division I college teams.


recital, and there are so many recital opportunities at Kent, five or six a year compared to the two I’d have at home. On top of that, I was given a scholarship at Kent to go to Europe with the U.S. Youth Ensemble. We did this whirlwind three days of rehearsal and then

Everyone in my father’s family plays the violin, so he

played concerts in six different countries. It was neat

got me going when I was three-and-a-half. And while

to perform in all these places I’d seen in my history

I loved playing the violin, it was my parents motivating

textbook, and I completely wore out a set of strings.

me to practice. At Kent, I had to make it my own thing, and it was the recitals that did it. I hate having a bad


I’m the biggest guy on the team, here I’m the smallest. I worked out and practiced my skills and eventually

GuangZhou, China

caught up. The coaches saw what I wanted to do and

Football, jazz band,

helped me make it.

pit orchestra, brass ENSEMBLE

Football is very popular in China, but few schools have

That season the whole team went to London to play in

tackle football teams, so we play touch football. Then I

the Global Bowl Bristol. We played against the Filton

met the Kent football coach during a school visit, and

College Pride, the champion of American football in

he said I might be able to play at Kent, so that became

London, and beat them 22-6. The next day we saw the

my dream. At first, I think I was the worst guy on the

Patriots and the Buccaneers play an exhibition game at

team. It’s very different from touch football. In China,

Wembley stadium.

C lub s a n d O r ga n i z a t i o ns include Animal Rights Club Chess Club Diversity and Culture Club Environmental Club Gay-Straight Alliance Habitat for Humanity Kent Daily Update Math Team Model United Nations Music Groups Robotics Team Sailing Club Spirit Club Theatre Club

Weekend Activities include Themed dances Chaperoned trips to New York City Athletic events Dorm pizza parties Music and dance recitals Organized trips to the mall Video game competitions Hiking the Appalachian Trail Community service projects Parents Weekend Walks to town with friends Poetry contests Karaoke Barbeques and picnics Mountain biking Ski and golf outings



A big part of life at Kent—and a big part of learning—is about making friends. And it’s easy to get to know people here because as big as our campus is—1,200 acres!— the classrooms, dorms and most of the sports and recreational facilities are nestled together right by the river. So it’s no problem to get to class, linger over a lunch conversation, and check who’s in the “sandbox” (a favorite campus hang-out). And you’ll never be at a loss for something to do with your new friends. There are 56 different boys and girls sports teams, more than 30 clubs and organizations and enough theater productions, music ensembles, art exhibitions and writing opportunities to keep any talent busy. There are movies, concerts and lectures, 87 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, and themed Saturday night dances, as well as traditions like the annual Ring Banquet or “Rock Day,” when juniors climb a mountain and paint their class year on the giant Numeral Rock. And the town of Kent, with its jazz and film festivals, cafes, and chocolate shops, is a five-minute walk away. Some of the most rewarding opportunities at Kent are those that come with the more serious parts of building a community—like serving your fellow students as a dorm prefect or member of the senior council. And attending chapel, joining in on community service projects, and participating in our campus-wide jobs program will also give you a sense of pride and belonging. You’ll become close to the adults who mentor and support you; faculty members and their families live right here on campus, so your teachers and coaches are also your “dorm parents.” You might get cookies from your history teacher or math tips in your pajamas. But you’ll definitely get more comfortable and confident—you could say you’ll find yourself personally—as you live and learn amongst friends of all ages. Life at Kent:

ADAM East Rutherford, New jersey President of Reach Editor-in- Chief of Kent News

I really think I got into community service because of Mrs. Sokolnicki. She lived in my dorm and was always telling us that if something interests us, there’s no reason not to try it. So when a friend asked if I wanted to volunteer at a soup kitchen, I thought, “Why not?” Now I’m a senior and I’ve been to New Orleans twice on service trips and become president of REACH, Kent’s service organization. One of the things I’ve realized is how hard it is to ask for help. People want to think they can handle everything. Sometimes the person offering the help has to step up and make the first move. I want to study international relations or peace and conflict studies when I graduate. I think it’s an extension of community service, but doing it on a higher level.




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