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Waukee High School • 555 University Avenue • Waukee, Iowa 50263 • Volume 25, Edition 10 • Graduation 2018

Letter from the editor From holiday parties to late nights with movies and pizza, Publications really has felt like a family this year, and Room 602 has been a home. But after spending more than 350 hours with the Publications crew, it’s nearly time to take a break for the summer. My journey this year has taken me from staffer to Web Editor, and now I’m getting ready to become next year’s Print Editor. Putting together my first Arrowhead has been nothing but fun, no matter how frustrating it got when things didn’t go according to plan. Being part of this class has given me so many opportunities, and I’m grateful to have been able to experience Waukee High School from “10,000 feet above it.” Every one of our seniors has helped to guide us this year, and the ‘17- ‘18 class would never have been able to operate without their knowledge and support. I’m sad to see the four of them go, but I know that they all have great things waiting for them in their futures. Congratulations, and good luck with wherever your journeys take you! I also want to say a big thank you to Dana Aguilar, next year’s Web Editor, who has spent countless hours working by my side this whole year. You’ve put your heart into every single issue of The Arrowhead, and I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done to help me out this year. I never would have been able to pull the May edition off without you there giving this class everything you’ve got. Here’s to wishing the warmest ‘thank you’ to everyone who will be leaving us, and an excited ‘welcome’ to everyone who will be with us in just a few months. I can’t wait to create eight new editions of The Arrowhead with you all. Felicia Williams, Print Editor

The Arrowhead Staff

Dana Aguilar* Rashed Alsharqi Allison Baty* Lauren Bown Grace Culbertson* Marissa Garton Stephen Holko Maddie Huntley* Ben Jordison

Debashish Koirala Haven Lackey Claire Petersen* Sydney Peterson Evan Phillips Keegan Pickering Amelia Roberts Gaby Shepard* Kathryn Shumaker

Bowen Siberz Andrew Tobey Nancy Tran Josh Wente Felicia Williams* * Editors Advisor: Kent Peterson

Cover Photo By: Dana Aguilar

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Bank of Iowa Award

Year in Review

In October, Waukee High School won the Bank of Iowa award; an award for academic excellence and involvement in extracurriculars. All high schools are involved with the Iowa High School Athletic Association, Iowa High School Music Association, Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union and the Iowa High School Speech Association. This is the third year WHS has received the Bank of Iowa Award.

2017-18 Copy and Layout by: Amelia Roberts

Peter and the Starcatcher

The fall play this year, Peter and the Starcatcher, ended up being a big hit with the student body, attracting countless audience members. Two of the performances sold out completely, making Peter and the Starcatcher the first fall play to ever sell out. The play doesn’t include many set pieces, so students utilized their bodies, the lights and the sound to paint the story.

Parking Problems

Honorable Mentions

In the first few months of school, many students were shocked with the immense lack of parking places for students driving to school. The seniors of Waukee High School are given parking passes at the beginning of the year, and a few lucky juniors manage to get their hands on one as well. Other than that, the parking lots remained a war zone of ‘who gets it first.’ Unlike any other year, the incoming sophomores have managed to tip the scales. There are no longer enough parking spaces in the stadium to accommodate all the students driving. However, as the year went by, people started to get used to the annoyance. Some people get to school earlier to grab a parking spot, others take the bus or walk.


Honorable Mentions Girls’ & Boys’ Basketball State Waukee Wrestling 2nd Place @ State Duals Waukee Winter Guard 1st Place @ First Competition

Mock Trial State Quiz Bowl State Jazz Band First Place

Ivanka Trump comes to the WILC On March 19th, a notable visitor came to the WILC to discover more about the APEX program. Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s advisor and daughter, came to tour the Waukee Innovation Learning Center, accompanied by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. There were many discussions during the visit about Waukee’s APEX program, workforce development and the importance of educating students about job opportunities and apprenticeships. Many students were able to introduce themselves to Ivanka Trump and join in on the conversations.

Waukee Speech Team Banner In February, at the height of the speech season, Waukee Speech Team came home victorious with a banner, signifying an outstanding performance. To get into the All-State level, the speech team had to be chosen by two out of three of the judges to advance. From there, the judges simply pick their favorite performance and that team is awarded the banner. This year was the first year Waukee Speech Team received a banner and had twelve total performing groups.

Honorable Mentions Waukee Bowling State Qualifiers (Cheer) White squad finished 2nd @ Nationals (Cheer) Purple squad finished 3rd @ Nationals

2018 Senior Send-off Allison Baty Allison Baty is the senior yearbook editor and has been in the class for a year and a half. She is responsible for overseeing and editing yearbook pages and organzing deadlines. “Publications is my second home. When I walk in each morning I feel excited to be working on a fantastic product with an even better group of people. I will definitly miss starting off my day the same way each morning in room 602.”

Grace Culbertson Since 2015, Grace Culbertson has taken up several different roles in the class. She’s been a reporter, the assistant business editor, a copy editor and more recently, the Print Editor. “I’ll miss a place I felt like I could always be myself. I never felt like I had to contain or hide who I am because everybody else in this class is so energetic and creative just like I am. Publications is where I found and pursued my passion for writing and was able to share the stories of WHS through a creative lens. I learned so many of the skills that make me who I am today through this class and through collaborating with so many amazing people. I’m thankful for the experience.... it has definitely prepared me for what’s next in my life. Thank you.”

Maddie Huntley Last year, Maddie Huntley took on the position of yearbook editor and continued on as Publisher of the yearbook and newspaper her senior year. She continually works towards giving the editors and staffers the tools they need to succeed. “Publications showed me how part of high school is finding yourself. No one ever figures it all out in four years, but it is the time for you to find your “niche.” Publications became my home and family, and it opened my eyes to the endless possibilities you have in high school. I will miss the people without a doubt.”

Sydney Peterson

While in Publications, Sydney spent many hours taking pictures for a variety of school sports and activities for both the yearbook and The Arrowhead. She also enjoyed making videos for the web and writing stories about the incredible people at Waukee High School. She will greatly miss room 602, and wishes the best for future staffers! “Publications has really given me a close-knit set of friends during my last year of high school, and they’re really like my second family and I’m so glad I joined this class this year. Publications really gave me the freedom to further explore my areas of interest in photography and videography while still be able to continue my love of writing. I’ll miss the family I’ve gained from this class.”

1Featuringinrandomly 1900 selected student: Kyle Vetsch copy and layout By: Stephen Holko The tech world is constantly growing. Innovations year after year have shaped the modern world. To create a world like this, people need to build it. Kyle Vetsch is one of those people. Vetsch is currently a senior at Waukee High School, and has had a calm life, which has had nothing crazy; he’s had no big vacations, no crazy adventure and just going at life day by day. Vetsch is one of the graduating seniors attending Iowa State University in the fall. He is double majoring in computer science and software engineering, with a minor in math and cryptography. Vetsch has worked in the programming field for several years now, and his passion for it comes from his inspiration, Donald Knuth. Vetsch explained, “He’s like a world-renowned computer scientist. He’s done a lot of work in formalizing computer programming and he’s known around the world for being great at what he does, and that’s who I aspire to be.” Encryption has been used for centuries to prevent unwanted recipients from obtaining information or materials. A modern form of this is cryptography, which is the science of protecting information by transforming it into a secure format. Today, cryptography is used to protect digital data, according to Webster’s Dictionary.

Random facts:

His Favorite Food is bunny tracks ice cream. Cryptography is one of the many things Vetsch has done in the field of programming, eventually becoming one of his passions. Vetsch also takes part in Waukee’s APEX program, where he programmed a website for every student in the school to use: Waukee Course Tracker. Vetsch hand coded the site from the ground up, line by line, even going as far as securing and using a brand new server for the site to run on.

His Favorite Movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Vetsch has a dog named ayla. she’s a German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd mix

Vetsch’s favorite games are CS:GO, Portal 1 and 2 and Half-Life

By: Rashed Al-sharqi

Copy by: Marissa Garton and Haven Lackey Layout by: Grace Culbertson

A House Divided

Many of those walking the stage today are not just parting ways with 18 years of memories, friends, and teachers, but also their other halves (literally). This year’s senior class at Waukee has eight sets of twins, but not all of them are saying a short term goodbye. For some, this is the first time that they will not have the other right by their side. Band brothers Alex and Christian Ertl will continue their musical careers hundreds of miles away from each other later this year. “It will be different not being with each other, but we have spent 18 years together and I think it will be good for us,” Christian explained. Alex will attend DePaul University in Chicago to study trombone performance, while Christian will be located in Pennsylvania at Temple University majoring in jazz study performance. The majority don’t have the opportunity to experience what it is like growing up with another version of yourself, sharing everything, and participating in the same

with a twin… My mom always talks about how lucky we are to have each other and how much easier we had it when we were younger,” said Grace. Similar to the love-hate relationships most siblings share, this was no different for the Winders. “I always have someone right by my side, which is a curse and a blessing all at the same time,” joked Kaitlyn. “I’d say we are the definition of opposites attract. We both like and enjoy different things, and have two different personalities, but we go together very well,” Grace commented. They both admit that little fights come up once and a while and bickering isn’t uncommon, but they can’t last staying upset at each other for longer than a few hours. Splitting apart or staying together, they are all taking on a new part of their lives, which they are excited to conquer.

“I’d say we are the definition of opposites attract. We both like and enjoy different things, and have two different personalities, but we go together very well.”

activities. “Having a twin brother growing up was like having a built-in best friend,” Alex claimed. However, like all siblings, there is always conflict and disagreements. Alex went on, “We had our differences, but being able to relate to somebody at every stage of my life was really cool, and I couldn’t imagine growing up without a twin.” As for the Winders twins, they are sticking together after graduation. Grace and Kaitlyn plan to be roommates at the University of Iowa this upcoming fall. “We weren’t originally planning on rooming together, but since we have already lived together for 17 years, we figured it would be a lot easier,” explained Kaitlyn. She plans on majoring in art and photography, while Grace will major in communications with a minor in dance. Despite some different interests, the two girls had always been close throughout their childhood. “It was the best thing growing up

Whether they are sticking close and dorming in the same room, or living hours away from one another, their everlasting bonds won’t fade.

Growing independence, branching out, and taking a leap into the real world is up next for the Ertl’s, Winders’s, and the rest of Waukee’s 2018 senior class.

FUTURE PLANS Air Force Academy Zaidun Hussein Apprenticeship Charles Everman Jarod McGuire Nathan Nelson Jose Ramos De Jesus Arizona State University Ledg Downs Grace Gallagher Taylor Spyksma Aveda Institute Haedyn LaRosee Baylor University Ali Garman Belgium for Leadership Exchange Kyler Johnson Benedictine College Caitlyn Grow Berklee College of Music Chastain Evans Brown University Claire Brown BYU Anudeep Akula Cameron Briggs Benjamin Parks Mark Peterson Jr. Samuel Spackman Alexander Zarkowski BYU-Hawaii Amon O’Connel California University Kaitlyn Lasher Central Arizona Morgan Vaudt Central College Preston Hooks Remy Kobernusz Tristan Murphy Church Mission Trip Belle Allison Colorado University Kennady Poage Colorado Christian University Kaelyn Brooks Columbia College Jessica Durbala Creighton University Olivia Cross Matthew Finney Grace Johnson Niklas Johnson Dartmouth College Mary Roodnitsky DePaul University Alex Ertl

Olivia Gagnon DMACC Reece Ackerson Rylie Ackerson Yazan Alsaadi Collin Arndt Noah Bradley Morgan DenAdel Aldin Dizdarevic Regan Doud Mark Hannam Carter Harbeck Zach Hasan Taylor Hatch Jarod Heck Andrew Hernandez Sydney Herrick Brittany Hunt Lucas Jerome Bryan Jimenez Andrew Kaufmann Kane Kesterson Kylee Kilgore Danny Lee Ashley Longfield Alamaya Lovan Kylee Lowe Meghan McBride Ryan McClure Shalee McCullough Jordan McNulty Saige Mercer Claire Miller Sierra Mueller Trung Ngo Alyssa O’Malley Betina Pajazetovic Elaine Ray Jose Ramos De Jesus Kaitlin Reha Jessie Rohlk Isabella Sebben Ashaf Semakula Colin Silverstein Brielle Shoeman Lindsay Snelson Skylar Steele Hawa Taylor Elijah Timm Baleigh Thompson Erika Torres Madison Trinrud Lamontaija Walls Trenton Welch Bailey Wellendorf Destiny Wilder Kelsey Woodward Drake University Samantha Barnes

Nihad Dedic Meredith Deerr Kelsie Fogo Bradley Johnson Rasleen Kakar Luke LeValley Audrey McKinney Nicholas Mitchell Katelyn Mardis Mikayla Schnurr Cole Wilson Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Ella Titus Full Sail Ethan Archer Georgia Tech Nupur Udipi Graceland University Ashly Gassoway Rachel Hawley Ian Keiderling Jaxx Rittman Grand Canyon University Austin DeWitt Ellie Everitt Grandview University Sarah Schellhammer Caitlin Smith Grinell College Frank Li Hargrave Military Academy Nathan Johnson Illinois Stacia Rice Internship Sean Gabrielson Iowa Lakes Community College Lucas Lyon Iowa State University Ethan Abels Anudeep Akula Aleah Anderson Abdullah Anis Jose Antunez Cole Ballard Madison Banwart Dawson Barnett Claire Baudler Paul Beeson IV Tyler Blaess Andrew Boeke Adam Bohlson Emma Bolles Mason Brackett Rohan Brahmarouthu Justus Brock

Mina Bsta Dylan Callum Isamar Caro Cameron Carroll Peyton Chilton Olivia Christensen Tyler Cleven Jocelyn Coady Joseph Connell Jacob Copeland Hannah Craven Brooke Currier Skylar Currier Dakota Dehnke Davis Dalton Nicholas Davis Steele Dickerson Luke Dietrich Quinn Ditolla Cooper Doerrfeld Edward Edge Keaton Edwards Carsyn Ehlinger Kaitlyn Eldridge Dakota Estrada-Engrav Joshua Eubanks Karson Foley Margaret Fuhrman Andrew Fung Zachary Gainer Kristi Gearhart Madeline Gibson Kendall Gillispie Charles Goulding Taylor Gray Rohan Gupta William Heen Quinn Hemesath Peyton Hiscocks Connor holtz Michael Horman Cindy Huynh Katherine Ingle Rick Jensen Jared Johnson Trevor Johnson Emily Jurgenson Jacob Kaiman Tyson Kelderman Andrew Kelly Anna Keplinger Claudia Kern Emma Kern Blake Koch Donald Kramer Riley Legleiter Jacob Lisk Aneesh Mandava Anirudh Manjunath Nicholas Mardis Isabella Mathias

Jack Milligan Scott Min Joshua Mitchell Tyler Moore Andrea Munford Nicholas Murphy Abigail Myers Anna Nelson Dieuthien Nguyen Jackson Nicholl Alyssa Nishijima Jacob Noftsger Patrick O’Brien Andrew Orth Megan Oswald

Paige Oswalt Elizabeth Pals Alexander Phelan Sofia Piatt Kelsey Rincon Cady Ruble Paris Schnell Jacob Senne Brandon Seo Darbi Shaw Elizabeth Siberz Jacob Siefkas Jackson Slagter Maci Slaybaugh Jackson Smith Rylie Smith

Kyle Stall Allie Steer Trevor Steinberger Claire Taets Benjamin Taylor Garrett Tigges Chase Toliver Jayanth Ummadi Aditi Vaidya Adrian Van Der Veer Kyle Vetsch Paige Vetter Elma Vojic Logan Wachter

Carter Wadding Lauren Wadle Emily Wageman

Zachary Walberg Sydney Wasteney Nicolas Weyers Allie Witte Claire Wolf Jilian Wood Kirkwood Taylor Carey

Allison Markey Grace Hermann Brandon Tessau Maxwell Tweeten Zachary Pierson Samuel DeVries Tyler Dolinar Caden Feguson Cole Overton Loras College Brock Parker Loyola Chicago Shaye Coughlin Luther College Sonja Barrett Kelsey Hubble Ga-Young Kim Benjamin Meyer Middle Tennessee State University Bryleigh Schmitz Military Sean Edwards Brianna Hartman Ebenezer Kofa Sergey Markey Teren Nees Zachary Plagman Caleb Spencer Alex Whitmer Minnesota State University Mankato Kayla Rinderknecht Missouri State University Alexandra Thorson Montana School of Mines Judd Baer Mount Holyoke College Adelia Brown Mount Mercy University Haley Martin Northwest Missouri State Grant Holben Megan Karn Blake Sherman Noah Graham Kailee Allen Oklahoma State University Colby Koethe Point Loma Nazarene University Kaitlyn Harris Portland State University Jones Pfeifer Purdue University Daniel Slaughter Quinn Schroeder Rose State College Essence Smith Rutgers University

Conor King SAIC Haylee Kidd Simpson College Luke Hartnett Jocelyn Smith Tyler Williams South Dakota State University Anna Starr South Virginia University Joshua Bowen Southern Methodist University Charles King Spokane Falls Community College Maysoon Kago St. Thomas University Payne Hoyt Temple University Christian Ertle UCLA Jason Baxter Arleen Sanchez University of Illinois Sankalp Yamsani University of Indianapolis Kara Soughan University of Iowa Arnaldo Achucarro William Adams Logan Akason Brantly Anderson Maxim Baer Matthew Bartholomew Allison Baty Selena Beganovic Julia Benson Natalie Biggerstaff Jack Boerner Nicholas Brekke Kaitlyn Brewton Adam Burghduff Colby Bush Lily Campbell Taylor Coleman Kaelin Cosgrove Kasey Costa Braylan Couch Grace Culbertson Jacob Duff Maddison Eischeid Andrew Elles Calli Everett Maddison Ficke Hunter Floyd Claire Forret Grace Foxen Jonathan Francisco Jacob Frist Tara Gates Ethan Gooding Jack Halbur Grant Hemphill Ethan Hollar Alicia Hubbard

Matthew Huck Madeline Huntley Asher Hutchison Trevor Imm Andrew Irvine Lainie Jackson Ashish Jha Caleb Kitzman Emily Klement Dante Lacaze Blaine Laswell Helen Lau Zulairam Leon Lexi Lewis Shay London Trinity louvan Connor Luksetich Abhishek Mallik Olivia Medina Meghan Menard Connor Moll Maleena Moretti Jacob Morrison Sydney Murray Jaswinder Nagra Nathan Nelson Nicholas Nguyen Grant Overhake Emily Pajazetovic Anna Patton Cassidy Pekarek Nathan Petsche Ahren Reitsma Hannah Rickert Nolan Roethler Ethan Rose Liam Roush Madison Seiler Skye Seo Kenna Seiser Joon Yob Shin0 Jack Sieleman Drew Sloan Grace Smith Kyle Sorensen Danielle Steinkritz Joseph Stessman Mitchell Stonehcoker Elisabeth Storts Ethan Topliff Kennedy Turner Haley Turnis Tucker Von Harz Nathan Wehrspan Julie Weng Danika Werner Jacqueline White Rebecka Williams Sydney Winger Grace Winders Kaitlyn Winders Zoe Yolish University of Kansas Samantha Gehling Anne St. John University of Missouri Patrick Searcy

University of Nebraska Kearney Zachary Morrison University of Nebraska Lincoln Tanner Nash Alayna Verduyn University of North Texas Max Wiltse University of Northern Colorado Sydney Neal University of Northern Iowa Kyle Biscoglia John Britt Abigail Ellis Victoria Gratias Jessica Jost Brayden Maharry Timothy Matheson Nathan McDonald Owen Minshall Craig Moritz Emily Nelson Jacob Porter Coleman Prohaska Ashley Rinehart Danielle Schmaltz Rhiannon Smuck Allyson Vespa Rhyan Watts Kaylee Wurth University of South Dakota Hailey Clevenger Caroline Fossell Bailey Kahle University of Wisconsin Madison Bailey Turpen Utah Sarah Divingnzzo Utah State University Micah Maggart Viterbo University Simone Hopton Wartburg College Cassie Benge Wayne State Mark Albers Webster University Marisa Spahn Western Illinois University Caeden Paisly Connor Wallace Whiteworth University Momen Kago Workforce Jonathan Lewis Hunter Deskin Christopher Dudley Dominick Gramkow

By: Dana Aguilar

Advice from seniors vs. kindergarteners As the school year is brought to a close, the students of waukee have some life advice for the grade below them about to take their place. here’s some advice from Those graduating from high school and those graduating into the first grade.

Kyler Johnson Senior

“Don’t overbook yourself and don’t commit yourself to things you aren’t passionate about.”

Alice Timmer Kindergartener

“Be nice to everybody and play with all of your friends!”

Jacob Vanmeter Kindergartener

“Always help friends, like if they drop something you should help them pick it up!”

Logan Akason Senior

“Apply for as many scholarships as you can, even if it seems really silly ... and finish strong.”

interviews and layout by: keegan pickering

Things We’re Leaving Behind at WHS As the seniors leave the high school for the last time, they leave behind four years of routines, memories and many other things. A few things seniors are excited to leave behind include the food, the parking and waking up so early. “I’m excited to leave behind the 8 a.m. starts and get to sleep in,” said Libby Storts. In college, she hopes to have shorter school days and fewer classes so she can sleep in more. Once they are out of high school, most graduates will not have to wake up until much later, which means no more falling asleep in class or being tired throughout the whole day. She wasn’t the only one who was tired of waking up so early, either. “I’m excited to stop waking up so early for school, and look forward to not doing that after high school,” explained Cole Overton. In high school, many students complain about the small things that they notice throughout the days they don’t like, such as the lunch, crowded hallways and lockers. “I’m excited to leave behind my locker, it’s honestly an inconvenience. If you leave anything important, it’s gone next year,” explained Noah Bradley. In high school, students come across a lot of other people every day who can dampen their spirits in an already stressful world. “I’m excited to be doing my own thing and showing all the people that think I can’t be successful that they’re wrong...,” noted Dre McCue. The negativity you face daily just from small things can add up and make you feel more negative throughout the days. After McCue graduates, he hopes to leave the negativity behind so he can strictly focus on becoming successful and proving the doubters wrong. Beside all of the small inconveniences that the students come across, from lockers to negative people, the world after high school will surely be freeing for the graduates as they leave behind the things they have gotten accustomed to for the past four years.

By: Andrew Tobey and Debashish Koirala


Interviews and Layout by: Nancy Tran Graphic by: Felicia Williams

Waukee will soon say goodbye to five foreign exchange students. Here are spotlights of three.

Ella Jacobsen What are your plans after graduating high school?

Jacobsen is continuing high school in her home country, Finland. “I get to be a senior twice!” What will you miss most about Waukee?

“RAK club. I love that club.”

Advice for next year’s seniors?

“Just have fun, it goes by quick. Do what you want to do.”

Emma Kannosto What are your plans after graduating high school?

Kannosto plans to finish high school in Norway. “I have two years left [of high school].” “But, I would love to go to college for theatre and the arts.” What will you miss most about Waukee?

“The people. I will definitely miss them a lot.” “I will also miss the theatre department.” Advice for next year’s seniors?

“Don’t stress too much, it’s your last year.”

Nayem Fayard Rodriguez What are your plans after graduating high school?

“Going to college in Spain.”

What will you miss most about Waukee?

“Playing football.” “The people and the teachers.”

How does graduating high school make you feel?

“Excited to be done with high school.”

By: Lauren Bown

Jillian Wood Helpful

Amon O’Connell His Dad

Libby Storts baker, chemist

Childhood dreams

What did you want to be as a kid?

Kristi Gearhart doctor, designer

Megan Oswald Teacher, Stylist

Blake Sherman Garbage Man

May Your Hats Fly as high as your dreams -Michael Scott

Waukee Arrowhead Grad Issue 2018  

Waukee High School Graduation Issue 2018 Waukee, IA

Waukee Arrowhead Grad Issue 2018  

Waukee High School Graduation Issue 2018 Waukee, IA