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Letter from the editor Dear readers, While Valentine’s Day is usually associated with romantic love and those cheap, uncomfortable conversational hearts, the Publications staff hopes that your February is filled with love of all kinds. Please visit page seven to see the Valentine’s Day ads students and others purchased. We hope that this inspires the students of WHS to share the love throughout some of the toughest months of the school year. We hope these articles bring some joy as you read the stories our peers have to share. If you ever have a story or even a tweet you would like to share, feel free to direct message us on Twitter. Happy reading!

The arrowhead staff

Grace Culbertson, Print Editor

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LOVE DOCTORS DISCLAIMER: All questions were submitted by WHS students. We had fun reading the questions, both the serious and sarcastic ones. That being said, not all of our answers should be taken to heart (see what we did there). With all sincerity, we hope the best for your love affairs. <3 How to get a smooch?

H: Gloss your lips and pucker up, baby. S: Look each other in the eyes and you’ll both know if the moment is right. M: Make sure you have your breath spray E: Make sure that you’re both comfortable with it. Maybe wait until after the first date.

<3 How to get a girlfriend?

H: Don’t be a d-bag. S: Act like a “Chad”; Confidence is key, for some, others like shyness...really depends on the girl. M: Treat girls like you treat your mom. E: Just be yourself so people know whether they really like you or not, and always expect rejection… it makes the approval so much sweeter.

<3 What if I am attracted to pizza rolls? H: Nothing is wrong with a pizza roll fetish. S: To put it simply, it could be worse. M: I mean pizza rolls are good. E: Sometimes it just be how it be.

<3 How are babies made?

H: Through love. S: M: With all the love and compassion you have E: Ask your advisory teacher!

<3 How to know if she likes you?

H: You’ll know. S: Well pay attention to the signs, observe, but be realistic. Don't see things that aren't there. M: Yeah, you will get a feeling;) She will make it pretty obvious. E: Ask yourself if she acts/feels the same way around you as you do with her, and take it from there.

<3 How come every guy I am with cheats on me?

H: Probably because some boys are insecure and need reassurance from multiple women. S: Wow, every guy?! That's terrible! Well maybe try dating a different type of guy. Your type may have the habit of cheating. M: Every girl wonders that also… E: If you are consistently getting your heart broken perhaps you need to take a month to yourself. And never go back to someone that cheats.

<3 How to know if someone loves you?

H: You’ll know. S: They act out of their way to make you feel better. M: They will do anything for you. E: Best way to know is to buck up and ask outright.

<3 How do you know the right time to ask a boy out?

H: When you know he feels the same way that you feel. S: Well so long as no major trauma has recently occurred you should be good. M: When you know he likes you also. E: If you’re feeling like there’s a connection you might as well ask. Better to know what he feels rather than be anxious about it all the time.

<3 Why am I lonely?

H: You shouldn’t be. You have a whole world around you to do what you love. Don’t rely on others to bring you happiness. S: Humans are social creatures. And after awhile simple friendship isn't enough, some people need a lover to feel whole, this is likely your case. M: Being single is not always bad. E: Perhaps you feel like you need someone else in your life to make you love yourself.

<3 What is love? Baby, don’t hurt me...

H: Don’t hurt me no more… M: baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more…. E: C8H11NO2 and C10H12N20

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communication across the nation The only reason anyone would be able to read the words that have been typed here is through a language shared between the author and the reader. If anyone were to read this, they would more likely than not, speak English and have the ability to read English. Language is essential to the human race, and the way they have taken part in cultures is monumental. Students at Waukee High School would benefit from learning other languages in order to communicate with other parts of the world, and not limit themselves to one part of the Earth. The idea of educating students with a second language

“Children can spend more time and effort on learning than adults who have many competing demands.”

(German or Spanish at WHS) is not new, but many believe that implementing lessons from younger ages would be beneficial. “The thing is there’s research behind it that talks about how it’s better for a students brain and a child’s brain when you introduce a language at a younger age. It’s easier for a student who is then studying a language later on like officially saying it for high school or even in college…,” explained WHS Spanish teacher Heidi Bibler. This is her third year teaching, and her third year teaching at the high school. Bibler agreed with the concept that language should be introduced from a younger age. She commented, “That has been one of my beliefs since forever ago since way-way back in time.” According to an article pub-

lished by The Independent, written by Monika Schmid, many reasons exist why languages are easier to learn from a younger age. “Children can spend more time and effort on learning than adults who have many competing demands; the motivation for children to fit in is much higher, and the habits of pronunciation and grammar of their first language are less deeply ingrained and thus easier to overcome,” said the article. Of course, all learning gets harder with age. None of these factors have anything to do with a specific critical period for learning languages, but all of them do make younger learners of a new language eventually outperform older ones,” explained the author. Schmid, along with a few other colleagues, produced a study using brain scans and ‘innovative statistical methods.’ She wrote, “New research published by my colleagues and me...does indeed suggest that our capacity to learn a language diminishes gradually over our lives.” Studies such as these have encouraged many school districts to revamp their language departments, and improve existing programs. “Officially, I started studying Spanish in high school, and it was my junior year. Spanish in the exploratory Spanish class in 7th grade, it just wasn’t a super high-interest rate for me. I had a sister who studied Spanish so, I would learn some vocab from her before I actually took it in high school.” Bibler, who has studied Spanish for ten years now, went to high school at Johnston, and the language program she described is one very similar to many schools around the area. For example, Waukee offers a World Languages class in sixth grade, and then an exploratory class in seventh grade. From there, students can enroll in Spanish or German classes and continue to pursue the class

throughout high school. Although the programs set in place are much better than schools with no language programs, Waukee continues to use the same programs they set in

“There’s no hesitation . when I say students should be studying it earlier and schools should be offering it earlier.” place. ten years ago. Bibler suggested something she saw while finishing her teacher’s license in college. “There would be a Spanish teacher that went in throughout the school throughout the classes and did just basic 20 min lessons,” She continued, “We can expose students at an earlier age to simple context and simple things. Maybe at a higher level like middle school, . do once a week or twice a we can week [lessons] Other countries also seem to prioritize learning a second language from a younger age, typically English. Many foreign exchange students who stay in Iowa and enroll in WHS already speak English well. “There’s so many reasons behind starting the language earlier for students that I support. There’s no . hesitation when I say students should be studying it earlier and schools should be offering it earlier because it’s so true there are so many different countries and different places where children start learning English earlier. Then you meet high school students that their English abilities are spot on, they’re perfect, and there’s no . reason that we can’t do that for our students here in Iowa,” concluded Bibler.

copy and layout by: lauren chambers


In Greek Mythology, love hands or kissing, their high levels then you seek pleasure in, that is referred to as “madness of the of Oxytocin causes them to form you want to do more often.” Gods”. But what is love, and why a deep bond. The combination However, the chemicals does it make people feel the way of these chemicals is responsible that create love can also be it does? for creating the feeling humans destructive. Dopamine can be What humans feel and why: know as love. responsible for addictions and Chemistry teacher Dan Briggs explains that the brain bad behavior. For example, Briggs describes what causes is always trying to find pleasure, after someone wins a risky bet, the feeling of love. “There’s and trying to feel that again. “You they get a dopamine surge. many different chemicals and are basically conditioned as a People naturally want to chase things that have sensations that person to either have a positive that euphoric feeling, causing sometimes attract you people.” experience with something, so gambling addictions or risky Dopamine is a neurotransmitter it makes you wanna do it again, behavior. that controls the brain’s pleasure and that becomes something What students think: center. When an individual Ask the students and faculty does something their body of WHS what they think love reacts pleasantly to, is, and they’ll provide many such as exercise or different answers. Science Kim + eating chocolate, teacher Steven Frist believes Kanye Ro meo they feel good. Love or 4ever Juliet that humans may never know + deep attraction causes a what love actually is. “As a ver e r o f surge of dopamine, which molecular biologist, I want can make a person feel to believe in chemicals, but as happy and energetic, a human, I want to believe in almost euphoric. heart and soul,” he shared. “Dopamine and Sophomore K + C =<3 serotonin are the Katie Ogden main two that kinda thinks that love have the passion for can be many things,” explained different things. Briggs. Serotonin “There’s a lot is the brain’s of different types natural way of of love and they’re all balancing an pretty awesome, depending individual’s on who you share them with,” moods, making explained Ogden. them feel happy Senior Rachel Hawley sometimes and believes that love means being sad other times. there for people. “Love means Oxytocin is often called the love that no matter what, you hormone. have someone to count on,” When people take part in she concluded. physical contact such as holding

Dangerous Trends of 2018 2014 brought the fire challenge, in which some teenagers would willingly light themselves on fire. 2015 held the salt and ice challenge, a trend where some teenagers combined salt and ice against their skin until it gave them a second-degree burn. 2016 and 2017 some teenagers took part in the choking game, which had kids willingly choking their friends to imitate the feeling of a high. 2018 is no different, and this year is seeing kids partaking in a “forbidden fruits” trend, taking and posting videos of themselves eating chemicals, non-edible objects, or toxic mixes of liquids. The most popular of these ‘forbidden fruits’ comes in the form of Tide Pods®, a laundry detergent

“I mostly did it for the laughs” packaged in dissolving plastic. The joke began after an article by The Onion, a satirical news source, was published. The article, which was written in the perspective of a toddler, stated that the Tide Pod® looked appetizing. Teenagers online found the article amusing, and it quickly gained traction among those who saw it. In no time, the joke evolved from satire to a new trend—the Tide Pod® challenge. According to the Washington Post, less than two months into 2018, 172 emergency cases of teenagers ingesting the colorful pods have taken place. Teenagers are not the only ones

partaking in the trend, however, even one of New York’s senator, Chuck Schumer, has said that he has wanted to eat a Tide Pod® before. “They make them look so delicious,” stated the New York senator. Waukee students who have taken part in the trends have mixed opinions on the danger level of them. Jayla Joseph, a sophomore, took part in the Tide Pod® Challenge. Joseph saw videos of the challenge and heard students talking about it. “I mostly did it for the laughs,” she explained. “To put on my Snapchat.” She didn’t look up the risks beforehand but admits that she should have after learning about deaths caused by the trend. “[I] definitely don’t think anyone should do this because it’s dangerous. People have ended up in hospitals.” So why are kids trying out lifethreatening trends? Is there something visually appealing about being lit on fire? One explanation is that kids just are not thinking about the reality of doing these trends. The American Association of Poison Control Centers has stressed the dangers to children multiple times, but children continue to not research all the dangers of the trends before trying them—it likely most wouldn’t continue as a trend if that were the case. Another explanation is that social media has played a key role in instigating many of the participants. What these videos don’t show is the aftermath of the trends. Children do not see the chemical impact and third-degree burns, and they don’t see the death counts. They see fifteen seconds of fame and their name linked to viral articles. According to a recent study

completed by Harvard University, colleges have begun to rescind

“they make them look so delicious.” acceptance offers to students who have posted videos of themselves partaking in risky trends. In this same study, researchers concluded that students partaking in trends spent 9+ hours every day on social media. Children who spend more than eight hours a day using technology are less likely to partake in other risky behaviors, such as drinking or smoking, but the study found that it was due more to a lack of time than because of a positive influence from media. Some children have always and will always take part in trends that range from useful to fatal. While social media is not always the cause, it rarely prevents trends from going viral so much as encouraging them to. Specialists and parents continue to urge teenagers to research trends before participating in them. Learning about the risks before deciding to participate in a trend could save a life.

Copy and layout by: felicia williams

“My button is bigger than yours”

The likelihood of a nuclear attack from North Korea is fairly low despite what some might think. As written in an article posted by the Washington Post, China has openly stated that they would not come to North Korea’s aid if the United States retaliated following an attack. As allies, China and North Korea come to each other’s aid if under military attack, so in most situations, if America attacks one, they deal with both militaries. However, due to this statement from China, it refuses to allow North Korea to have this “big brother safety net” if they bite off more than they can chew with the United States. North Korea, according to Al Jazeera Media, US officials estimate North Korea has 60 Nuclear warheads and can produce an average of six every year. The United States, who has 6,800 nuclear warheads, has approximately 113.3 times the amount of North Korea. “We haven’t seen any direct threat that what they have proposed could happen, it seems very theoretical at this point,” said Scott Moran, the AP Physics teacher at Waukee High School. There is no need to shorthand a nuclear bomb, just one could do catastrophic damage. If the US was unable to shoot down the missile, what would the target be? Could Iowa be a target? One thing that should be taken into account is the presence of Camp Dodge in Johnston. It is the main base for the Iowa National Guard. “There are probably more highvalue targets,” said Moran. What about Washington DC? Maybe, but the missile would undoubtedly be shot down before it managed to get close to Washington. Los Angeles is a likely potential target, coastal and the city is incredibly important in

opinions by: Stephen holko and evan phillips layout by: Grace culbertson

creating most of America’s movies and entertainment exports. LA is also recognized as one of our most important cities. According to the tool Nuke Map, a tool that renders the calculated blast radius of a Nuclear bomb of any size anywhere in the world, the current largest North Korean bomb that is known of is 150 megatons. In Los Angeles, the affected blast radius would be 0.25 square miles and the estimated casualties would be 240,000 people. The blast would be small, affecting only a few city blocks, while the radiation would linger after the immediate blast there would not be much danger to those in the area. According to the UK news source, Express, the US dropped its largest known bomb it has ever produced, “Castle Bravo,” a 15,000 kiloton bomb on North Korean Capital, Pyongyang, the immediate fireball blast radius would be 16.7 square miles. The crater would be 0.27 miles, reaching 700 feet deep at its deepest point.

castle bravo’s impact on north korea vs. north korea’s missile impact on the u.s.

To: Chloe Tharp From: Cassidy Pekarek You are my everything, and I can’t help but fall even more in love with you each day, darling! <3

r uila lar g A i ana a Agu D To: : Dan boo! m ou Fro ove y L

SHAre the love To: Braden Sankot From: Anonymous Love this beautiful boy to death. Don’t know what I’d do without him. You are amazing inside and out.

To: Cassidy Pekarek From: Chloe Tharp 1/31/16 The day that started it all. Oh, if only we would’ve known who we would become after our two happiest years.

To: Sidney Calla ghan From: Zane Nel son You are the mos t lovely person I have the joy of having in my life. You mak e everything seem okay.

To: From Kia Pet ers Life w :V ithou incent V on t yo an penc il, po u is like yo a amaz intless. H broken ave a ing d n ay, K ia! To: Waukee High To: J enée School From Peterson r yone :K From: Joshua Bowen To: Eve hell Peter ent itc Subscribe to the Jenée son From: M y , beau You are Color Octagon on Keirse tifulinsid YouTube Have an stic and o e nta you t ut!! Love utely fa ly l o s b a o the special term! E and b moon Berg! Your ack! Hannah for husb and, ever Kent To: Taylor Hatch To: D From: Noah To: Coco and From ylan Baer : Nir Bradley Charley Dadd vik Mitra Happy Valentine’s y D yl From: Lauren an Day, Happy Chambers Birthday Tay! Shoutout to my I’m glad you are dogs, Coco and one of my day Charley for ones and have a being awesome blessed day! and adorable all the time. To: To: Josh Weber retti Ste a Mo ially for n e F e l a r p From: Holly To: M essage espec and I I m om: J hen ay s enn ia l H am Rankin Here’s ’re super spec tine’s “I l ay it y Be olko u en ov a Take color theory d you! Yo ! Happy Val e, wo e you lot, bu enben u ov uld class! ,” d love yo eena! L l a nev I mea t when er M y Da wit er be n my I say Mom hou the life t yo s u. ame

copy and layout: Lydia Shelton

for the LOVE of pets

Poets and philosophers will always be making up stories to express the uncompromising tragedies of love. People from all over the world are finding more and more often that most of the relationships between homo sapiens are full of anger, lust and jealousy. So why should the students at Waukee HIgh School go through the inevitable cycle of these heartbreaking afflictions? The answer is unknown. However, there is one major solution to feeling less lonely on the nation’s day of love. While several students are out on the never-ending expedition of finding their own lover that will continuously love

Rachel Kearney’s frog, Cassie

them forever, they still have yet to realize the neglect they have caused the ones at home. “Pets don’t disappoint you, and they can’t leave you even if they want to,” junior Jordyan Johnson stated. Johnson has a cat, a gecko, and four dogs. Her cat will wait for her outside when she comes home from school. “Whenever we come home, she jumps up and tries to lick our faces,” said sophomore Kati Shutters about her dog, Koda. Dogs release the same kind of chemical that scientists refer to as “the neurochemical of love” called oxytocin. This happens when the dog sees their owner and oxytocin arouses the mutual feeling of friendship and even kinship at times, according to “Riley is a piece of crap, but I love him. He eats everything. He used to eat the eyeballs out of my stuffed animals, but now he’s moved on to eating everything in general, even the stuffing. So, [I] hate him... not really, I love him,” Rachel Kearney, a junior, shared. Kearney also has a frog named Cassie.

Kati Shutters’ Dog, Koda “She always stops to take a photo if she recognizes that there’s a face,” Kearney explained how blatant Cassie is with her external beauty. Unlike some individual’s boyfriends or girlfriends, animals are most often very photogenic if treats are accompanied. As Lana Del Rey, one of the major musical artists of love, once said, “The prettiest in the crowd that you had ever seen, ribbons in our hair and our eyes gleamed.” She is clearly talking about her Labrador retriever and fortunately has seemed to move on from the vicious cycle of dating and settled down.

WHO IS YOUR CELEBRITY CRUSH? Which hair color do you find most attractive? a) Bleach Blonde b) Brunette c) Redhead d) Black e) Dirty Blonde f) Other

Favorite kind of movie? a) Action b) Mystery c) Horror d) Superhero e) Musical f) Dystopian

Where are you most likely to run away to? a) The Beach b) The Mall c) The Theater d) Outer Space e) Your Basement f) The Gym

If you got...

Mostly As: Mostly Bs: Nicola Peltz Mila Kunis

Favorite Eye Color? a) Green b) Dark Brown c) Hazel d) Brown e) Light Brown f) Blue

What do you value most? a) Love b) Money c) Fame d) Strength e) Family f) My Future

Quiz by: Noah Bradley Layout by: Dana Aguilar

What do you look for in someone? a) Trusting b) Honesty c) Honor d) Loyalty e) Companionship f) Respect

Mostly Es: Mostly Fs: Mostly Ds: Mostly Cs: Bella Thorne Robert Downey Jr. Ryan Gosling Liam Hemsworth

1 in 1900

Featuring randomly selected student: Kirra Ortiz copy and layout By: Bowen Siberz She is a funny but different introvert. This is how junior Kirra Ortiz describes herself. “I’m quiet around most people,” said Ortiz, “but once you get to know me a little bit more I tend to get a bit funnier.” Ortiz has a passion for music and history, she decided that after high school she wants to dedicate her whole life to it. “If possible, I want to double major in music and history in college,” stated Ortiz. She is undecided on which college to go to, but she has narrowed it down to Iowa State University or The University of Northern Iowa. After college, Ortiz would like to find a job in teaching while continuing to play her instruments on the side as a hobby. Music is not some small portion of her life. Ever since she can remember, Ortiz has spent most of her free time with the musical art. She has been involved with music since she was just 10 years old. The instruments Ortiz plays are the clarinet, ukulele, guitar (electric and acoustic) and the saxophone but those are only the main ones, there are man more she is learning and wants to learn more about in the future. Ortiz is not just a one trick pony, theatre and art are a part of her life as well. She takes part in the fall play and the fall and spring Friday Night Live. “I like to draw, but getting art classes in my schedule is hard because it’s packed to the brim.” Ortiz loves the stage and does not care if she gets supporting role. “Meeting all the new people and finding a family is the best part about theatre,” shared Ortiz. She loves theatre, but her shy personality tends to get in the way of performing on stage. She uses theatre as a way to burst out of her bubble and meet all kinds of new people. “When I’m on stage, I do not worry about messing up because in theatre. Everybody makes mistakes.” A role model is

Random facts: Her favorite movie is “The Perks Of Being a Wallflower”

something that is vacant in Ortiz’s life. She does not look up to anyone but does have a song in her life that keeps her going and motivated. The song is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin. “The song portrays a beautiful message and it just keeps me going,” Ortiz stated. “I always tell my friends and family to listen to it because it helps lift you up when you’re feeling during the summer, she rode down.” in a race car that was going Ortiz does not just suggest music to almost her friends, she spends a good 200 miles per hour portion of her free time with them. “I enjoy watching movies with friends or just spending time with them in general.” Her friends have become a big part of her life and have helped her become the person she is today.

when going to the movies, she always grabs a sprite or fanta for her drink

she has two dogs named Mazie and Petuina



PDA IN WAUKEE Copy and Layout by: Ben Jordison

W h at Cro ss e s t h e L i n e?

“You do have this isolated instance where you walk out and see people making out in the hallway or something people don’t really want to see,” Waukee High School history teacher Corey Kopatich stated. Public display of affection, better known as “PDA,” is an issue WHS school has always been divided on. Everyone has their own opinion on the arising topic and have several questions about the matter. How frequently does PDA occur in Waukee and what really does cross the line in terms of affection shown? “I don’t see it often, so I wouldn’t say it’s a major problem, but I definitely see it every day to an extent,” attested Kopatich. This remains the same for other staff and students here at the high school, but couples insist that nothing too extreme is taking place in the halls. “I mean like we hug sometimes but nothing major,” junior Shaylee McCullough stated. She and her boyfriend Evan Rehberg both agree that there are certain areas that should not be crossed in school and that some things can quickly become too riskay. “Like making out, slamming each other on the

lockers,” Rehberg affirmed. “That’s just downright disgusting and disrespectful, nobody should see that.” For teachers, most feel

awkward over the entire predicament and are reluctant to confront students partaking in these behaviors. “I’m not a big fan of PDA in general,

you know I don’t think anyone wants to see it [...] I just think there’s no place for it in school,” Kopatich asserted. For Rehberg he can see how teachers might view the situation, “They are probably a little uncomfortable, but I mean if it gets to a certain point they might say something [...] I just don’t want a teacher to come up to me and be like ‘no hugging in the hallway,’ that’d just be weird.” According to students and teachers, it is clear PDA is taking place at Waukee High School. It is asked by administration and faculty of WHS that students are aware of their limits and what might just go ‘too far.’

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