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C.T.P. San ISIdro de HeredIa exeCuTIve for ServICe CenTerS STudenT: KenSy ramírez arguedaS TeaCHer: Karla rIvera ClaSS: 12-5

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Idiomatic Expression English Class

IdiomaticExpression Go to the dogs

MEANING: Be in poor physical or mental condition

Translation: Echarse a los perros

Example: My ex boyfriend is go to the dogs

Idiomatic Expression:


Piece Of Cake

Hecho un queque



Very Easy

The test was a piece of cake

Idiomatic Expression: Hold your horses

Translation: Manten tu Paciencia.

Example: MEANING: Be patient

My mother told me hold your horses with your sister


Idiomatic Expression:

En el mismo bote o del mismo lado

In the same boat

Example: MEANING: People thar are in the same position

I'm going to vote for Carlos and my mom are in the same boat

Idiomatic Expression: Raining cats and dogs

Translation: Lloviendo gatos y perros


MEANING: when are a very strong storm

I will´nt go to the party becuase is raining cats and dogs

Idiomatic Expression:


Till the cows come home

Hasta que las vacas vuelvan a casa

MEANING: For a very long time

Example: I´m gioing to travel the world till the cows come home

Idiomatic Expression: Burn your eyelashes

Translation: Quemase las pestaĂąas

Example: MEANING: When you study too longyour eyes burn

I burn my eyelashes for mi senior year in the university.

Idiomatc Expression:


Break the ice

Romper el hielo

MEANING: break the tension in complicated situations

Example: Yesterday I break the tensiรณn with my crush

Idiomatc Expression:

Translation: Cuando los chanchos vuelen

When pigs fly


MEANING: Something that never happen

I'm going to go to the Netherlands when the pigs fly

Idiomatic Expression:


Pulling your leg

Tirando el pelo


MEANING: Just Joking

when you told me you love me you was pulling my leg

Idiomatic Phrases that we use.  
Idiomatic Phrases that we use.