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Pragmatic Pragmatic T&D - "Creating Meaning"


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and solutions to improve performance and create long-term sustainable value across 3 core areas, namely:

Customer Service Communications Brand Leadership

Creating Meaning

Pragmatic T&D (Training and Development) provides clients with insights


Adding value through people, to people

Pragmatic T&D - "Creating Meaning"


core working objective is to ensure that the developmental intervention empowers the client with practical skills that can be used and adapted to similar scenarios in the future

To be pragmatic is to be concerned with actual practice, not with theory or speculation exclusively. Pragmatic T&D adopts this practical focus in the engineering of its client specific solutions. Where appropriate, a diagnosis/ needs analysis is conducted to ensure that the correct questions are answered and the most pressing issues highlighted. This analysis also provides the client with an understanding of the source of untapped potential. These insights form fertile ground upon which to collaboratively develop the clients’ unique solution.

Working with clients

clients and all solutions are developed in partnership. A

Customised Solutions

A collaborative working relationship is entered into with

T&D. His background lies in Communication Science, English Literature and Industrial Psychology. He holds a postgraduate qualification in the latter field and has lectured and trained across these disciplines to varied audiences and in various contexts. Clients serviced include The Cape Grace Hotel; The Cape Peninsula University of Technology, The New Apostolic Church Cape and Nu Clicks Holdings To date Pragmatic T&D has invested significant resources into the development of solutions to help clients excel in their chosen fields.

Pragmatic T&D

Management credentials

Craig Kensley is the Founder and Director of Pragmatic

Continually invest in more ways to help clients.

Always provide clients with well researched and information rich solutions, that bring results.

Conduct the client relationship with honesty and integrity, putting client needs first.

Provide clients with fair pricing

Only accept projects where the skills and capabilities are present to provide a value-adding solution.

Client commitment

Pragmatic T&D undertakes to:

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Pragmatic T&D

Mobile: +27 76 781 0552 + Email: + Web:

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