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Development of the meaning of the words happened in class Kelyn Carolina Castro Rodas Faculty of Modern Languages Universidad Colombiana de Carreras Industriales – ECCI.

Student inscribed to the program Essentials of Marketing of the Faculty Modern Languages – ECCI. E-mail:

GLOSSARY  ADMINISTRATION PUBLISHES: The set of Administrative Organs that develop an

activity for the achievement of an end, across the Public Services.

 ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: group of ideas or creations that are realized by the

target to sell a product or service from the interest generated in certain set of persons.

 ANALYSIS: Careful examination of something in order to understand it better or find

out what it consist of.

 AUTONOMY: Having the power to make independent decisions or rules.

 BARTER EXCHANGE: exchange of goods and services for other goods and services

without money is used to complete the deal.

 BUSINESS PRIVATES: a private organization that produces or sells things.

 CAPACITY OF BUY: the amount that a factory or machine can to sell products.

 CLIENTS: Someone who pays for a service from a professional person or company.

 COIN/CURRENCY: A round piece of money made of metal. / The type of money that

a country uses. When something is accepted or used by a lot of people.

 COMPETITION: a situation in which people or organizations compete with each

other. The people or groups that compete against you, especially in business or sport.

 CONTRABAND: goods that are brought into a country illegally.

 CREATION: When something new is created. Something that has been created.

 VALUATION OF VALUES: when people decide how much something is worth the

amount of money that something is worth.

 DEMAND: the need or desire that people have for goods and services. The difficult or

tirings you have to do, or the skills you need.

 DESIRES: a stronge feeling that you want something very much. To have the affect or

result you wanted.

 DINAMIZAR: To add dynamism to an activity, to develop it or to do that I received

more importance.

 DISTRIBUTION: to share things among a group of people. To supply goods to shops

or companies in a particular area.

 ESTABLISHMENT: An Institution, organization, or business. The people in a society

or profession who have a lot of power and do not like new ideas.

 EXCHANGE: When you give, send or say something to someone, and they give, send,

or say something to you.

 FINANCE: The control of how money should be spent, especially in a company or


 FINANCIAL ENTITIES: Control or lend large sums of money but in this case is the

control of something that exists as a single and complete unit.

 FORGERY: something such as a document or painting that has been illegally copied.

It’s the crime of illegally copying something.

 HEARTHS AND FAMILIES: the part of the floor around of fireplace and where a

family lives there.

 MARKET: (a public space) an outside area or large building where people buy and sell

goods, food... Business or trade in particular type of goods or service.

 MONOPOLY: the complete control of an area of business or industry by a company or

government, which makes it impossible for other organizations to compete. It’s characterized by the existence of the only producer who has to his charge the complete production of a homogeneous article.

 MONOPSONY: It’s a Monopoly of Demand. Monopsony is a condition of the Market

in which only one buyer exercises the entire Demand of a Goods.

 NEED: to feel that you want something very much. Used to say an action or situation is


 OFFER: to ask someone if they would like something, or to hold something out them

to take. An amount of money that someone says they will pay for something. available to buy, use, or do.

 OIGOPOLY: Market in which a limited number of sellers exercises control on the

price and monopolizes the selling of a product.

 OLIGOPSONY: Market in that few buyers exist. Oligopsonio is similar to a situation

of Oligopoly.

 PERFECT COMPETITION: a situation in which people or organizations compete

with each other but without any mistakes, faults, or damage.

 POSITION: Someone’s level or importance in a society or organization, the place

where someone or something should be.

 POTENTIAL USER: one user with the possibility that something will develop in a

particular way or do something.

 PRESTIGE: The good reputation that a company, organization, group etc has, which

makes people respect and admire them. If you have prestige, you are respected and admired because of your job or something that you have achieved.

 PRICE OF SELLING: the amount of money you have to pay for something to

someone and accept money from them for it (buy).

 PRICE: The amount of money you have to pay for something.

 PRODUCT: Something that is made in a factory or grown to be sold: agricultural/

dairy/ software, product a list of new food products.

 PROFITABILITY: the amount of profit that a business makes.

 PROMOTION: When you help something happen or try to persuade people to support

something. An advertisement or special attempt to sell something.

 REAL USER: one user with an excellent shopping in a business, that always buys in

the same place because the person likes the place.

 REST OF THE WORLD: others people who are all over the world.

 SALE: An act of selling something, or when something is sold. Sales: The total

number of products that are sold during a particular period of time.

 SELF-SUFFICIENT: Able to provide for all your own needs without help from other


 SERVICE: The official system or organization that provides something, especially

something that everyone needs. Help or work that a business provides for customers, rather than goods produced by a business.

 SQUARE: an area, space, building, or position. Free space, wherever place for to buy

or to sell merchandise.

 STORAGE: a supply of something that you keep to use later.

 TENDENCIES: a general change or development in a particular direction. If someone

or something has a tendency to do something, they are likely to do it.

 THOUGHT: something that you think of, remember, or realize idea. A person’s ideas

or opinions about something.

 TRADE: The activity of buying and selling goods, especially from or to another


 TRANSPORT: a system or method for carrying passengers or goods from one place to



Student inscribed to the program Essentials of Marketing - ECCI. Development of the meaning of the words happened in class.

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