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Personal Heritage Journeys



A journey that makes your family history truly personal

Your Personal Heritage Journey is a unique private-guided travel experience customized around the most meaningful places and moments in your family’s past. Working closely with experts in both genealogy and private guided travel, we’ll create an unforgettable cultural and historical immersion that makes your heritage come alive. Your experience includes:

• Pre-trip research with an expert genealogist

• Summary report of your research session, highlighting key findings and outlining recommended next steps

• Copies of any documents/images found during the session

Then on your journey, you’ll be accompanied by local experts, private guides and a professional genealogist from Ancestry if you desire. You can touch the same stones as your ancestors once did, walk the same streets, and hear their stories.

Every Personal Heritage Journey is specially designed to create a profound and deeply personal sense of connection with your roots.

Personal Heritage Journeys

To start creating your Personal Heritage Journey, connect with your travel agent or a Destination Expert today

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Experience your roots in a whole new way

Each of these itineraries are merely thought starters, as every Personal Heritage Journey we create is based on your unique family history. And please keep in mind that we serve many more countries than the ones you see here.

Scotland Highlights & Family Ancestry

10 days | from $13,410pp*

Explore the treasures of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the wild beauty of the Highlands and rugged Hebrides, even stay in a luxurious 17th century castle.

Central Poland Jewish Heritage Journey

11 days | from $9,245pp*

From remembering those who rose up in the Warsaw Ghetto, to the infamy of Majdanek, to the living depiction of Lublin’s Open Air Village Museum.

Sicilian Heritage Journey

11 days | from $11,256pp*

Palermo’s teeming Il Capo market, the Capuchin Catacombs, the bucolic villages of the Sicani Mountains and Mount Etna, and so much more.

Door Of No Return Ancestral Journey to Ghana

10 days | from $10,439pp*

Take a profound journey into the lives and experiences of those who were enslaved – and celebrate the rich cultures alive here today.

Land of the Rising Sun: A Japan Heritage Discovery

13 days | from $15,670pp*

From the old neighborhoods of Tokyo, travel the historic Nakasendo Way to the beauty of Kyoto, and uncover the haunting past and ancient gems of Hiroshima.

New York City: Immigration & Heritage

7 days | from $11,571pp*

Journey back in time to the historic landmarks and streets where millions of immigrants first stepped onto American soil, and built thriving communities.

*USD based on double occupancy

Creating your Personal Heritage Journey

Ancestry is the industry leader in family history, and their AncestryProGenealogists® division is the home of the genealogical experts who work with you. It’s the perfect pairing with Kensington Tours’ years of crafting custom private-guided travel to over 100 countries across the globe.

Talk to your Destination Expert

They’ll discuss your aspirations and needs for the journey, and then direct you to the right AncestryProgenealogist expert to begin research on your family.

Your family history is revealed

Based on how deeply you wish to delve into your family’s past, your dedicated genealogical expert conducts careful and thorough research and compiles a summary of findings for you.

We plan your travel experience

Your Destination Expert works with your genealogist to create your ideal heritage itinerary, reflecting all your travel needs.

Immerse yourself in your roots

Relax and explore your family history with dedicated private guides, local experts and even a professional genealogist from Ancestry who understands your unique family story.

Speak to your Travel Advisor for more details