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Front cover: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Your guide to what resort life can be Getaways are all about dreams. They should reflect your unique vision of what escape means to you, allow you to embrace the authentic best of a paradisal island, and envelop you in luxury. In this Resort Guide, you’ll discover a multitude of options for creating your unforgettable getaway – a blissful location, a world-class resort, white-glove service, and all the perfect little luxurious touches that make every moment a delight. And you'll find ways to make your escape reflect your personal passions in the company of local experts: gastronomy, wine and spirits, culture, history, water sports, and much more. Please keep in mind that these are just a few of the many itineraries we offer around the world. And each itinerary can be tailored to your individual passions and needs – it’s just a taste of everything that’s possible.

The Resort Collection by Kensington Tours Luxurious pleasure and authentic adventure We are widely recognized as the expert at custom private-guided travel. In bringing this expertise to our Resort Collection, we draw on the very best from all across the globe to curate a memorable, perfectly customized resort getaway that mirrors your expectations and passions. Expert curation Based on your interests and passions, our Destination Experts tailor a memorable itinerary that connects you to authentic local culture. Elevated level of service Our Destination Experts are your single point of contact for arranging all aspects of your resort experience – and if you ever need support, we are there for you Exclusive access We elevate your stay into something extra special with outstanding perks and best-in-class amenities. Exceptional experiences Our private guides are handpicked to make you feel welcome, and are inspired to share their insightful stories, culture and local traditions with you personally.

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The Caribbean & Mexico So close at hand, yet such magical worlds Los Cabos • St. Lucia • Barbados • Grenada • The Bahamas • Turks & Caicos • Antigua • St. Kitts & Nevis

Los Cabos Why go: The beautiful contrasts – in the same afternoon you can explore the starkly beautiful desert then jump into the sparkling blue Pacific waters to snorkel with fish teeming all around you. Best time to go: You'll enjoy comfortably warm temperatures and dry weather anytime from November to May, with the two shoulder months being the least crowded. Los Cabos Active Escape 6 days | from $5,208 pp

From exploring the desert oasis of the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve, to swimming alongside whale sharks, this is ideal for the adventure lover who also wants to unwind and relax in true style.

Bahamas Why go: Sun-drenched sub-tropical beauty and sparkling warm blue water, plus the non-stop energy and nightlight of Nassau, all surprisingly close and convenient to the U.S. mainland. Best time to go: The weather here is at its best between December to April, the ideal combination of sunshine, warm temperatures and the dry season. Bahamas Luxe Island Hopping 9 days | from $11,757 pp Surround yourself in the barefoot luxury of two of the Caribbean’s finest resorts, explore Nassau by night with your experienced private guide, and visit a spectacular out island by private floatplane.

St. Kitts and Nevis Why go: A quiet yet captivating destination for a wide variety of passions and interests, from colonial architecture and history, to lush mountain rainforest, to fabulous beaches, diving and snorkeling. Best time to go: While you’ll find that temperatures are always tropical here, February to May tend to be the driest months. St. Kitts & Nevis Cultural Immersion 9 days | from $4,365 pp Combine an exploration of the islands’ unique history with pure relaxation – basking on golden beach sands and dining under the stars at a historic plantation inn. To explore the island that’s right for you, connect with a Destination Expert today 1 888 903 2001 |

St. Lucia Why go: A romantic and still somewhat secluded island that offers many opportunities for enjoyable adventure and activity, along with tranquil and truly refined resort experiences. Best time to go: It’s driest and sunniest from January to May, while temperatures are invitingly warm throughout the year. St. Lucia Ultra Luxe: Pitons & Private Yacht 10 days | contact us for pricing From your private yacht in St. Lucia, to the magical black sand beaches of St. Vincent, to “the world's finest private island” of Mustique, this is a uniquely luxurious journey into the Caribbean’s best.

Indian Ocean A dazzlingly beautiful horizon beckons you Maldives • Mauritius • Seychelles

Maldives Why go: Idyllic beaches, including some that naturally glow at night. The incredibly crystal-clear waters offer amazing scuba diving, including a rare opportunity to see majestic whale sharks. Best time to go: Consider the dry season from November to April, when it tends to be consistently both sunny and hot, although the off-season provides the unique spectacle of manta feeding frenzies. Maldives Ultra Luxe Private Sanctuary 9 days | from $18,479 pp Snorkel Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and unwind on exquisite palm-fringed beaches, while your entire experience is wrapped in exceptional luxury, including your own personal butler service.

Mauritius Why go: Sheer natural beauty, of course, and with its diverse history Mauritian cuisine offers unique delights. You’ll also find a long and rich tradition of golf, with many spectacular courses. Best time to go: Plan to go between May and December when the weather is dry and sunny, and more pleasant than the tropical heat felt throughout the rest of the year. Mauritius Island Retreat 9 days | from $4,455 pp A treat for all your senses. Experience a tropical paradise at some of the island’s best resorts and let your private guide reveal to you the island’s colonial treasures.

Seychelles Why go: The fine-grain white sand beaches here might be the world’s most beautiful. Explore the trails of the lush mountain jungles and meet some of the incredible wildlife – including giant tortoises. Best time to go: While the temperature is stable year-round, the months of April-May and October-November let you avoid both the humid northwest tradewinds and the crowds of high season. Seychelles in Splendor with Fregate Private Island 9 days | from $21,438 pp Your own intimate private retreat, turquoise lagoons, sugar-white beaches, romantic starlit strolls – it all adds up to the best of the Seychelles. These are just a few of the many itineraries we offer. And each can be tailored to your individual needs. To create your ideal getaway, connect with your travel advisor or a Destination Expert today 1 888 903 2001 |

South Pacific Alluring and indulgent dreams of escape Tahiti & French Polynesia • Fiji

Tahiti & French Polynesia Why go: Blends the best of Polynesian and French culture with the indelible feeling of being so close to nature – amazing surfing and diving, and lush mountain jungle to explore. Best time to go: While July and August are the most popular months, consider the shoulder months of May-June or September-October when the weather is still relatively dry and gloriously sunny. French Polynesia Exclusive Sanctuaries 8 days | from $7,335 pp Taha’a offers an intimate experience and a more boutique atmosphere. Discover the secrets of the lush jungle, crystal waters and authentic culture of the islands. Tahiti & Bora Bora Exclusive 8 days | from $18,280 pp Unwind in style in a stunning overwater villa. Then discover your own private island oasis, soak in the famous Tahitian sunset from a private boat, and soar over Mount Otemanu by private helicopter.

Fiji Why go: Beyond its dazzling beaches of fine sand, and fantastic diving, Fiji offers a warm, family friendly experience with a lively mix of cultures – Fijian, Indian, European and Australian. Best time to go: Temperatures and humidity are at their most inviting throughout the dry season between May and October, with the July-August peak being most popular. Fiji Ultra Luxe: Coral Coast & Kokomo Private Island 9 days | from $11,979 pp Snorkel the reef encircling your private island oasis, surrounded by teeming marine life. With worldclass cuisine, outstanding personal service and private spas, there’s no escape quite like this. These are just a few of the many itineraries we offer. And each can be tailored to your individual needs. To create your ideal getaway, connect with your travel advisor or a Destination Expert today 1 888 903 2001 |

Europe Tantalizing concoctions of history, culture and refinement Italy & Sicily • Greece & Crete • Azores & Madeira

Greece Why go: There’s a sparkle to these islands, a magic in their history and beauty that infuses every moment you spend here. There’s simply nowhere else like this. Best time to go: Greece is at its peak in July and August for both temperature and crowds; consider either May to June or September to October to really get the most out of your escape. Crete Exclusive Sanctuaries 9 days | from $11,138 pp Experience the very best of Crete on this luxurious adventure: gorgeous remote beaches, private tastings at an olive farm and winery, and unwind at the end of every day at your exceptional resort. Greece Ultra Luxe: Santorini & Amanzoe 8 days | from $23,600 pp This fabulous Aegean getaway is the pinnacle of relaxation and romance. From the black sand of Perivolos Beach, to snorkeling the famous Red Beach from a private catamaran, to your private helicopter to the exclusive Amanzoe resort, this experience has it all.

Italy Why go: Do we have to say it? The food, the history, the architecture, the wine, the romance... And above all, la dolce vita. Best time to go: May, June, September and October offer the best combination of sunshine, dry weather, comfortable temperatures, and fewer crowds than the height of summer. Amalfi & Capri Private Escapes 8 days | from $8,375 pp Reconnect with your passion for Italian culture in Amalfi, then discover the magic of Capri and a private tour of the island and Blue Grotto, before you relax and unwind in absolute luxury. Serene Sicily 8 days | from $7,700 pp Taste your way through ancient Palermo with a private guide. Stroll the vineyards before a private tasting at a famous Sicilian winery. Savor modern luxury and serenity inspired by the island’s heritage. To discover the getaway that’s right for you, connect with a Destination Expert 1 888 903 2001 |

“With this specially curated collection, you can enjoy a world-class beach getaway while ensuring that you experience the authentic best of your destination, all with exceptional white-glove service.” Helen Giontsis , President of Kensington Tours

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