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Using Personal Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy IS THIS FOR ME?   

Have you lost your confidence with your horse in general or to do with jumping, competing, hacking? Have you decided you can’t jump any higher than 2’ 6” or hack out alone? Do you have a phobia around mounting after a bad fall, a particular jump, a particular horse?

WHAT WILL IT INVOLVE? We start with a chat over the phone to find out how you can benefit from the coaching, and some detailed questioning so that I can plan the sessions. I will explain the coaching process, what you can expect from me, what I expect from you and how much it will cost. We will meet face to face for a minimum of two one hour sessions, usually a week apart. The first session will involve looking at what is important to you in riding and what you wish to achieve from our work together. I will set you tasks to complete before the next session. The next sessions will be used to teach you powerful techniques that will make a real difference to the issues you face. I also offer coaching over the phone or, if you have a PC and internet access, over Skype.

Ashes NLP Coaching

Riley shows how easy cross country can be!

The point is that I may not have jumped my course of show jumps yet but that I didn’t even think about jumping some branches- they were very low and she actually managed to gallop over them! However the fact that I headed straight for them instead of steering her round them was a fantastic achievement for me.... Kathy July 2011

I would recommend that anyone who is stuck at a particular point in their riding, or can’t get past an issue that is stopping them from doing all the fun things they would really like to be able to do with their horse, books a session to see if Ken can help you too Kathryn May 2011 07505353369

Personal Coaching for all riders  

Details of my coaching plan to help riders

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