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Youth Ministry Object Lesson: Baby Pictures Are we content even when our youth group never grows?

Materials Obtain baby pictures of different people in the groups. Allow participants to attempt to identify the various people by their baby pictures.

Application Parent’s have great expectations for their children. Every child is a bundle of potential. As they grow and mature, they discover their abilities and ultimately their place in life.

A youth group, in many ways is like a baby. It starts out small, and it doesn’t know its abilities or where it fits into God’s picture, but as it grows and matures, God has a plan for it. If it a baby did not grow and mature we would be very concerned, but we seem content that our youth group never grows.

We must realize, a youth group cannot survive separated from the family of God any more than a baby can survive separated from it’s family. And as a baby grows, it’s identity is shaped by its family.

Discussion 1. So where does the group fit into the family of God? In what ways can it grow and mature? What is it’s potential? What is God’s plan for it?” 2. How can you apply this object lesson to your personal spiritual life? In what areas have you grown a lot? In what areas is your spiritual growth been stagnant? How would you describe yourself as a Babe in Christ / Child of God?

Variation This object lesson could be used for care groups, just substitute “care group” for “youth group.”

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Youth Ministry Object Lesson: Baby Pictures