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Youth Ideas: Valentine’s Day ‘Honey, if You Love Me’ Can you get someone of the opposite sex to smile?

Game Materials Chairs for youth arranged in a circle.

Game Objective Can you get someone of the opposite sex to smile?

Game Play 1. This is a “lose when you smile” game. 2. Everyone sits in a circle and one person is “it” in the center.

3. The goal of the person in the center is to get someone of the opposite sex to smile. 4. He/ she does this by going up to a person of the opposite sex and saying in whatever manner desired to get a smile, “Honey, if you love me would you please, please, smile.�

5. The person chosen must then say, making eye contact, without a smile, “Honey, I love you, but I just can’t smile.” 6. If he/she smiles, then he/she becomes “it.”

Game Application Conclude this activity by saying that we often place conditions on our love. “I will love you if…” “If you love me you will…” “I love you because..” True love is unconditional.

Cautions You may want to set specific rules, such as “no body contact” to keep this from getting out of hand.

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Youth Ideas - Valentine’s Day Honey if You Love Me  

Can you get someone of the opposite sex to smile?

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