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Youth Ideas: Thanksgiving Tail Feathers Icebreaker Who’s the biggest Turkey?

Game Teaching Point / Purpose See the game Clothespins for Teaching Ideas

Game Materials • At least 2 Clothespins for every participant. • Craft feathers

Game Preparation • With a glue gun or piece of adhesive tape, attach feathers to both legs of each clothespin.

Game Play 1. Give every person two clothespins (Turkey Feathers) as they enter. 2. When everyone has their turkey feathers, tell them you’re giving them two minutes to get rid of their feathers. The only way for participants to get rid of the feathers is onto pin them to someone else.

3. Chaos results as everyone tries to get rid of their feathers! 4. Award a prize to the person with the least number of feathers. The person with the MOST feathers is the official TURKEY!

Icebreaker Variation As a variation, use this as an icebreaker activity for your next Thanksgiving Party or Thanksgiving Celebration. After playing the game, each person must state one “Fun Fact� about themselves for each feather they are wearing. If they have no feathers they only have to say ONE thing about themselves.

Take it to the Next level See the game Clothespins for Teaching Ideas

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Youth Ideas - Thanksgiving Tail Feathers Icebreaker  

Who’s the biggest Turkey?

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