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Youth Ideas: Four Men in a Sleigh Can you remember who is who and get everyone in your team in the sleigh?

Materials One chair for each person and a couch (sleigh). Four chairs can be used to replace the couch if you don’t have one available. Decorate the couch (or four chairs) like “Santa’s Sleigh.” There should also be one extra chair.

Game Setup 1. This game requires 10 or more people to work. Set up requires that there be one more chair than people and the name of each person playing written on a piece of paper. Place the chairs in a circle and the couch on one side of the circle.

2. Divide the group into 2 teams that can easily be identified (e.g. girls against guys, or those wearing glasses against those not.) If you want, distinguish one group by making them wear red Santa red hats or some other means of easy identification.

Game Play 1. Have everyone sit on the chairs making sure two of each team is sitting in the “sleigh�. Mix up and then pass out the papers with the names giving one to each person.

2. To win the game, a team must have 4 of their players sitting in the “sleigh.� This is accomplished by having the person on the right of the empty chair call out a name. The person with that name on their piece of paper moves to the empty chair and then exchanges the name paper with the person that called him/her. The person to the right of the new empty chair is the next person to call a name and exchange with the person who will move to the empty chair.

The game gets confusing trying to track who has what name and how to move the opposite team off of the “sleigh” and to get your team mates there.

Variation Instead of a “sleigh� label the couch the stable. Then inform the team that the first to get four wisemen to the stable wins. (There may have been more than 3 wisemen, although only three gifts are mentioned in scripture.)

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Youth Ideas - Four Men in a Sleigh  

Can you remember who is who and get everyone in your team in the sleigh?