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Youth Ideas Easter Egg Hunt Give the traditional Easter egg hunt a spiritual significance by allowing participants to hunt the eggs containing various items from the Easter account in Scripture.

Materials Plastic Easter Eggs with 1 item inside each. * Gray fleece or a tiny donkey (Matthew 21:2-5) * Palm branch or a doll’s coat (Matthew 21:8-11) * A vial of perfume (Matthew 26:713) * A lock of hair (Matthew 26:7-13) * 30 silver coins or 3 10-cent coins (Matthew 26:14-15) * A strip of terry cloth fabric or towel (John 13:4-11) * A communion wafer or bread (Matthew 26:17-29) * A communion cup or grape (Matthew 26:17-29)

* Miniature praying hands (Mark 14:32-42) * A watch (Mark 13:37) * Rooster figure or a feather (Luke 22:61) * Piece of rope (John 18:12) * A strip of leather (John 19:1) * Small piece of soap (Matthew 27:20-24) * A piece of scarlet cloth (Matthew 27:28) * A thorn or thorns from roses (Matthew 27:29) * A cross or two sticks (John 19:16-22) * Three flathead nails or regular nails (John 19:16-22) * Dice (John 19:23-24)

* Color the inside of 1 egg with black marker (Luke 23:44-45) * sponge/cotton ball with vinegar (John 19:28-30) •* A toothpick-end dipped in red paint (John 19:32-37) * A shattered or split rock (Matthew 27:51, 54) * Purple cloth (Matthew 27:51) * Clean linen cloth or gauze (Matthew 27:57-61) * Cinnamon stick (Luke 23:55-56) * A stone and wax or paraffin (Matthew 27:65-66) * An empty egg or hollow chocolate egg (Matthew 28:5-8)

You do not need to use all items. Use those you consider most important or most appropriate to your lesson focus and the age of your group.

Activity Give the traditional Easter egg hunt a spiritual significance by allowing participants to hunt the eggs containing the various items and meet at a designated place later for a debrief. During the debrief discuss the significance of the various items.

Variations 1: Participants place the items in order and explain the significance. 2: Add scripture related to the items and hide them in eggs as well. Participants match the scriptures with the items. 3: Instead of hiding the eggs, add them to an Easter basket and have participants choose an egg.

4: For an additional application hide Easter Eggs of the following colors: black, red, white, green, yellow. Place jelly beans of these colors in a plastic egg if you cannot find all the colors. (See Jelly Bean Salvation). Prepare some Plastic Easter Eggs with one jelly bean of each color and have participants give them to friends to explain the true meaning of Easter. Tape an invitation to your Easter worship services and activities to each egg.

5.For a Children’s sermon, prepare eggs to represent significant events. Number them and then open them one at a time to tell the Easter story. 6: Provide an Easter Basket with several items for each participant.

Scripture focus Read Matthew 26:3-28:15 – Discuss each item and the role it played in Christ’s death and resurrection.

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Youth Ideas - Easter Egg Hunt