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Youth Ideas: Christmas Carol Sing-a-Long Divide your youth into groups by giving them various Christmas songs to hum.

Materials A list of Christmas Carols written in groups of two or more on slips of paper. (see Christmas Carol Pictionary for a list of some common Christmas Carols and songs.

Activity 1. Write the names of the Christmas songs on individual slips of paper (There should be at least 2 slips for each song or more–More is good for larger groups and more difficult). 2. Then put as many slips of songs as you have people in a bag and mix them up really good.

3. Let each person draw a slip of paper out. They are not allowed to show it to anyone. 4. They must begin humming the song on their slip of paper when you say “go”.

The objective of the game is to locate the other person(s) humming the same song that you are humming. When the partners find everyone in their group they hold hands and begin to sing the words to their song!

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Youth Ideas - Christmas Carol Sing-a-Long