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Youth Ideas: Children’s Carnival as an Alternative to Halloween Trick or Treat

Description As the holiday of Halloween rolls around, many schools, churches and children's organizations start planning their SAFE alternative options to the traditional trick or treating activity. A common activity is a Carnival.

Why Plan a Children’s Carnival instead of the Traditional Halloween Trick-or-Treat? As the holiday of Halloween rolls around, many schools, churches and children’s organizations start planning their SAFE alternative options to the traditional “trick or treating” activity. This allows more control over what kids receive and also to avoid some of those members of society that might place unwanted items in candy or treats. It’s also a lot safer than having kids roam the neighborhoods. Some places throw a holiday dance or get together where others opt for such things as a youth and children’s carnival. This is a great way to show children a different way to celebrate and stay safe for the Halloween holiday or simply provide an alternative if you are opposed to the celebrations of Halloween in the first place.

Tips for Planning Your Halloween Carnival or Harvest Festival Event. If you are planning such a Halloween carnival or fall festival, you will want to plan a wide variety of games and activities to have at your children’s carnival that will keep the kids entertained. Below are some of the most popular types of activity booths and games for this type of carnival celebration. It is best to have a variety of choices for kids of all ages so that they will have plenty to choose from. When you plan your carnival, think about both boys and girls and what they like to do. Include activities that are good for younger children, activities that are for older children and activities that might even be fun for their parents as well.

Carnival Games: Golfing Area There are many discount stores that sell play golf sets. You can get a few of these and set up a mini golf course which is great fun for all ages. You can also have a putting area where golfers can test their luck at getting a hole in one. You can make the prizes based on where the person is standing when they get the ball in the hole. Baseball Strike Zone This is a game that can be adjusted for all ages. Strike zone games are generally set up for older kids but you can adapt it for the little ones. You can make a ball throwing game (It doesn’t have to be baseballs) that stands up on its own using a cardboard box. You can often get large boxes from appliance and furniture stores. Simply cut holes in the cardboard and paint it to match your Halloween event theme. You can create a carved pumpkin image with a mouth and eyes as the strike zones, a full moon with different size craters, smiley faces, flowers and many other designs. The objective is to have the children throw the balls into the various holes. You can vary the size of the holes and the point awarded for each successful throw. Make your prize selection based on the amount of points the child gets with a total of 3 to 5 balls.

Fishing Games This is something that is great for the little ones. You can do this with a large tub of water and some play fishing poles. You can get about 15 to 20 floating ducks or boats at a dollar store and paint a mark on the bottom of some of them. To make the game really simple, you can attach magnets to both the floating toys and the end of the fishing poles so that the children simply have to get the fishing pole string into the water and they will always pull up something. Those who pull up a toy with a mark on it are the winners.

Activity Booths There are many activity booths for your carnival that you can make out of everyday items such as bottles, cans and fishbowls: • Set up cans in a row and give your players balls to throw at the cans to knock them over. Fill them with sand as full cans are more difficult to knock over than empty one. Set up plastic bottles like bowling pins and use a small ball to let your players see how many “pins” they can knock over with one try. Again, bottles filled with water or sand will be more difficult to knock over. Base your prizes on the number of cans or bottles knocked over.

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Use small fish bowls as a game by filling them each with a fish and water. Put paper plates on top of the fishbowls with a bull’seye drawn on them and et the players toss coins onto the plates to try to win a fish. You can also use small balls and let the players try to throw a ball into a bowl to win a fish. Use bottles and small rope rings as another game. Toss the ring over the bottle to win prizes. Place a slip of paper inside a balloons with a prize written on it then let the older children toss darts and try to pop a balloon to get the prize written on the slip of paper inside.

Unlimited possibilities for your Halloween / Fall Carnival These are just a few examples of the large number of different types of games and activity booths that you can plan for your carnival; you just need to be creative. You will find that if you plan right, your carnival will be a huge success. Just remember to have games that are good for all ages as well as games set for certain ages. Spread things out as well so it makes the carnival seem that much bigger. Add in some food booths and drinks and you have got the makings for a great carnival that is not only fun but also safe for all the participants.

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Youth Ideas - Children’s Carnival as an Alternative to Halloween Trick or Treat  

As the holiday of Halloween rolls around, many schools, churches and children's organizations start planning their SAFE alternative options...

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