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Youth Ideas Air Foosball Play a life-sized game of foosball

Materials Balloons or a beachball

Game Play To play, divide the group into two teams. All of the members of one team sit in rows of three to five, side by side, all facing in one direction with enough room between each row for another row to sit. The second team then sits in rows facing the opposite direction, interspersing the other team’s rows.

Each team should have three to four rows with a last row protecting the goal. It correctly seated, youth will resemble a life-size foosball table, and be looking into the eyes of an opponent. Rows can be very close or several feet apart, depending on the size of the room chosen. The goal can be a wall or a mere line marked along the ground

Every player must remain seated. Play and score the game just like regular foosball. A point is scored for each time the beach ball or balloon goes over the opposing team’s goalline or hits the wall.

Variation 1 Handicaps: Play blindfolded, with left hands only, or with heads only

Variation 2 Leave enough room between the individual players in a row to place another two teams at a right angle to the main game. Then you have teams trying to hit the ball/balloon in all four directions.

Variation 3 Add two balls/ balloons. Try different combinations of these variations for variety! Its sure to be wild fun!

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Youth Ideas - Air Foosball  

Play a life-sized game of foosball