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Youth Icebreakers - Tee Freeze Icebreaker Beat the hot days of summer with a frozen T-shirt contest for your youth. The objective is simple – Unfold a frozen t-shirt and wear it. But it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. It can be played as a team effort or you can have one frozen tee for each youth.

Resources • Gallon Freezer Bags • You’ll need one t-shirt for each team or participant. Larger shirts are best and if possible you want them all to be the same size. Sometimes t-Shirts can be torn or stretched in the process. • Water • Freezer

Preparation 1. Soak each t-shirt in about 2 cups of water then wring it out. If there is too much water it will take too long to thaw. 2. Once the shirt has been wrung out, nicely fold each one into a square that will fit inside the freezer bag. Once you have folded it flat, press it down again to try to remove even more water.





Seal each bag, and place each t-shirt in the freezer so that each lies flat. Let them freeze for a couple of days for best results. If you need to transport the shirts to another venue, place them in a cooler filled with ice so they stay frozen. Want to play on the theme a little? Have “Iced Tea� for refreshments.

What to do 1. Tell the youth you are going to have a real icebreaker game. 2. If you play by teams, don’t tell the youth what you are going to do and instead ask for a volunteer from each team. (You don’t want more than 4 or 5 on a team or it gets too crowded and some youth end up sitting on the sideline and watching.) 3. Give each youth (or team) a frozen tee.



The objective is to use whatever means possible to thaw the tshirt enough so that it they can put it on. (They’ll sit on them like hatching an egg, throw them on the ground, rub them with hands, roll them, stick them on bare arms and legs to use their body heat to warm them up enough to unfold them and put them on.) They’ll be worn out trying to get them unfolded enough to wear. The first person to get the t-shirt on wins! Heads and arms must be completely in the t-shirt for normal wear to be declared the winner.

Rules of the Game You might want to set some rules such as: • You cannot place the tshirt in water or any other liquids • You cannot microwave it or use any appliance or machinery to heat it up. • You cannot leave the game area • You are not allowed to use any sharp object on the t-shirt

Take It to the Next Level Like many things in life, this game takes a lot of effort. It’s the same with building relationships. If you want to have relationships that aren’t so cold and are more warm and friendly, it takes work. “Cold hearted” and “Hard – hearted” are terms we commonly use to describe how youth relate to others. We also often talk about the warmth of friendship.

Take It Spiritual In the Bible, Cold and Hot are used to describe the relationship of a person with God. But God’s greatest criticism is not to a person is either hot or cold, but to someone that is lukewarm. In Revelation, God refers to the church of Laodicia in the same terms. “I know your works; you are neither cold nor hot”. “Would that you were cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth” (Revelation 3:15-16).

Laodicia had no water supply of its own, so an aqueduct was built to bring water to the city from hot springs. By the time the water reached Laodicia is was neither therapeutically hot nor refreshingly cold. And because of it, one of the strongest words in Revelation is used, emesai, meaning to vomit.

Take it Personal • What actions of a Christian might be described as Hot? Cold? Lukewarm? • How does a lukewarm Christian behave? • Why is lukewarm worse than being either hot or cold? • What is an area of your devotion to God that could be described as Lukewarm? • If we are cold or lukewarm, how can we become “On Fire” in our devotion for God?

Take Action • What can you do this week to become more fired up about your relationship with God? • What can you do this week to share the warmth of Christ with someone?

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Youth Icebreakers - Tee Freeze Icebreaker  
Youth Icebreakers - Tee Freeze Icebreaker  

Beat the hot days of summer with a frozen T-shirt contest for your youth. The objective is simple – Unfold a frozen t-shirt and wear it. But...