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Youth Icebreakers: Scattered Nativity Can you locate all the pieces of the nativity scene?

Materials Nativity scene with multiple individual pieces.

Game Play • This is a scavenger hunt type game. • Hide the pieces from the nativity scene around the room. • Some should be easy to find and some more difficult. • Place one on the snack table, one could be in with the presents, one in the tree, and so on!

• Give each person a piece of paper and a pencil, the goal is to be the first person to locate all the items of the nativity scene and correctly write their locations on the paper.

Variation Help Santa find his reindeer. 8 people (or 9) to find Santa’s Reindeer will win a prize.

See Conducting Scavenger Hunts for help, Hints, Safety Considerations, Rules, and other useful information to make your scavenger hunt a wild success!

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Youth Icebreakers - Scattered Nativity