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Youth Icebreakers Mother’s Day Games Use these games for a Mother's Day Activity.

Whose Kiss? Blindfold the mother, then have a couple of the children in attendance kiss her on the cheek. Give each child a number and have the mother guess which number her child is. Give a few Hershey’s Kisses to the motherchild who guesses correctly.

Mother – Child All mothers stand in a circle. Then all children form a circle around them. The inner and outer circles contain an equal number of people. Each mother should be with their child. Mothers begin walking clockwise while the children walk counterclockwise. A leader then interrupts by calling out “Birdie on a perch” At that moment, both circles stop and children must find their mother. The mother must place the child on her knee. The slowest mother and child to assume the designated position is eliminated. Continue until one couple is left.

Variation Instead of calling out “Birdie on a perch” call out two body parts and in a position couples must assume. For instance, one might call out, ”Wrist to nose!” or “Knee to elbow”.

Silhouettes Set up a sheet so that if someone is standing behind it you can’t see them, only their shadow. You can then place mothers behind the sheet and have children try to identify their mother, or vice-versa.

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Youth Icebreakers - Mother’s Day Games  

Use these games for a Mother's Day Activity.