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Youth Icebreakers Famous Olympic Athletes This icebreaker is appropriate during the Olympics or for special sports events.

Preparation On small slips of paper write down the names of numerous athletes. (Best if they are the more prominent athletes from the Olympic Games or the more famous athletes from a variety of sports.)

What to do 1. Tape the names of Olympic athletes to the back of students as they arrive. 2. The task of the students is to discover which Olympic athlete’s name is pinned on their backs by asking only “yes” or “no” questions.

3. 4.

This continues until everyone arrives and has learned the name of the famous Olympic athlete on his/her back. Then go around the group and ask each youth their name, favorite Olympic sport, and other information you might like to know.

Famous Olympic Athletes Here’s a few well known Olympic athletes to get you started • Bruce Jenner – Track and Field • Carl Lewis – Track and Field • Dorothy Hamill – Figure Skating • Edwin Moses – Track and Field • Eric Heiden – Speed Skating

• • • • •

Ian Thorpe – Swimming Jesse Owens – Track and Field Jim Thorpe – Track and Field Lance Armstrong – Cycling Mark Spitz – Swimming

• • • • •

Mary Lou Retton – Gymnastics Michael Phelps – Swimming Muhammed Ali – Boxing Nadia Comaneci – Gymnastics Usain Bolt – Track and Field

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Youth Icebreakers - Famous Olympic Athletes