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Youth Icebreakers Easter Egg Teams Use Easter Eggs to break your group into teams.

Materials • •

Enough Easter Eggs for all participants to have 1 egg Easter Basket or a bag

Game Objective Use Easter Eggs to separate your group into teams.

Game Preparation 1. Determine before your event how many teams you want to have and how many people you want on each team. 2. Choose one color of egg for each team. 3. Make sure the remaining eggs are of equal numbers for each color. 4. Place all the eggs you have selected into a bag and mix them up.

Game Play 1.


When participants walk into the party, allow them to reach into the bag or Easter Basket and grab one color of Egg to hold onto–not to eat! When everyone has arrived and you are ready to form teams, tell everyone to shout out their color until they find everyone else in their team.

Variations 1. Combine this with Jelly Bean Salvation for a fun Easter Gospel presentation. 2. Instead of real Easter eggs, use hollow plastic Easter eggs and combine this with Easter Egg Hunt for a meaningful lesson on the events surrounding Easter. You can also write the verses on the eggs with wax before you dye the real eggs.

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Youth Icebreakers - Easter Egg Teams