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Youth Icebreakers Ducks in a Row

Description In this icebreaker game, youth must arrange their group in order according to specific criteria. Number of Youth Unlimited (in groups of at least 8 teens)

How to Play 1. Youth are told they may not talk. 2. Teens are then told to line up their group in order of height (shortest to tallest). 3. Once everyone is lined up the team must shout “Ducks in a Row� and Quack loudly while flapping their arms as wings. 4. The first team of youth to do so wins the round.

Additional optional rounds • Alphabetical order by first name • Alphabetical order by mother’s or father’s first name • In order of their birthday • According to shoe size • According to phone number • According to the number of letters in their full name. • According to their house number or address block • According to length of hair • Others?

Take it to the Next Level The phrase “Ducks in a row” is a common English idiom meaning that things are well-organized – that all the small details are accounted for and are in their proper positions before moving on to something else. At first thought, the sight of a mother duck followed by all the little ducklings seems the logical source for this idiom. But the most popular theory is that it comes from bowling as a sport.

Early blowing pins were shorter and thicker than modern pins and were commonly referred to as “ducks.” Before the invention of automatic resetting machines for the pins, after each round they would be manually placed back into position by a person. So to “have all your ducks in a row” was to make sure all the pins were properly placed in position before sending the next bowling ball down the lane.

A lot of people put off making various decisions until everything seems to be in place and perfect. Older people might use the idiom “When I get all my ducks in order I will…” Youth may not use the phrase much, but they use similar expressions. “When I get my life (or act) together, THEN I’ll make that commitment.” “When I grow up, then I will…” “When I finish my education, then I will…” “When I am successful in my career then i will…” In fact, people of all ages make similar excuses.

The truth of the matter is that becoming and living as a Christian is a step of faith. You will never on this earth fully understand the scriptures. You will never fully understand the ways and mind of God. (Isaiah 55:8) You will never even truly understand yourself. While it is good to use your mind and plan ahead, we must also trust and depend completely upon God.

Focal Scripture “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

Practical Application 1. What are some of the choices and decisions that God calls us to make as Christians? 2. How do we know when God is calling us to do something? 3. How do we know when the timing is right to step out in faith?



What are some things in your life that God might be calling you to get in order before he calls you to a position or task? Don’t wait till you understand everything. If God is calling you to something make a decision today to yield to that calling and trust him for the results. Simply step out in faith and trust him and he will make your way sure.

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Youth Icebreakers - Ducks in a Row  

In this icebreaker game, youth must arrange their group in order according to specific criteria.

Youth Icebreakers - Ducks in a Row  

In this icebreaker game, youth must arrange their group in order according to specific criteria.