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Youth Camp Porcupine Relay In this relay race, participants pass a marshmallow to the end of the line using toothpicks

Game Materials • A large marshmallow for each team • Toothpicks for each person

Game Play 1. The first player puts the marshmallow on his or her toothpick and then holds the toothpick with his or her teeth. 2. Players must pass the marshmallow from player to player by sticking his/her toothpick into the marshmallow and leaving it in as they pass it along.




Participants are not allowed to use their hands. As the marshmallow is passed it accumulates one more toothpick from each player so that its difficult to insert your toothpick without getting stuck by the ones already there. When the relay is finished the marshmallow is sure to remind you of a porcupine

Optional Discussion • What are some of the tricky situations we face in life? • How do we handle such situations without getting hurt? • What are some of the potential hurts when we pass the gospel on to others? • Are the risks worth it?

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Youth Camp - Porcupine Relay  

In this relay race, participants pass a marshmallow to the end of the line using toothpicks

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