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Youth Camp It Makes Sense Use your senses to identify common objects and items

Game Materials Lunch Bags, Small Household Items (depending on which senses you want to use in the game); Stapler; Paper; Pen; Marker

Game Preparation Prepare several lunch bags with one item in each bag. The number of bags can be adjusted depending on the time you have to play the game. You can use items that can be found around the house – (i.e. comb, pen, etc) or items can be according to a specific category like office supplies, foods, tools, cosmetics, etc to suit a party theme. Fold over the top of the bag and staple closed. With a marker, number the bags on the outside

Game Play 1. Participants examine one numbered bag at a time, and try to identify the contents ONLY by feeling the them through the bag. 2. Ask participants to number their paper according to the number of bags, and record their answers next to the appropriate numbers corresponding to each bag. 3. When all the participants have identified the items, reveal what is in each bag. The winner is the participant who correctly guessed the most items.

Game Variations 1. Touch - use items with various textures (i.e. hard, sandpaper, soft, bumpy, feather, cotton, fur, felt, hairbrush etc that have identifying characteristics. You can also use simple items like staplers etc) You can allow them to reach inside the bag, without looking and feel the item inside the bag or for simply objects they just feel through the bag.


Smell - Use 2-3 tablespoons of spices, fruits, or other items with strong characteristic smells. (i.e. orange peel, pepper, cinnamon, oregano, onion, etc. These might be best in a cloth bag or punch a few very small holes in the paper bag with a needle so the scents can escape

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Youth Camp - It Makes Sense  

Use your senses to identify common objects and items