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Youth Camp Aardvark Relay In this relay game, each person on a team must use a straw in their mouth and suction to carry an object across the room and back

Game Materials beans or dried peas and straws for each person Optimal Group Size Any size group divided into teams of equal number. If a team is short a person, then have one person on that team go twice.

Game Venue Any place with room for participants to run around. Game Preparation None

Game Play 1. Give each person a straw. 2. Place a bowl of navy beans, or green peas or other small smooth round objects at the opposite side of the room. 3. Like an aardvark sucking up ants, each person must suck through the straw so that a bean stays attached to the end and bring the bean back to his team. 4. Any bean dropped must be retrieved. You may need to reposition the bowl closer depending on how difficult you want it to be.

First team to each bring a pea back wins.

Game Variation Have your participants stand or sit around a table with the bowl of beans in the center and a cup in front of each person. At the signal each person tries to remove as many beans from the bowl as possible, dropping each into his/her cup. The person to retrieve the most beans and the end of a given time wins.

Optional Game Debrief 1. How is this game similar to trying to hold on to material things in life? 2. What are some things you try to hold on to? What are the things you most want to have? 3. At what cost would you get them?

Optional Conclusion In this game, the things you want to hold on to, often get away. Many times the things in life we are chasing after and trying to hold on to seem to be very difficult to keep. They are always jus out of reach. or when we get them, we seem to lose them even quicker. In scripture we are told that the person who holds on to his life will lose it. The person who loses his life will find it. We are told that we should not pursue the things of this world, but the things of heaven. All the things of this world will one day pass away

Application What is something in your life you are holding on to, that you need to let go? Make a commitment to let go of it and place it in God’s hands this week. Scripture Luke 12:15-21; Matthew 10:39

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Youth Camp - Aardvark Relay  

In this relay game, each person on a team must use a straw in their mouth and suction to carry an object across the room and back

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