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Valentine Candy Teams Use Valentine candy hearts as a crowdbreaker to break your group into teams.

Materials Valentine candy conversation hearts (BE MINE, COOL KID, LOVER BOY, KISS ME, MY GAL, etc.)

Game Objective Use valentine Candy Hearts to separate your group into teams.

Game Preparation Determine before your event how many teams you want to have and how many people you want on each team. Choose one of the phrases for each team and collect the pieces of candy with that phrase according to the number of people you desire to have on each team. Place all the pieces you have selected into a bag and mix them up.

Game Play 1. When participants walk into the party, give them each one heart to hold onto--not to eat!

2. When everyone arrives and you are ready to form teams, tell everyone to shout out their phrase until they find the others in their team. You can change the team divisions by using the colors of the valentine heart candy instead of the phrases, but you will need to check and make sure you have an equal number of each color before the game begins.

Variation Obtain or print some Cheap valentine cards and use identical cards instead of Valentine Hearts.

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Valentine Candy Teams