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Summer Youth Camp - Aunt Sally This game can be simply for fun or be used as a discussion starter on going through the motions as a Christian.

This game is based on a skit I saw as a teen called “Aunt Sally.�skit

Preparation Divide the youth into at least two teams of 4-8 people. Line each team up in a line, sitting side by side in chairs. (To make it more humorous you may wish to have teams lined up facing each other.)

Game Play Instruct each team in the following dialog. This will start with person in first chair and be with the person next to him/her. 1: “Guess what? 2: “What?” 1: “Aunt Sally went shopping again.” 2: “Oh no.. what did she buy this time?”

3: “A rocking chair” and begins to rock back and forth in his chair. 4. “Oh, a rocking Chair.” and begins to rock. He then turns to the next person and repeats the process. Meanwhile he and the first person continue the actions. Actions are passed down the line until the entire team is doing it

Everyone continues with actions non-stop adding each new one as it comes to them. When it gets to the last person, he ends with the name of the item e.g. “Oh, a rocking chair�, but instead of doing the action, he runs to the leader for the next item. Every one on his team scoots down the line one chair, so that the last person in line is able to sit in the first chair. He then begins the process by repeating any previous actions in the appropriate order and then adding the new item he received.

Winning First team to get through all the items wins. The Last Person on the last action says: Guess what? What? Aunt sally Died! all fall on floor from exhaustion.

Items that can be used are: Rocking chair (rock back and forth) Knitting needles (knitting motions while sitting down) Toothbrush – motion brushing your teeth Basketball – mime dribbling a basketball and shooting a shot Bicycle – sitting in chair pretend you are pedaling with your feet Pogo stick – get out of chair and jump up and down

Hula Hoop – sway those hips like using a hulahoop Jump rope – pretend you are jumping rope Accordian – Side to side motions as playing an according Escape from Prison – All stand Up – last guy must crawl through legs

Of course you can add or remove any items to control the time required for the activities. You may wish to start with the simpler actions and move to the more vigorous and humorous ones. Be sure to have a list of actions and corresponding motions to give to each youth as they come up.

Application This game can be used as a discussion starter about going through the motions in our Christian walk. They are not really doing the things on the list but only going through the motions. What are some of the things we do as Christians simply to be seen by others?

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Summer Youth Camp - Aunt Sally  
Summer Youth Camp - Aunt Sally  

This game can be simply for fun or be used as a discussion starter on going through the motions as a Christian.