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Parent Ministry Ideas - Guess the Mother? or Child? Use this activity as an icebreaker for your Mother's Day event.

Preparation In a grid, write down a statement about each mother in each square. The number of squares should be less than or equal to the number of mothers participating in the game.

For example, you could write: “Mother was Born in a country other than Singapore.”, “Has a pet”, “mother likes chocolate”, “has a dog”, “Mother doesn’t like durian”, etc.

Activity Mothers and children or youth go about the room and try to find a mother who meets the characteristics and have them sign inside the square. A person may only sign one square on the sheet. The first person to get all squares filled with signatures is awarded.

Variation If you do a parent/child event this could have statements about children/youth as well as statements about mothers. For an added variation, give the children/youth and the mothers separate sheets.

The mothers will have characteristics of children/youth whereas the sheet give to the children/youth will have characteristics of mothers. Children will need to get the signatures of mothers and the mothers will need to get the signatures of the children/youth.

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Parent Ministry Ideas - Guess the Mother? or Child?