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Object Lesson The Cross or Hell? God gave us a choice of heaven when he died on the cross for us.

Materials A piece of paper and scissors

Description (drama/object lesson, visual – Use caution when discussing Hell with young kids)

The Background Story A Japanese man was in prison for his faith. He was told by his interrogator the next day he was going to be executed. But since they were such experts in origami he could go free if he could make a cross with only 1 cut in a piece of paper. The man asked for a piece of paper to practice on but he was told that he could not have one. He went and prayed and the next morning he was brought before his interrogator who was all smiles. He was given a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. The prisoner took the paper and folded it as follows.

Preparation Fold the top right corner to left side of paper, forming a triangle, then the point at the top left over to the right side of the paper. Now it looks like a house with a pitched roof. Then folded it along the horizontal so that it looked like an arrow. Fold it again along the horizontal to make a thinner arrow. Now cut the paper vertically down the middle as indicated below.

The Lesson After unfolding all the pieces he found he had a cross. He was free and would have an opportunity for a new life of freedom,, but he wasn’t finished. He put all the other pieces together to make the word HELL.

Easter gives us the choice of the CROSS or HELL.

Application Jesus suffered and sacrificed Himself for our sins and offers us the only way to heaven.

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Object Lesson - The Cross or Hell  

God gave us a choice of heaven when he died on the cross for us.

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