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Object Lesson: Invisible Helper Jesus sends the Holy Spirit

Materials Bring a variety of items that involve air in some way. Possibilities are: balloons, a bicycle tire, a hair dryer, various types of inflatable balls (such as basketballs, soccer balls), an air pump, a water floatation device, an aerosol can, a fan, a paper windmill, soap bubbles, a super soaker water gun which uses air pressure, etc.

Activity Ask kids to identify what all the objects have in common? The answer is that they all use air. While we can’t see the air, we know it is there because of the affects it has on each of these objects.

Application After Jesus left earth, we couldn’t see him anymore. But he promised to be with us forever. He also promised to send a help John 14:16. We can’t see the helper but we can see the things he does, the affect that he has on us and other people. We know he is there by the things that he does. The same is true of the Helper, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

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Object Lesson: Invisible Helper  

Jesus sends the Holy Spirit

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