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Object Lesson: Greatest Prize The greatest prize is the calling of Christ.

Materials A trophy, a ribbon, a medal, a crown, and a certificate of achievement.

Activity I have some objects with me today that people work really hard to get. They are awards for some great accomplishment. As you can see, these awards come in different shapes and sizes:

This one is a statue with some writing at the base. (Read.) It’s called a trophy. It was given to a person who did an excellent job at __________. Here is a ribbon. Blue means first place and red usually means second place.

This is a medal. These are often awarded for soldiers for bravery or to someone who does an outstanding job. They are also given to Olympic athletes who are the best in their event.

Crowns were awarded to those who were the victors in the ancient Olympics. Today crowns are given to beauty queens. This certificate is designed to be hung on the wall. It describes the achievement of the person. (Read.)

Application It’s wonderful to be able to win an award for working hard and doing something really great. But I want to talk about the most wonderful award of all. For Paul, the greatest prize is the calling of Christ. (Phil 3:12 – 16)

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Object Lesson: Greatest Prize  

The greatest prize is the calling of Christ.