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Object Lesson: Connect-theDots It is sometimes difficult for us to connect the dots in life to see the purpose God has planned for us!

Materials A difficult Connect-the-Dots puzzle that is not obvious as to the final results. (You might wish to have it photocopied to a transparency and use an OHP so all can see as you connect the dots.)

Activity Hold up the connect-the-dots puzzle or show it on the OHP. Ask the kids/ youth if they believe a picture will appear if you connect the dots. * Let kids / youth guess what the final outcome might be if all the dots are connected?

Applications Doing a connect-the-dots puzzle is a little like faith. As you’re explaining, start connecting the dots of the puzzle. 1. You begin by believing that an image-really will be revealed-even though you have no idea what it is. In other words, you can’t see the picture, but you believe it’s there. You trust that an artist designed a picture that will be revealed if you continue to trace the sequence, dot to dot. 2. If you don’t connect the dots in sequence, or if you decide to stop drawing, you’ll never see the full picture the artist has designed.

It is similar with your faith in God. 1. You don’t always see exactly where God is leading you. 2. Sometimes you have only part of the picture. 3. You need to follow the steps God has prepared for you and take life as God gives it to you. 4. If you don’t continue your journey of faith you will never see the final results God planned for you.

In John 20:19-29, Thomas wasn’t there when Jesus appeared to the other disciples so for him a piece of the picture was missing. But faith is when, in the words of one experienced Christian, we continue to trust God’s heart even when we cannot trace his hand.

Discussion 1. Why can you trust that God has adequately planned the picture even if you don’t understand everything yet? 2. What happens to the picture when you begin disregarding the proper order of things in life? 3. DO you feel, like Thomas, you missed something and now are lost and don’t understand?

4. What kinds of problems have caused you to doubt God’s design? Seemingly missing numbers? Vague dots? Big gaps? 5. For Thomas it took his hand in the nail scars and side of Christ to get him back on the journey of faith. What would it take to get you back on track in your life?

6. Can you see the dots well enough, but have lately lost interest in joining them because you can’t make sense of the image you’re outlining? 7. What is the next dot in your life? What connection do you think God has planned next for you? Following Jesus is sometimes like completing a connect-the-dots puzzle.

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Object Lesson: Connect-the-Dots  

It is sometimes difficult for us to connect the dots in life to see the purpose God has planned for us!

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