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Object Lesson: Coat Hangers Use this object lesson / children’s sermon as a lesson on how Jesus doesn’t just cover up our sin, but removes our sin.

Materials • Lead or tin solder i.e. soft solder WITHOUT a resin core (can be bought from a hardware store) • Coat hangers • newsprint (old newspaper classifieds work best) or large sheets of paper • Broad tip Marker • red paper

Preparation Using a typical metal coat hanger as a guide, carefully form one from the solder. The solder will be soft so you must be gentle to avoid distorting the shape prematurely. Add it to your stach of clothes hangers. You may wish to use a variety of clothes hangers just to hide the fact that one is different.


• Take the bunch of coat hangers out of a bag/briefcase and talk about how messy and troublesome they are. • Explain: They are like sin in that they get tangled and are bulky. Drop a few to get the point across that they really mess things up.

• • •

Ask: “What are some ways that people try to cover or remove their sin?” Hand the coat hangers out. Give the participants the newsprint and have them cover the coat hangers.

As the group provides ways we cover sin you label each bundle. You’ll want ideas like: Go to church, Be good, Not hurt people, Prayer, Lie, Pretend it didn’t happen, do something good to make up for it, blame it on someone, give an excuse for it, etc. After you write on the clothes hanger, return it to the participant. Take out your “special” coat hanger made from solder, wrap it in red paper like you wrapped the others.

• •

Explain that the red paper represents Jesus’ atoning blood (older children). Note: The concept of blood sacrifice is difficult for young children to grasp but “Jesus’ forgiveness” is a suitable alternative. explain that even though the coat hangers are covered you can still *see* them, they are not gone. Have everyone feel their bundle and the coat hangers (sins) are still there. Squeeze your bundle up into a little ball….Jesus can make it go away (remove / forgive your sin.)

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Object Lesson: Coat Hangers