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Looking for something for Father's Day? Lots of Ideas for Father's Day from Creative Youth Ideas

Father's Day Games Searching for Dad Use this as a Father's Day game or for a father child event Who's father? Creative game idea for Father's Day or a Father-Child event. Father's Day Relay A Father's Day Relay Game Idea Father May I? In this Father's Day variation of "Mother May I?" Youth ask Father rather than mother for permission

Father's Business Trip In this Father's Day game, Youth must remember the business trips of father's going through the alphabet. Searching for Dad In this Father's Day game, Youth must describe their Father to others to retrieve a photo of their father. Find Father's Tie In this Father's day game, Youth must find the tie that has been hidden in the room. Family Dress-up Youth will play a game to remind them that family is important. It works for Father's Day too! Old Testament Men Trivia Trivia questions of men in the Bible.

Teaching Illustrations for Father's Day My Father Food for thought for Father's Day Most Valuable Asset Do we recognise the true value of fathers? The Origin of Father's Day The origin of Father's Day Father's Are Wonderful People A poem for fathers on Father's day.

The Right Thing Ethics are simple matters of right and wrong. Dream Car How many times did we miss God's blessings because we can't see past our own desires? The Father's Eyes This story about an earthly father illustrates that Life is meaningful if lived for the Father! A Father's Words of Wisdom Traditional wisdom often heard from Fathers. Involved Dads Effect of Fathers on Children When God Created Fathers Poem about God's creation of Fathers by Erma Bombeck

Father's Day: A Tribute Max Lucado reflects of Father's Day A Father's Support Children need the support of their fathers What are Fathers Made Of? Paul Harvey's definitions of a father

Wooden Bowl The wise parent realizes that every day building blocks are being laid for the child's future. A Father's Hugs Youth need the love of their fathers. But many times fathers are afraid to show it.

Your Father God is the blessed and loving Father of all of us! Regardless of the good or the bad of your earthly father, God loves you more and gives you a greater inheritance! Christian home or religious home? There are some principles and truths that are critical principles for parents who want to nurture spiritual development in teens. Father's Influence A father's influence makes a difference!

A Father's Influence The influence of a father in the life of a child cannot be neglected.

Dad's Blessings How many times do we miss Spirit's blessings and answers to our prayers because they do not arrive exactly as we have expected? The Price of Children What the cost and returns on being a parent?

12 Practical Ways for Men to Impact Fatherless Kids How you can help fatherless kids

Father's Day Humor Poem for Moms and Dads Humorus look at raising kids Father's Day Humor A little humor related to Fathers

Outhouse Confession Sometimes our actions unexpectantly affect others. Student Excuses Actual excuses given by students to schools Top ten things you'll never hear a dad say A little humor related to Fathers

Top 10 Things a Teen Daughter Doesn't Want to Hear from her Dad A little Father- Daughter humor for Father's Day The Fatherhood Cycle This father's Day humor, reminds us of the funny stages we go through when thinking of the Wisdom of Fathers Don't Eat the Forbidden Fruit Funny look at God as the father of Ada and Eve. Great for Father's Day! We thought you said Daddy! A little Father's day humor to give you a chuckle

Father's Day Teaching Ideas Father's Day Discussion Possible discussion starters for father's day God is my father Youth will explore Fatherly qualities in God. The goal is to help youth learn that God is a father who will never leave and who will always treat them with kindness and love.

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Creative Youth Ideas - Looking for something for Father's Day?  
Creative Youth Ideas - Looking for something for Father's Day?  

Youth Ideas: Lots of Ideas for Father's Day from Creative Youth Ideas