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Icebreakers Out of the Tomb Use this Easter game as an introduction to the empty tomb and Christ's resurrection.

Introduction Use this Easter game as an introduction to the empty tomb and Christ’s resurrection

Game Description Kids will play a game where they must either be inside the tomb or outside. The leader tries to get the players to miss a jump by pointing to outside as they call out “in”, by repeating the same command, and/or changing the pace.

Game Materials Circle of string big enough to accommodate the entire group

Game Preparation Make a circle of string in the middle of the room. (Alternatively you can have several circles for an odd shaped room.

Game Play 1. Have the kids scatter about the room, some inside the circle or outside. 2. Yells “out of the tomb” or “in the tomb”. 3. The children must the jump “in” the circle or jump “out” of the circle based upon the instruction given.



If the children jump in the wrong direction or don’t jump to the other side when it’s a valid command, they are out of the game. The last player in, wins the game.

Variation As the game continues, shrink the circle on occasion so that not everyone can fit inside!

Discussion In this game you might gotten confused about whether is was inside or outside. The disciples had the same confusion on Easter morning. Was Jesus in the tomb or out of the tomb? Its a question many people are still asking today! Scripture tells us he was no longer in the tomb. Jesus has Risen! We don’t need to be confused anymore.

Closing Application Do you believe Jesus has risen and is no longer in the tomb? Have you placed your faith in Christ so that you also can rise with him in the future resurrection?

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Icebreakers - Out of the Tomb