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Icebreakers Guess the Jelly Beans Can you guess the Jelly Beans in the Easter Jar?

Materials 1. A jar filled with Jelly Beans, chocolate Easter Eggs, Easter M&M’s or other holiday candy 2. Slips of paper and a pencil

Game preparation 1. As you fill the jar, count the number of items inside the jar. You may wish to add a gift certificate or money to the jar as an additional incentive.

Game Play 1. Set this up for several weeks in the youth group. Set a series of conditions for the youth. For each condition the youth achieve they will get one chance to guess the contents of the jar. Some examples:

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Attend church service Attend Prayer Meeting Bring a friend Attend Sunday School Bring a Bible Attend Youth Group

On the slips of paper they can write their name and guess at the number of items in the jar.

2. At the end of the designated period or on Easter Sunday, choose from among the slips of paper the entry that is closest to the actual number without going over. In case of a tie, put all the correct entries in a hat and draw one from among them. 3. Award the jar and its contents to the winner!

Game Purpose The objective of this game is to encourage youth attendance and specific behaviors in youth.

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Icebreakers - Guess the Jelly Beans  

Can you guess the Jelly Beans in the Easter Jar?

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