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Icebreakers Easter Back to Back This game humorously demonstrates the fact that for many people, the meaning of Easter has become distorted over time.

Materials A variety of simple Easter images as designs to be copied. (You can also use simple Easter cards for the design.) Some secular examples can be found here: http://www.preschoolcoloringboo Some Christian examples can be found here: r.htm#coloring

Activity 1. Form teams of six or more people. 2. Instruct each team to sit in a line, one person behind another. 3. Youth may not talk, make any sounds, or communicate in any way except to draw on the person’s back in front of them. 4. Give the first person in each line a pencil and a piece of paper.

5. Show the last person in each line a simple image of an Easter object. That person must use his or her finger to draw the object on the back of the person in front of him or her. 6. This continues until the drawing reaches the first person in line. He or she must draw it on the piece of paper. 7. Have judges determine which team’s picture closest resembles the original picture. 8. If time permits, play more rounds, letting team members change positions if they wish.

Application Things get distorted the farther we get from the source, especially when we have our backs turned on God. In today’s world, too often the meaning of Easter has degraded to eggs, chocolate, and bunnies. But the true meaning of Easter could be summarized by John 3:16.

Debrief 1. What does Easter mean to you? 2. What are some of the things the world associates with Easter? 3. In what ways has the Biblical concept of Easter been distorted over time? 4. If you had to identify a single word to associate with Easter, what would it be? 5. How can we promote the true meaning of Easter with friends and family without alienating them?

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Icebreakers - Easter Back to Back