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Icebreakers: Candy Cane Hockey Play a game of Hockey using candy canes.

Materials Miniature size candy canes, candy goal markers, and a candy hockey puck.

Activity • Make a goal at each end of a table using markers attached to the table. • These markers can be a piece of candy or even candy canes stuck to the table with some blue tack adhesive. • Make the goal posts about 4 inches apart.

Use a jelly bean for a hockey puck. (It moves but doesn’t roll off the table to easily) Using the candy canes as hockey sticks try to shoot the jelly bean through the net of the opponent. The opponent is allowed to block the shots, but only with the candy canes.

If at any time a body part touches the bean or your opponent, it’s an instant disqualification. The first to a set number of points wins. You can also determine the winner by who has the most points after a predetermined amount of time.

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Icebreakers - Candy Cane Hockey  

Play a game of hockey using candy canes.