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Icebreakers: Can You Pin the Missing Tail Feather on the Turkey?

Materials Large picture of a turkey. (If you aren’t very artistic, use an OHP and a coloring book image and project it on to a large piece of poster board.) Leave a gap for a missing large tail feather.

Activity 1. Blindfold one child / youth and have them attach the feather to the turkey. 2. Play this game for Thanksgiving in the same way you would play “pin the tail on the donkey.� 3. Instead of a donkey tail, pin a feather on the turkey where it would belong in the gap.

Variations 1. Pin the snood (the red flesh growth that hangs over the beak) on the turkey. 2. Pin the wattle on the turkey 3. Leave all the tail feathers off the turkey and award every child who gets one near the right place.

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Icebreakers - Can You Pin the Missing Tail Feather on the Turkey  

Can you pin the missing tailfeather on the turkey?

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