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Icebreaker: Valentine Card Puzzler Youth match their pieces to the card design to find their groups in this Valentine's Day crowdbreaker.

Game Materials Valentine Cards

Game Objective Youth match their pieces to the card design to find their groups in this Valentine’s Day crowdbreaker.

Game Preparation 1.


Select the front panels of several Valentine’s Cards with different pictures. Use 2 identical cards for each group. Each group must have different card. Cut one card of the 2 cards into pieces. The other card remains intact. The number of pieces is determined by the number of people you want to have on each team. 3. • • • • • •

Write a question on the back of each piece. Questions should be along the lines of: What is your idea of “True Love”? What is one characteristics of your ideal mate? What was the most romantic date you ever had? What was the most special gift you ever gave to someone you love? What is the most romantic movie you have seen ETC..



Place the remaining uncut card on the wall or at each table. One good idea is the keep the pieces separate until needed. Once everyone has arrived, place the necessary number of pieces in a bag and mix them up.



When each person enters the room they are given a piece of the cards that have been cut into jigsaw puzzles, with the question at the back of each. Participants must ask people the question found on the puzzle piece and find the rest of the people whose pieces combine to form 1 card.



You may only reveal your puzzle piece after you have answered the question of each other. Only once the puzzle is solved, are participants allowed to find out their respective table or location to group together by matching the picture of the puzzle with the uncut version.

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Icebreaker - Valentine Card Puzzler