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Introducing‌ Creative Youth Ideas Christmas Collection (2nd Edition)

Get more than

200 Christmas Ideas and start planning your Youth Christmas Party IMMEDIATELY!

For ONLY $24.97

Check Out These Exciting Contents These Christmas games and Ideas can be used, not only for youth groups, but for schools, company meetings, family gatherings, community events, and social clubs, Use them for parties, on company retreats, family get-togethers, School Christmas parties, and more! Whatever the occasion, you'll probably find a Christmas idea in here appropriate to it. Included are Christmas games, get to know you questions, object lessons, teaching ideas and wacky activities from mild to wild! From children to Senior citizens!

24 Christmas Icebreakers 112 Christmas Games 11 Christmas Object Lessons / Creative Teaching ideas 24 Christmas Devotions and Food for Thought 15 Christmas Illustrations and Christmas Stories 15 Christmas Jokes / Humorous stories ... and there are even worksheets for some of the more complicated ideas!

Here’s a sample of the Christmas Game ideas you will get.

What's a Resource Like This Worth? Christmas Books at Amazon and in your local bookstore give you a couple dozen ideas and charge you as much as $40? Take a look around and I am sure you will be back. You won't find a better collection of Christmas ideas anywhere else. US$24.97 is a drop in the ocean compared to what other people are charging for Christmas resources that give you only a very small fraction of the ideas you'll find in this ebook!

For ONLY $24.97

Christmas Collection (2nd Edition)

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What Do Other Youth Leaders Say? This is the second edition of the Christmas Collection ebook. It has an improved format, more detailed instructions, and more that 50 new ideas!

Here’s what other youth leaders who used my Christmas ideas have said:

I’ve never spent $24.95 on an e-book before. The price was a little steep for me, and if I didn’t know how creative you can be from your web-site materials, I never would have considered purchasing this book. But having gone through it, I was won over. You have really created a fantastic resource that will provide great ideas for my Christmas events for years to come. I know you’re a youth guy but I use your stuff for children and adults and everyone in between and they go over great. As you celebrate Christmas this year, be encouraged that a little church plant in Tsukuba “Science City”, Japan will be reaching out to nonChristian Japanese with Creative Christmas Ideas! Paul Sadler, Japan

My name is Tara Poole & I am a new volunteer youth director for Mt. Olivet UMC. I have worked in children's ministries for several years, but youth is a new ball game for me. I was so excited with all the ideas. You helped me come up with very creative games & more. We had a Candy cane themed Christmas party with all your candy cane ideas & the kids had a blast. Thank you so much for your time & dedication to helping all of us who work with the youth find Great creative ideas. Tara Poole, Chester, New Jersey, USA

I was in a hurry, trying to come up with some Christmas games to play with our youth group. I found everything I needed - games, a devotional, fun ideas, all in one place! Patty Andrews, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I have been a longtime reader and user of the site, even purchased your Christmas ideas book online (which was WONDERFUL). Dawn C. Fox, Reston, Virginia, USA

Just a thanks to you for the Christmas e-book. Loved it! Well worth the money for the time I saved planning and having to think up ideas. Keep it up! Christopher Wenzel, Victorville, California, USA

Money Back Guarantee I can't believe you would still be considering, but if you are still thinking about it, I’m going to make it even easier and more risk-free for you. If for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

For ONLY $24.97

Christmas Collection (2nd Edition)

You may wonder, why put these Christmas Games, Christmas icebreakers and other Christmas ideas in an e-Book? This book is 360 pages long! If published in the traditional means it would NOT be small book. Then imagine the added shipping and printing costs. Instead, this convenient format allows you to: • Get instant access. That's faster than Amazon or jumping in the car to your local bookstore. You can have it in your hands minutes from right now. • You can have it at anytime 24/7/365. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, even if it's 1:53am. :) • It's less bulky than a physical book, especially one that is over 360 pages long! You can read it on your PDA or laptop (PC/Mac). You don't have to lug any extra books along with you!

• Browse the indexed Christmas ideas where you can just click on the title and go straight to the page you want. • Easily search through using keywords saving you time – something you can’t do with a traditional book. • Copy and paste a Christmas idea into your favorite word processor to create your own customized lesson plan. • Print multiple copies for the rest of your team or volunteers. You can't do that legally with a physical book! (Just please don't give it to others outside your organization or church.) • You can even email it to others on your team. (But please ask them NOT to pass it on!)

What are you waiting for? Discover what hundreds of other youth leaders are already using. Get your hands on all the Christmas Ideas in "Creative Youth Ideas Christmas Collection (Second Edition)" for this amazing low price.

For ONLY $24.97

Get your copy of "Creative Youth Ideas Christmas" Today! For ONLY $24.97

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Creative Youth Ideas  

Creative Youth Ideas Christmas Collection (2nd Edition) Introducing… and start planning your Youth Christmas Party IMMEDIATELY! Get more tha...

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