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Creative Youth Ideas Object Lessons - Clear Marbles Christ turns our world upside down.

Materials: Give a clear marble to each student and ask them to look through it. The image of whatever they are looking at will be upside down

Use this to introduce Romans 12:2— "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Our faith can cause us to turn the things of the world upside-down—and the world can turn our faith upside-down too.

Discussion What are some ways that Christ turns our world upside down? What are some events that cause people's faith to be turned upside down? Describe a time when your faith was turned upside down? Many of Christ's teachings were opposite of what people expected. What were some things that Christ taught that turned the world upside down for the early believers?

How is looking through the marble similar to looking at things through spiritual eyes? What things affect the way we view life? Has your view on anything changed since you became a Christian? What things have changed?

Object Lesson For Kids: Clear Marbles  

Christ turns our world upside down.

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